Love is our new reality

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Kuan Yin via Susan Leland, September 22

Kuan Yin:  Equinox Energies of Balance, Harmony and Peace

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – September 22, 2015

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  It is I, Kuan Yin and I come to you with the greatest of Love, and the Joy of our togetherness!  And this is indeed a most momentous time in your history/herstory. For this is the time of the coming together of everyone on Planet Earth and beyond in this Grand Upliftment, aided, of course, by the incoming High Dimensional energies of Love!!!


“It is because you have welcomed these energies.  It is because you are so ready to take your place among the Higher Dimensional civilizations of your solar system, your galaxy and the Universe!  And it is one particular energy that I would discuss with you and that is, of course, the Equinox.


“Now you know by its very name that it is an equalizing energy.  It is to bring harmony and balance.  And we know that as you observe third dimensional Planet Earth, you can see the need everywhere for harmony and balance in all lives.  And I am here to assure you that these energies will indeed be most helpful in achieving that!


“But it is you, Beloved Ones, who are, shall we say, the Directors of these energies.  It is you, my Beloved Family, who have the ability with your Love, your Grace and your own Divine Sacredness to bring these energies in to accomplish the maximum that they have the ability so to do!!!

“And so it is that it is for everyone these energies are coming! There are those, like yourselves, who are in complete and conscious understanding of them.  There are those who are aware that things are changing, but they are not quite sure what to do.  And there are those, quite frankly, who are still slumbering in their beds, like so many children pulling the covers up over their heads so that they do not hear the alarm clocks which are ringing.


“And so it is to be gentle and yet strong in our offering* – or directing of these energies toward the entirety of the World – to bring about harmony, balance and, of course, a great Peace!!!  That Peace which comes from Love, not war; that Peace which involves nothing in the way of weapons; that Peace which involves only the Hearts of all joined together in one grand, harmonious Love song – the Love song from each individual to himself or herself, and then to all others who dwell on Planet Earth, below, on and above!


“For there are dwellers everywhere.  And yes, you may say, ‘Well, some have this Peace already.  Some are enlightened. Some have ascended and yet walk among us as Masters seeing multi-Dimensions at the same time.’  And yes, there are some among you who have done this already or who are about to do it!And all of you are in the ‘about to do it’ or ‘do it more’ state of being, which gives you the ability to Be the Peace!!!


“For when you have the Higher Dimensional Perspective, there is nothing in 3D which will last if it is not peaceful – and you will see that and know that!  But as I have said, there are many who are unaware in their 3D selves of what to do, or who don’t have any clue that anything is happening because they are not awake yet.


“And so it is to bring in these energies of harmony and balance, these peaceful and loving energies, to welcome them!  And I will say, to welcome them on behalf of every living being on Planet Earth and beyond, so that they will integrate more fully, so that more will awaken to them or realize that, yes, things are changing, things are shifting!  Yes, there are some new energies afoot here and so they will relax and let go of whatever fearful ideas they may have had about them.  And they will know that all is well in their Kingdoms!!!

“And so it is that we invite you to come together, knowing how important our message is, sharing it with each other and with all who come after this Gathering and, indeed, to broadcast it out so that the entire Planet will hear it. And we shall join together on Sekhmet’s crystal ship to do just that!!!


“In the meanwhile, it is that I offer you, Beloved Family Members -as though you were my children in a way, and it is not in any manner except the most loving and respectful that I say that – it is to offer you my Blessing, my thanks for all that you have experienced, for all that you have done in this life and all others before it and, most of all, to congratulate you for where you are now!  And I assure you that your lives are Golden, for you are on the road, or the pathway, if you will, the Golden Path into the Golden Age!  And the Golden Age is a step toward your complete Ascension!!!


“And in this Golden Age, you will find more and more the energies of harmony and balance, and Peace above all else – all fueled by Love and all fully available to you to utilize within your own selves and to share!  And this, Beloved Ones, is how the World makes its Ascension, step by step, one by one, but together in the Grand Mission, together along the Golden Path -ultimately each and every one coming home to the High Dimensions, there to unite each and every one with that part of them which is already there!!!


“And it is to unite with your Higher Dimensional Selves.  That is a most important part of any Exercise or Meditation that you may do, for I am including all of you, the totality of you!  It is that you join with, in Communion, I shall say, with ALL beings of LoveLight in the Universe.  And that, Beloved Ones, is Who You Really Are!!!  You have never been separated, save in your own third dimensional consciousness!


“And now, as we rise together – for we are here to be on your Paths with you – watch yourselves feeling the Great Harmony of the One We All Are!  And this is how you return to Love – only Love – in all of your thoughts and your words and your actions!!! And this is how you engage with your higher selves in all the Universe of Love and ultimately make your transitions, bringing your transformed bodies with you so that you are completely up and out of the third dimension!!!

“And if you choose to wait a while and delay awhile on your Homecoming status, that’s exactly and divinely perfect for you.  It is simply to bless yourselves now, to enjoy that Peace, that balance which the Equinox brings and shares so completely with all of you!

“And I do thank you for being here in this Great Family to share -to share this energy with each other.  And I invite you to continue in this Gathering that we may share it with the entire World and the Universe beyond.  Thank you, most Beloved Ones!!!  And so it is.  Namaste!”

* Kuan Yin’s introduction to the Meditation led by Sekhmet which followed. (See article below.

Transcription by Marta.

Given through Susan Leland, September 22, 2015.

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