The Elders via Anrita Melchizedek, November 11th

Anrita Melchizedek ~ 11:11 Portal

foto van Anrita Melchizedek.
“Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now. As you enter through the 11:11 Gateway of Divine Love, you will come into a greater sense of the connection that you have to many of the Councils of Light from On High, and in this transmission with you we would like to link you to several of these Councils of Light to give you a deeper sense of your service work, and to give you a deeper sense of the Councils of Light that you may be working with. Essentially though, every one of you works with a Core Group, or particular Council of Light, as a volunteer souls to this sacred earth, although you may experience working with different Councils of Light as your service work expands or to receive information and downloads in pockets of information from other Councils of Light as is appropriate in any given Now moment.
So let us start, sweet ones, by setting our sacred space and coming into a deeper sense of the energy of your magnificence and Light as these volunteer souls to Mother Earth and all her life, as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, and Master Beings of Light. And now you have a sense of this beautiful emerald-green Flame of Light, this beautiful emerald-green Flame of Light that takes you deeper into your Heart’s Dreaming and into your Heart’s Joy. As you are wrapped in this Flame of Light now, it assists you in letting go of any perceived obstacles or doubts as to your passion, as to your purpose and allows you to flow with a greater sense of grace, and harmony and inspiration, into your individual Heart’s Dreaming, and into the collective Consciousness of Light, co-creating the New Earth Templates in this Golden Age of Light. Wonderful sweet ones.

You call now upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, the Pleiadians, and the Sirians, the Andromedans, and the Arcturians, all of the Light, the Order of Melchizedek, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Michael, Lord Metatron, the Mighty Elohim and their Divine Feminine Counterparts, the Archangels and their Divine Feminine Counterparts. Helios and Vesta the Solar Logii, Sanat Kumara the Bridge to Solar Christ Consciousness, Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, Djwhal Khul, and now the Chohans or Ray Masters, El Morya, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Sananda, St Germain and Lady Portia, Lady Nada, Mother Mary, Allah Gobi, Quan Yin, and Pallas Athena. And you call now too upon all the Master Guides you personally acknowledge, and your own Guardian Angel, and all other Beings of Light that wish to join you in this sacred space, as you merge now with your Beloved I AM Presence, the Highest Light that you are within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. Connecting now into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, this Grid of Light within you and around you. As you walk this Pathway of Divine Love, you are truly supported sweet ones, and you have a sense now of your soul and star family and friends of the Light walking this pathway with you, co-creating with you, as you come deeper and deeper into your Heart’s Dreaming and your Heart’s Joy. Connecting now to all the lightworkers and star seeded ones through the group I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light, tapping into the New Earth Templates, the Light dimensional frequencies, and a greater alignment to the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. And as you ground now into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, she sends you her Love back up your body and into your energy field. You feel yourself centered and within the Love within yourself, amplified now through the Legions of Light from On High, the Light workers, and now through the magnificence of this Multi-Universe, hearing the celestial choir and sonic vibrations of this Universe in Love, as it sings to you “I Love you, I Love you, I Love you”. As you open to this receiving as this open heart in this Golden Age of Light, sweet ones, you place your hand upon your heart as you say to yourself “I Love you (giving your full name now) I Love you, I Love you.” Wonderful.
As this 11:11 Portal of Light, of Divine Love, activates, sweet one, it creates a level of dimensional frequency that lifts you into clearer communication to these many Councils of Light that come forward now, for you to have a deeper sense of your service work, and for you to have a deeper sense of your star seeded heritage.
The first Council of Light that steps forward now is the Sirian Council of Light. The Sirian Council of Light has been involved in the forward evolution of humanity for aeons of time, and the genetic cellular memories held within all humanity on this earth plane are linked to the energy of Sirius, as well as to your Higher Self of the Light, which is impulsed through the energy of Sirius in this quadrant of the galaxy. This connection to the Sirian Council is one that many of you have already experienced either directly or through the energy and guidance of your Higher Self of the Light. The Sirian Council have overseen many of the mystery school teachings and bring through the patterns of perfection for humanity in this now. The Sirian Council works closely with the Great White Lodge in the etheric of Sirius and is focused primarily on service to this earth plane through the teachings of Light that come through from the Great White Lodge.
The Sirian Council now come forward to welcome you to their Council of Light. Just feel this energetic connection now, sweet ones, feel the memories activate at a cellular level through the dormant DNA, for you have a direct connection to Sirius and the Sirian High Council in this Now. You may experience this Council of Light in your dream state as you travel in your astral Body of Light to further your own creations of sacred geometry, of the higher mind teachings, and in particular of the Right Eye of Horus. The Sirian High Council now activates you through appropriate downloads in Light languages, hieroglyphics, and sacred geometries, sonic and color vibrations. Wonderful, sweet ones.
