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The Ascension Guides via Angel Skog, November 12th, 2020

The Ascension Guides via Angel Skog, November 12th, 2020


Dear lightbearers,

We see that many of you are wondering why the ascension process takes such a heavenly time.

And some of you who have been reading and following these channeled messages for decades are beginning to lose faith.

But today we come forward with the message of maintaining faith in your own, such as the rise of humanity.

And understand very well, that from just a few dimensions higher than you, no linear time exists.

There is thus only one NOW, and in this now all that is channeled through us is happening directly to a great extent right now.

And it happens within yourself as you read and match your own vibration with the vibrational message behind the words.

To a very high degree, this is your divine life task.

To consciously manifest the new timelines that lead the earth to its ascension.

By individually entering into the vibrational existence of the new earth with your whole creation.

And with it create a collective space for humanity to awaken in.

It’s your light work.

To raise your vibration and consciously manifest the new earth, BY keeping the vibration steady and stable in love.

And it is your ability to withstand the vibration that determines how long the “ascent” process of ascension will take.

At the same time, it is happening to the highest degree right NOW.

And with all its glory, you can feel the vibration and freedom of love within you, JUST as you have already ascended.

This is to keep the vibration of the new earth in its creation.

And when you read our messages, feel it pulsate throughout your being.

And remember that this love is the way.

The path to your own, such as the ascension of humanity.

And that so simple are the laws and beings of our existence.

With our humble love, we have always been here.


// The Ascension Guides




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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