Love is our new reality

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Kuthumi via Lynette Leckie-Clark, November 1st

Accepting the Authenticity of You

I greet you with joy as we come together once more. A new page of life is before you, indeed a new chapter of your experience.

In the coming months many will be required to accept what has been, what each of you has chosen to experience. I ask you give some time to allow acceptance. The past can weigh you down as a brick in water. In order for release to be realized there must first be the acceptance. Only in this can there be the understanding, the allowing yourself to move forward. It does not mean accepting any wrong doing and injustice as being right – no. Many hidden truths have been shown to you, in yourself and in others through this opening year. Now you must decide how you will choose to deal with those hidden truths. How you choose to react to them? You have seen the darker side of life, of humanity, and of your own hidden self. It is time now to accept those darker aspects that make up the totality of who you are. To accept all of you authentically. To embrace your many aspects.

This first part this will involve great healing within and through this will come inner strength and the evolvement of soul. Many will see new paths opening before them, but it is your own choice whether you walk a new path or remain stuck in the old paradigms of fear. The fear is your own illusion.

Mankind is still in the great process of transformation. In my last visit with you I spoke of releasing all that which no longer serves you. All that doesn’t sit well with you. I am aware that this process is easier for some than others. Yet I remind you that the more Light within that you allow, the easier this time of release will be. There is no reason to hold on to pain and experiences of wrong doing by others.

So you see you are indeed graced with important choices. Choices which have the ability to hinder or enrich your soul. This is a time to rebuild. Rebuild your confidence, your inner strength, your trust and most of all your belief and acceptance of yourself. It is a time to stand tall, to acknowledge your Soul Light and with that the true knowledge within your soul. Progression can be swift for those who allow it. Your Linear time rushes forward to meet ours which you call no time.

Authenticity means being true to yourself and this year you will be asked to do so through the events and experiences presented to you. Some do not see these as opportunities.They remain in human mindedness at a lower vibration of energy. This is what they choose and we accept this. They do not feel ready to see, to know, to open and to grow spiritually. There will still remain great changes in the world through the financial markets and also war created by those still desiring to create fear and control the masses.

This is a year of choice. A time to stand tall within and to stand up for injustice. Many will stand up I can tell you. And a new Earth will come a step closer into being, because of those having the courage and belief to say no, I will not accept cruelty and injustice. I will stand for truth and the Light.

I remind you that God is indeed within each of you. A spark of Light in your higher heart. I also remind you of God’s acceptance of you and all your aspects, even your darker ones. God accepts you in your totality you see. It is time for you to accept you in your totality. Once your hidden side is understood and accepted then you become aware of that part of you. Accept it. Be authentic to yourself.

Acceptance is freedom. Yes. Know thy self and to thine own self be true. Then you begin to walk a new path of Light. It can be no other way my friend. In that acceptance you begin to know inner peace. It is not outside of you, it is within you. The choice is yours alone.

So you are faced with a new chapter of life. A time to build a new way of being. It is exciting is it not?

I am Kuthumi and I send Light to you in the name of God the Creator – part of you!


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