And now you bring a focus to the Great White Lodge. The Great White Lodge is focused more on a planetary level, and the upliftment of all humanity. Many of the Ascended Masters and the teachings of Light through Shamballa are linked to the Great White Lodge. The Great White Lodge now links you into the appropriate sub-councils, whether scientists or philosophers, healers or teachers, artists, poets, whatever the focus may be that will accelerate your service work and your highest potential as you experience a greater level of knowing of your co-creations with the Legions of Light from On High, as you walk this Pathway of Divine Love. Wonderful, sweet ones.
And now a small energy device is placed at an etheric level around the body in order to activate for you a deeper sense of your service work and your sacred contract and your many gifts and the focus of your Light work in this Now, sweet ones. This energy device will amplify and accelerate a deeper sense of your service work and highest potentials. Wonderful.
There is another Council of Light at this dimensional level, sweet ones that we would like to link you to. This is a Tribunal Council of Light. The Tribunal Council of Light assists more in the aspects of resolution of disputes and cosmic justice, in lifting the consciousness of individuals or groups, from a Higher Light perspective. This is a council of resolution, of conflict resolution, and an important council to assist both individually and collectively the consciousness of individuals who are placed in particular positions to bring about change, or whether you are going through your own perceived conflicts that require a greater level of justice. For this Council of Light will assist you in understanding why you have chosen this particular path, if it is part of your pre-birth agreements, and what you can do to bring about a win-win situation for yourself and others. You just have a sense now of linking into the Tribunal Council of Light, and if there are any areas of conflict resolution, or legal, or planetary issues that require a greater level of justice with which you are involved, sweet ones, bring this to the Tribunal Council of Light.
And now sweet ones, the next Council of Light we introduce you to is the Pleiadian Council of Light. Many of you are familiar with the energy of the Pleiades, as Pleiadian star seeds, and many of you as Lightworkers, come through, through the energy of the Pleiades as Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. The Pleiadian Council of Light houses the etheric library of the earth records, and as you link to this council now you are taken into this Library, into this etheric Library housing the highest potential of all humanity, and the many activities of Light that have occurred through aeons upon aeons. This Council of Light in particular assists you to come into a deeper sense or understanding of your Highest Potential. If you are needing assistance with change or going through particular issues, or are needing advice and guidance, connect to the Pleiadian Council of Light. And you feel this Overlighting now as we connect you now to the Pleiadian Council, sweet ones. They will direct you to particular departments which will assist you in your own healing journey, and a deeper understanding of your life tasks. An imprint is created along the karmic path taking you into a deeper sense of Divine Love, and into a deeper sense of your own creative gifts, in self-love, in self-appreciation and self-nurturing.
And now, sweet ones, we connect you to the Niburian Council of Light. The Niburian Council of Light is working with the aspects of duality through genetic lineage that is able to shift in consciousness, moving through the shadows and the Light, moving through the genetic cellular memories of lifetimes of karmic patterns, parallel realities and streams of consciousness, that have brought you to this Now moment, giving you a greater insight and understandings through these many lifetimes as to where you are in this Now. You find yourself connecting now to the Niburian Council of Light assisting you in the transcendence of Shadow and Light, into the embrace of your full range of emotions and into the embrace of all those around you in the reflection of your reality in Divine Love, in forgiveness, and in letting go of blame.
Wonderful, sweet ones. And now the next Council that we link you to is the Arcturian Council of the Light. The Arcturian Council of the Light is focused in bridging science and spirituality and they have a deep understanding of quantum physics, of space, and have numerous Light technologies and Healing Chambers that assist in the recalibration energetically and holographically to bring about change at a cellular level, and this council now as you link to them, places you in advanced Healing Chambers of Light to bring about a greater sense of your service work and the many healing modalities, from a more scientific perspective, that can be experienced both individually and collectively. They bring in now too these orbs of Light around the body and energy field, and the recalibration in particular of the pituitary and pineal glands, and now the left and the right hemisphere of the brains. Wonderful, sweet ones.
The next Council we connect you to is the Andromedan Council of Light. The Andromedan Council of Light is focused on the expansiveness of consciousness of the lower dimensions, and you feel the energy now of the Andromedan Councils of Light coming in, focusing on this communication highway, and the upliftment dimensionally from one dimension to the next; aligning you deeper and deeper into the fifth, and sixth, and seventh dimensional templates of Light, and aligning you deeper into the Cosmic Heart of all Creation. The Andromedan Council of Light works with different star systems and galaxies that hold a focus on the lower dimensions, on the lower worlds, and they shift this consciousness through the energy of the electron and the super-electron, through these Portals and Gateways of Light, bringing through these downloads, pockets of knowledge and information, that assist in the illumination of the higher mind, with a focus on the mental body, on expansion, on detachment, and self-mastery. You have a sense now, sweet ones, of connecting to the Andromedan Council of Light and experiencing this expansion of Light at a cellular level, and now having a sense of the Higher Mind teachings and the wisdom of the universe, as you link to the Mind of God. Wonderful, sweet ones.
And now we take you to the Antarean Council of the Light. Just feel the energy of the Antarean Council of the Light. The Antarean Council of the Light is focused primarily on creating Portals of Light to assist souls moving into the Light. Those that have passed over from the earth plane and other planets and the stars, working with the death and dying process, or the grieving process, and if there are those close to you that are passing over you can call upon the Antarean Council to assist this soul to pass over to where it next needs to go. They assist in the souls passing over and finding their way into the appropriate Schools of Learning or the Halls of Light or Inner Plane Ashrams. Depending on the consciousness of the soul passing over they will always find themselves at an appropriate level relative to their understandings, and you have a sense sweet ones, of the importance of this work too through the Antarean Council of Light.
The Antarean Council of Light further works through Shamballa, the spiritual headquarters on this earth plane, for each soul that travels on to this earth plane, sweet ones, works with the energy of one of the first twelve rays that are housed within the appropriate ashrams within Shamballa. And you may find yourself too, either working with particular rays, not only in physical form but in discarnate form, or choosing to experience the appropriate ray as you pass over or enter into this earth plane, as the appropriate Ray Departments in Shamballa connect to the energy of each soul, basking each soul with the appropriate ray frequencies as it makes its journey to the schools of learning as it passes over or as it enters into this earth plane.
And now, sweet ones, we take you into two more Councils of Light ~ to the Council of Light on Orion called the Brotherhood of the Light Council of Light, which houses in particular the understandings of the Order of Melchizedek Overlighted by Lord Melchizedek. These are spiritual teachings of Light and you may find yourself in this etheric classroom directed through this Council of Light to receive further trainings or understandings of your Initiations as an Adept of Light, or receiving information that will assist in the upliftment of the consciousness of all life on this earth plane. And now sweet ones, just feel the energy of the Overlighting of the Order of Melchizedek, of the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light through this Council of Light in Orion; and our energy as The Elders, sweet ones, further connects to this Council of Light and we offer you an opportunity now to feel our energy, the energy of The Elders, of the High Council to the Order of Melchizedek. Just feel our energy now as we connect directly to your energy. Wonderful, sweet ones.
And now we direct you back to the Melchizedek Council of Light as you step into the appropriate sub-departments for your teachings of Light, for the progression of your own spiritual journey of Light to deeper levels of self-mastery as Initiates to the Order of Melchizedek, as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love and Master Beings of Light. Wonderful.
And now the last Council of Light, or rather should we say Federation of Light that we would like to bring your attention to in this Now is the Galactic Federation of Light. This is an organization of approximately 200 thousand star systems, bringing together different planets and stars within this quadrant of the galaxy to oversee, at this galactic level, peace within this quadrant of the galaxy. While this is not a Council of Light, sweet ones, each one of you as star seeded ones, as way showers and Light workers are connected directly or indirectly to the Galactic Federation of Light which houses many of the Council Members through various meetings, and works too with many of the Christed ET’s and space brothers patrolling the different planets and stars. So it is possible through the appropriate Council of Light that you are working with at this moment that you may head to the Galactic Federation of Light if this is appropriate for the level of planetary service of your volunteer work to the lower dimensions at this time. And we link you now to this organization, to this “Galactic Parliament of Light” so to speak. Wonderful, sweet ones.
Wonderful sweet ones. As you experience the New Moon energies, we suggest that you take this time to connect into the Council(s) of Light that you feel most attuned to at this time to help you on any level of your Beingness through your service work and a deeper level of your creative energies ~ what it is that you may still be working with, or needing to integrate, needing to experience, needing to understand, as you trust and surrender to this process of transformation and transcendence. As you experience a greater level of your creative gifts, and sacred contracts, over this month of November sweet ones, you will indeed come into a greater level of balance, harmony, inspiration, grace, and Divine Love.
And now as you find yourself back in your sacred space, grounding once more into the energy of Mother Earth, you keep this connection open to all the Illumined Beings and Councils of Light from On High. And we thank you for your service work, sweet ones, and we bless you ~ and with this we bid you a most magical day.
Brought to you by The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light
By Anrita Melchizedek


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