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KaRa via Erena Velazquez, October 21, 2021

KaRa via Erena Velazquez | October 21, 2021

October 21, 2021


I am KaRa, the Emissary from the Galactic Federation team, and my direct responsibilities are working directly with Ashtar in the fight with the Cabal and outworlders, who are trying to harm humankind.

I am happy to be back and share these new updates with everyone on your planet. You are in the final phase of your transformation on Mother Gaia. Each day more and more people are getting awake and start seeing that their reality is not, what it suppose to be.

The Deep State has been manipulating and delivering through your media absolute lies about everything, what has been happening around you. If you notice, each time the Darkness tries to come up with a new way to take away your freedom, like about making own decisions, on how to live your lives, and on what to put into your body. Don’t let them fool you, that they care about your well being, they don’t.

They made a long time ago a plan to depopulate your planet, and they are implementing it now. You are now in warfare, many of you already started your fight for your freedom and the right to stay alive. The Dark Entities hide all of the available legitimate cures for certain diseases, as their goal is not your well being, their agenda is only to win this battle against you. Unfortunately for them, they are losing each day more and more ground. Their plans are failing apart, because you are realizing that you have the power, and they are outnumbered.

My team is assigned to protect you and other civilizations from becoming involved in a intergalactic conflict. Yes, they are trying to destroy Earth and also other planets. It’s not coincidental, that the Reptilians, negative Draco’s, Orions and other species are involved with Deep State, Khazarian Mafia and etc., as they have their own agenda to conquer the whole Cosmos.

I find that their plan is too ambitious. We, Galactics, can’t allow this to happen that would be catastrophic for many civilizations. The balance and peace needs to be kept in the Cosmos. Please, don’t be alarmed, I just wanted to inform all of you about their agenda, which are not new to us, as they have been on that path for eons. Congratulations for being rebellious and standing up for your transformation, and moving toward of becoming a Galactic Human.

Lately, you have noticed the shortages in your food supplies, which are temporality. This is happening for several different reasons, one of them is the flow between different businesses got interrupted by the pandemic, the containers are stock in ports, the Alliance are checking each container for human trafficking, and the corrupted souls are creating fake food shortages.

Mother Gaia has thousands of undiscovered eatable plants, you can never run out of food. Please, continue to raise your vibrations to be above all of the negative energies and nonsense, they are bringing to your daily life.

Look on the bright side, many good things are occurring every second, the veil is falling like the Berlin Wall did. You are getting closer and closer to becoming a free world without controllers. The Divine is in works, nothing can stop that.

I am waiting for the day, when my Galactic team can land on Earth and help to set up the Light Centers across your whole world, and assist in healing your population. Gratitude to Universal Channel.

Your Destiny is in Your Hands.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez