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Kryon via Lee Carroll, October 8th, 2021

Your Soul is Part of the Creative Source of the Universe |

Kryon via Lee Carroll

by Lee Carroll, via email

How many of you are aware that all Humans have the potential for what I will call “Self-Channelling?”

Teachers are starting to give you information that says the very thing that is inside you (call it whatever you want to), we will say Innate, Higher Self, or any of these things that are part of your multidimensional selves, have always been there.

That’s what is responsible for Spontaneous Remission in the magic that you’ve seen and desire. Many of you say, “If I could only have that. Or, what can I do for it? Let’s get another book. Let’s get another process. Let’s get another pill.”

Innate just sits there in front of you looking at you saying, “Well, why don’t you try me?” And it’s you, your face is looking at you in the mirror in a multidimensional way with a funny expression on its face and saying, “Are you ready yet?” That is the truth.

There is so much more to you than what you have ever been told. What’s your belief system? How many belief systems were featuring something that is perhaps not well accepted that would say, “Did you know that you are God?” Blasphemous of course, that’s what you’ve been taught it is.

What if it were sparks of the truth? What if your Soul is part of the Creative Source? God made your Soul not apart from God, but part of God. Your Soul is part of the Creative Source of the Universe. Therefore, YOU are a part of God.

What about the namaste? What does that mean? Have you ever analyzed that? The God in me meets the God in you, the God in you meets the God in me. This has been the ancient greeting.

Did you ever, ever think about what that meant? What God are they talking about? Are they talking about some Human God in some skin in a far away land? No, they’re talking about the Creative God, the one that you know as God or Spirit. You have always been part of the cosmos, always.

We’ve told you that the Soul is eternal. There are so many belief systems on the planet that would negate even the idea of that. They say, “Well, you have a Soul, but you know you got it when you were born and then it goes from there.”

Instead of, perhaps it was always there, and if it were, what has it been doing since it was created? And then we said, “Well, it’s never been created any more than God was created so it’s always been there.” Did it just simply arrive for your birth? Or, perhaps there’s a grander plan?

What if you have been here with this Soul, many times on this planet? And maybe even other planets, maybe even other Universes, if you’ve always had a Soul? Dear ones, you are immense.

So how does that apply to right now you might say? “How does it apply to my life, Kryon, right now as I sit here in troubled times?” And I will tell you. If you will start understanding that there is an evolution going on in your consciousness. If you will acknowledge perhaps, just perhaps, that applies to you.

Or you sit there and go, “It applies to me” and you start affirming to your own cells, “I am feeling my multidimensionality and therefore I am starting to see what I can do.” Are you truly entangled with your cellular structure? That means that your consciousness is not apart from your body.

Your whole culture has always told you that you have no effect on your body. You sit there and simply watch it do whatever it does. You know I’m right.

You’re told almost from birth something hurts, you look at it and go, “I don’t know why.” You’re apart from it, and you’ve got to go someplace and get a pill or whatever to correct it. Not saying, “I hurt, but it hurts. My hand hurts, instead of I hurt.”

You are every cell in your body in a multidimensional way. You are the dirt of the Earth. Did you know that? You’re so big, your Soul is encompassing all things that are. You are part of this planet and its sentience.