Message from Ra On Arcturus via Camilla Nilsson, March 4th 2019


Message from Ra On Arcturus

March 4th 2019

Channel: Camilla Nilsson


Dear human of mankind. You who so often are in your thoughts and that so often become what you think. These wonderful thoughts – an absolute necessity – but will you really become that which you think? Do not your thoughts hinder you from seeing what really is? Is reality perhaps not as you think it is?

Your thoughts who’s thoughts it is to lead you forward in cooperation with the automated system in your body. It is an automated system that together with your brain can make your energies stagnate – Stagnation that creates difficulties to create for your benefit, for your development.

In the work helping to raise your consciousness we see ever so often how structures and analysis are like barriers – A filter that eliminates our help. It is a filter that thinks that you beautiful human of mankind knows best. Knows best by yourself.

We surely see that much is happening with you.

We surely can see how the awakening is happening.

We can see developments.

However, I now want to raise this question in order to get you to reflect over the development of your consciousness.

It is a reflection that only you have access to.

Only you can feel how and at which speed you develop, in other words raise you consciousness.

If you arrive to the conclusion that you have stood still in your development for some time so reflect over whether the standing still is self inflicted or if it just simply happened to become that way. Remember that you with the help of this insight also give opportunities to yourself to change.

Change can happen by you becoming clear on what it was that has caused the stand still and then you ask for help to solve the issues. This can take place in connection with meditations where you imagine that the lamp of enlightenment is lit within you. When your inside shines your outer is also shining. Perhaps you will meet somebody who needs help with lighting its inner light. In this way you become a spreader of light – you so beautiful human of mankind.

Balance is an important word to carry with you – A balance in order not to grab more than you can take handle. Balance in that your development will not go faster than what an earthly life can meet. Balance in your well being. A balance so that you last in the long rum.

It is of utmost importance that you in your beautiful human body can function fully to your full potential. My friend, there are many around you who can help you, not only I who has come with this message. The helpers are many. Call and ask for help and you will be heard. I send the light’s golden shimmer over you.

In love and understanding.


Ra from the High Council of Arcturus.







Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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