Ashtar via Beatrice Madsen, March 3d, 2019


March 3d, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

You have during such a long time had the perception that time is linear. It is so in the third dimensional reality.

In your conscious wish to raise up and into the fifth dimension the thought of direction and goal can thus place itself foremost in your quest to reach the new existence. In reality this an obstacle for your ascension process as you cannot reach their with the linear intention or by being goal oriented.

The 5th dimension within you will wake up itself. I want to call it a waking up process. You flow in and out and it can sometimes be a bit dreamlike. It is when you bounce back in your 3D reality that you suddenly remember how heavy it feels there and how much lighter and easier it feels in the fifth dimension. You still have all your feelings of course, but they are in a higher octave, also the lower and darker. It is a sliding process and just as it can be hard to pinpoint when it is that you start to be a grown-up from having been a child it is the same with this transition.

To start living in the fifth dimension is a waking up process and a birthing process and in this process you are forced to face all of yourself. It is not just a simple and enjoyable journey, but I want to tell you that you will receive ample rewards from your own soul when you completely and unconditionally accept the ascension. There is nothing you must to do get there. This perception belongs to the old school of thoughts and teachings. You are just to be and allow the ascension, like a flower who organically opens up its own leaves.

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