Love is our new reality

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Kuthumi via Lynette Leckie-Clark, July 25th, 2017

We greet you in the Light that embraces all. I stand with my brothers and sisters of the Great White Brotherhood, Mary, Jesus, Quan Yin, Maitreya, the Maha Chohan and Hilarion. We come together, in unity, a mass of Light, of Source.

Others of the White Brotherhood stand behind ready to assist those in crisis, those beautiful souls crying for love, crying for forgiveness, crying for heart peace. For peace must first reside in the heart, the physical and the higher heart before peace can flow through to your soul and engulf your entire being.

Each of you have been led to this point in the great transformation of all energetic souls who have chosen to inhabit the Earth at this expansive and vital time. Many are called to serve their fellow man, the Earth and indeed the God/Source. We have gathered together to strengthen those brave souls who have and are in the process of awakening to their soul knowledge in the Divine Light of All.

You see, to serve in this great transformation requires much strength on all levels of your being and also my friend, great faith. The great faith I speak of resides within you. Within your heart, your higher heart of expanded Light and therefore great love for all. We of the Great White Brotherhood have come together to assist you on your path of transformation, of enlightenment to Soul Light. We walk with you along with the legions of the Great Angels of Service and the entire hierarchy of God/Source. We ask you to be with us now, to reignite the great flame of Light placed in your heart so long ago. The trials and effort on the physical body is wearying so many brave souls. Many are in need of healing on the emotional, mental and physical bodies. It is why I, Kuthumi, and my brothers and sisters have come. Each of us holds great purpose for all mankind and the Earth, including the wise beings of the sea, the mineral kingdom and the animals of the land and sky. We nurture all, and ask each of you to follow us in the guardianship of Earth and all who reside within and without there.

Further, we call all workers of the Light to ignite their inner flame, to stand tall, to join together as one great Light to lead mankind and the Earth back to balance.

Do not fear please. Do not give fear any of your precious energy on the emotional body. Thought follows emotion. First there must be a feeling within your being. Once recognized, the mental body will take hold, accelerated by the ego if permitted by yourself. So you see responsibility of the self resides on the very inner levels of your being.

Many are seeking balance in themselves. We see this. We guide you now to re-balance, to strengthen your faith, first in yourself and your activities, following on to the Great Plan of Transformation for all. Included in the Great Plan is the raising of your vibration – the first step.

In order to re-balance, an overview and recognition of your own levels of vibration are required. To renew and strengthen you must review, pause, and adjust your intent and vibrational flow if necessary. So…. close your eyes, quieten yourself and your immediate environment, breathe deeply in……..and out.  Again.

A third time filling the lungs with air as much as you are able with each breathe. Place your hand on your higher heart (between the physical heart and throat) –  Rest. Breathe.

Call in the Light, see it, feel it.  Now feel great peace begins to flow over you and within you.

Gather your strength and renewal from that Light and peace. Breathe it in. Allow it to engulf you, see your higher heart as whole, the White Flame of Light surrounding you…. Breathe.

For those of you wishing my presence and a deeper energetic connection,  I will avail myself through this one (Lynette) and guide you personally through this transformational, clearing and empowering process.

We here feel this process is so very necessary for many to re-balance in Light and faith at this time, this year, where great transformation is underway and indeed necessary for all.

Our love, our Light, our peace we willingly give you.

I Kuthumi, with Mary, Jesus, Quan Yin, Maitreya, the Maha, Chohan, Hilarion and the entire Great White Brotherhood, the Great Angels of Service and our entire legions of helpers.

» Source – Channel: Lynette Leckie-Clark