Love is our new reality

Kryon from magnetic service via Inger Noren, November 10th, 2020


Kryon from magnetic service via Inger Noren, November 10th, 2020


It is very likely that people will be very upset by what they will see in messages from the Galactic Light Federation in the near future. It is time for people to open their eyes and see what is happening in their world of chaos and confrontations between different groups. There must be an end to this scenario. Never have there been such great differences between different groups of people who come from different countries and they all believe that the countries they come from are the right ones with the right religion, among other things.

Now we are entering a new era and that means that everything that belonged to the three-dimensional world no longer exists. This means that religion has changed to only one GOD who is the first creator. The first creator who is our Father. The first creator who is the Almighty.

This means that many people become very confused about what to believe in the future. Many have had a belief that if they believe enough in a GOD, they will get all the help and no matter what they have done, they will be forgiven for the horrors they have done to other people. In addition, they believe that their GOD is the best, all others are Gentiles. It is with great interest that we follow the election in the United States and it will be stormy when messages go out to the people about what they have been robbed of and other ways in which they have been treated.

Rejoice you people, our Father is with you but this is necessary that now everything must come to light to be enlightened and people must know what has and should have continued with these leaders in democracy in the United States. People rejoice. Your incumbent President is the rightful leader of the people of the United States. He is the one who will bring the country and the whole world forward towards victory for the light. There will be great changes throughout the world, but it is necessary for the ascension to the fifth dimension to be accomplished in the way that the Divine Plan is destined to be accomplished, that is, the total victory of the light on this planet.

People rejoice. God’s grace has never been greater for mankind. His trust and his love for all his children has never been greater. Your divine master of the planet has now decided that difficult and dangerous times for the people must not continue. It has been going on for far too long. That’s enough now. Humans will once again get their planet back without the corruption, slavery and war that has been allowed on the entire planet during eons. It is time for the people to live in harmony, peace and love in the future. A new time and a new world.

And so it is



Many thanks …. In loving service…. I AM






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