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Josef, the Scientist and the doctor via Inger Noren, June 4, 2020

Josef, the Scientist and the doctor, via Inger Noren

June 4, 2020


I have a bit more to say, unfortunately I must say. Of course, it would be best if I didn’t have to sound an alarm about how everything works, but people need to know.

Let me start by saying: Doctors at this time I have very little confidence in. Apparently, medical education is no longer so important, but merely a status symbol for a well-paid job. It’s unethical. Unfortunately, many older doctors have stopped working but realize that all these doctors do not have as much knowledge as is required now.

Now many people travel to other countries, even others who come from other countries to us and this means that doctors have to learn about diseases that may not exist in all countries as they do now. This means that vaccines are produced too quickly. It is not allowed the time necessary to implement the vaccine at the rate needed in order to be as pure a vaccine as possible. Therefore, the vaccines become dangerous as they are not tested at a steady pace but must be pushed out with dangerous substances that can harm people. Everything is about money.

When it comes to other medicines, there is a huge inequality between medicines for men and women. I would like to tell all women to demand medication for men, regardless of illness. Men’s medications are purer and do not contain as much toxic substances that can be harmful.

This, people need to know about and above all the women. Everyone is equally important. Now there may be differences in diseases for men and women, but in general the medication is worse for women. Fortunately, more and more people are finding the alternative medicine. The homeopathic preparations are used more and more – something to cherish. .

I am very happy that I have been able to talk through this channel about things that is very dear to my heart, that is, medical science. People just need to become more attentive and take care of themselves. Be critical and eat healthy food so that your body is doing well.

With light and love


Many thanks …. In love I earn…. I AM


Comment: Josef died in 2017 after a life of work in medical research. Because of his now living family, his real name is not used.



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