Love is our new reality

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Kwan Yin via Lynette Leckie-Clark, November 7th

I am Kwan Yin. I have come today to tell you of our great Blessings to all of you.

It is a time to rise above your experiences of the past, particularly your current year. Please remember that when you experience difficulties and trials you are also able to gain great growth.

Seek the rainbow of abundance through your growth. The rainbow brings renewed strength and understanding, shining like colored ribbons of peace and healing. Many have raised their vibrational energy through renewed understanding,even after pain and loss. I give you compassion now as you read my words. Allow yourself compassion also. Love and honor your own efforts of life. In doing so you prepare for the great Blessing open to you on the 11th of the eleventh month in a year where infinite love and wisdom is opening to all.

I asked these words be titled the Gateway of Heaven for our Blessing to you is a gateway to the most loving and expansive energy of Light you can ever imagine. It is so pure and bright your humanness can hardly believe. But your soul will rejoice and expand as you step through this gateway. It will last for some time shining like a great beacon – calling. Calling those beautiful souls wishing to step forward in a new reality of peace and renewed structure of daily life. The opportunity for healing, not only in this lifetime, but all of your previous lifetimes of experience also. There can be great release through the love and compassion available to you in this gateway.

You perceive Heaven to be of great love, great peace and great beauty. I come to tell you beloved soul that though the gateway provides a vision of this, clears and heals all past, it is you who will wish to manifest heaven in your own life through your own choices in your own future. It is you beloved.

Many will experience our love, our energies through this gateway. You marvel at our peace, our Light. This is available to you also. Take small steps as you release. Some may feel very tired in their body, some may experience head ache for a short time. Know it is the power of the higher energy and your bodies will be required to adjust. There is no set pattern. Each is individual yet part of a great sea of Light Souls.

So I come and spread my arms and energy wide to all as do many of us here. I am instructing this channel with a meditation to guide you through the Gateway of Heaven. It is a great release of many lifetimes. There are aspects of behavior you have brought through to this lifetime which you no longer require. If you choose to step higher in vibration and higher learning, then this is an opportunity for you to do so.

This is our great Blessing to you which I bring to you all.

I am Kwan Yin