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Kuthumi via Ann Dahlberg, November 8th, 2017


Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Kuthumi and I rejoice over being able to speak with you today. It has been a long time that I have walked here on Earth, both in my physical body and in my non-physical body. Yes, I have been with you dear Earthlings. I have watched over you during thousands of years so it is for me a great joy with which I can let you know that Earth now finally is ascending to her beauty and dimension of yesteryears. You who wish will ascend with her. We have come to the end of times, which means that we have reached the point in time when Earth will leave the heavy dimension and join a lighter one, and once again rejoin her brothers and sisters of the light. It is grand happening in the Universe. Things will happen also there – I want you to know. It will be a wave of light that will travel all through our galaxy. This is what we have worked for during many thousands of years and now we have reached the triumph of our victory. It is a victory for the light and a victory for Mother/Father God who now can bring home his/her near and dear again. You are all equally near and dear to Mother/Father God. There is no distinction for her/him.

We are now about to take the last important step on Earth. It is the step that gives us the freedom that we so well deserve. It is the freedom to follow our heart, the freedom to do good for our fellow humans and the Earth that so long has nourished us. All people have deep inside a longing to only be in what is good and to feel that we are one with everything and that we all care for each other. I have seen it so many times that when people are exposed to something outside of their control this compassion and decisiveness emerges. They volunteer and do all they can to help another human being that is in need. This can also extend to the animals. I think you recognize this. It is then that goodness emerges and one lets go of the everyday pattern. A whole different energy of strength and goodness can then be felt in the air. It is this energy that now vibrates on Earth and is starting to get a hold into many souls. People feel how strength is growing within them selves and they dare to see what it is that is happening around them. Some take small steps and some take large steps once they start to change the picture of the reality that they now experience. This can lead to new and drastic things that happen in their lives. This can be in regards to work, family, living, or a large transformation is happening within them so that what they now have taken for given they now need to reevaluate. These are large and sensitive steps. You have all at one time gone through this, but now it is happening on a broader front for a larger number of people at the same time. Can this create chaos, yes maybe a little. This depends on where you are in your maturity. Largely humanity has risen in its maturity so that you will be able to manage this transition now without too many problems. It can however simmer here and there as you are a large amount of humans on Earth today with varying degrees of maturity.

Be open for all that is happening and feel in your heart what feels as right or wrong. If you have not found the voice of your heart it is time to search for it now. It is the heart that is helping you on the way. It is the heart that is guiding you along the best path. It is the heart that is best for you right now. It is the heart that can discern what is right and best for you now in this sea of possibilities that can pop up from nowhere. What is right for your best friend might not be right for you. It is then that it is important to listen and dare to follow what is coming up and coming up…. It has a tendency to repeat itself until the message is received. It is important to go within yourselves now and to access the important information you can find there. You all have important information to fetch from your heart. I will be glad to be of service so call on me if you need help with listening or do not know where to go. I will give you clues so that you more easily can find the path that is yours. I have followed you for so long and during so many thousands of years so I know what your hearts feel and long for.

I am sending you all my love!

I am Kuthumi and it has been a joy to get to talk to you again.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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