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KaRa the Pleiadian via Kerstin, March 5th, 2019


KaRa the Pleiadian

March 5th, 2019

Channel Kerstin


I m KaRa. It is wonderful to be here with you again. You are great and courageous souls who are doing a big and important job. You are starting to find each other now, all over the planet. The love between you makes the energies increase in strength. They are mightily raised and spread all around the Earth. You should know that you are spread all over the surface of Earth and from a distance the energies are lightening up Gaia to the extent that she resembles a shining star.

The more energies you can take in and transform in your bodies the more will be sent to you. The same is true for the animals. Have you noticed that your domestic animals are calmer and more at ease? All the animals on Earth have waited for a long time on this raising of energies that has the effect that they return to a life in peace, calm and love.

If you take the time to hug a tree you will feel its energy pulse in your body or in your hands. If you return to the tree just a day later you can feel the difference if you are observant. Maybe you then do not know if it is your energies or that of the tree that has changed or increased. Do not think about it, do not reflect on it with your brain what is happening. Just understand in your heart that the trees/nature and you humans have a communication in between you – a mutual energy exchange. This energy exchange is very important for both parties. Through the tree you get in direct connection with Mother Earth and her energies. You also help her to receive love and healing through your contact downwards, through the roots of the tree that in turn are connected to all other trees on Earth and other plants.

Remember the time when you lived in symbiosis with nature and the animals on Gaia. You saw the elves and the fairies, the little people, the undines, the fire salamanders and all the beings who during a time have bee forgotten. Take your time, dear friends, and feel the energies of nature on a daily basis and you will soon see those forgotten again. If you live in a big city you can walk to a park or green area and just stay there a bit every day. Maybe you pass a tree on the way to your work. If so – feel it.

Please you human take a little time for your self – it makes a difference both for you and Mother Earth.

Thank you beloveds that you have listened to me.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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