Lao Tzu via Erena Velazquez | January 24, 2022

Lao Tzu via Erena Velazquez | January 24, 2022

January 24, 2022


I am Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism, the spiritual principles that are relevant to the world all of you live in this moment. I am very happy to send a message to humankind.

I represent the group of the Ascended Masters, who are helping Mother Earth and her inhabitants in this extremely important transition to a New World, full of Light and Love.

The transformation of your reality is happening, please open your heart and eyes to see it. The Darkness losing their battle with Light. Their underground facilities and bases are getting destroyed by the Truth Fighters. One of the most recent huge detonation, it was related to destruction to one of the bases of the Dark Entities. Your Media said, it was related to the eruption of volcano Tonga. Actually, it was both events.

The structure of the Matrix, which was cleverly designed by the Corrupted and Evil Souls, is falling down each day more and more. They can’t stop it, as many of you are starting to see beyond the veil. Your reality was always an illusion, nothing in it was real. You were allowed only to stay and move in specific parameters and not allowed to leave it.

The humanity was fooled and manipulated for thousands of years, not even knowing what the real truth is. Most of you now knows that everyone on Mother Earth came from other Star Systems, Galaxies and Universes. You were lied that no civilization exist beyond your planet, what is not true. There are billions of the civilizations, and each day millions of the ships are passing above Earth.

This fake reality is dissolving, and the humanity will create genuinely free and happy world, where no authority over each other. I am very excited, what is happening on your planet, and we are sending powerful and highly vibrational energies from us, the Ascended Group of Masters.

The ones, who pretended to be Light, are going to be exposed. You will be surprised how many YouTubers, Channelers and etc. don’t represent the Light Community, the opposite work for the Dark Entities.

The power hungry entities will be forced to give everything back, what they stole from people. The humanity reached their limit and are fighting back around the globe. Meditate daily and trust that you can bring peace and happiness to your planet. Your powers are within your soul. I am here to encourage all of you, and I supporting your fight against tyranny.

The Golden Era is within your reach, the long battle between Light and Darkness is coming to the ending stage. The Light is going to win. Thank you Universal Channel.

You are the Light. All of You are One
Lao Tzu

Channeled by Erena Velazquez