Love is our new reality

Kybele via Kerstin, September 17th, 2018

I am Kybele; Today I give you the Cup of Love!

I am Kybele! Today I give you the Cup of Love!

17 September 2018, A channeling from Kybele through Kerstin Eriksson,

I am Kybele,

I want to make myself clear,

I love you always!

If you have clay, I would teach you to do your own pottery!

I will help you create whatever you need, in the name of love!

And so I give you the cup of love today, that is filled with the eternal wisdom and love essences, that will be your tool from now on and into the future.

And so you will drink out of the cup, and how will you refill it you might think!?

Well there is the secret!

There is a way to fill the cup, any time you need!

This cup can only be filled up through yours hearts love and tender devotion to care and nurture the trees, flowers, bees, and actually all life on Gaia.

Therefore it can never be misused.

So, You now have this cup!

It is a great step for you, as a lightworker, you are in great progress!

Take your time, to get to know the Cup of Love, it will always wait for you!

I am Kybele and

I love you