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LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Astral Screen – 2-15-18

LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Astral Screen – 2-15-18


In the current struggle between the opposing forces in the earth, the massive forces of chaos that link into the Behemoth and Leviathan planetary archetypes are raging for control in the lower time fields, where the AI time loop exists. The Behemoth represents the beast, the monster of chaos that is found in the earth element, that exemplifies the elemental corruption that was controlled and made into matter. While the Leviathan is the monster of chaos that exists in the watery elements that are unleashed through the astral layers and black magic ritual, that which worships the forces of Baphomet, the lower astral forces of lust, sex and addiction. In this intense terrain, many people are exposed to these chaotic forces rising from within the astral realm, as the Leviathan entities attempt to stake their claim on those bloodlines that they have communed with in black magic or have given power to in the past timelines.


Lately, we’ve noticed more attempts from the Black Magicians in the lower astral broadcasting Death Marks or Beast Marks, which spray negative patterns that arrange into what is referred to as the Astral Death Screen. Krystic people, Guardians, and lightworkers can be subjected to the black magic rites of death screens as a type of retaliation for our light working. Essentially, they target us with the hope that we will fall into their astral trap, believing their beast machine projections that the earth is doomed. Thus, we are sharing the information of Beast Marks and Death Screens, in order to remember to scan your body to make sure these are cleared and cleansed from the lightbody. In general, Astral Death Screens make people feel sick, like with the current flu epidemic, that is related to the Armageddon software arm of running pestilence programming into the earth field. Stay strongly aligned to your heart with loving kindness and empathic feelings, while taking good care of your physical body with self-care and self-love, being grateful for all you have in this moment. Pray, meditate and call in the Spirits of Christ.

What is a Astral Death Screen?

Death Screen is also called the Green Screen of Death because it is a Holographic Insert that usually stems from the lower Astral Plane that has a sickly green and grey color. A person may carry this Death Screen into various identities and incarnations, unaware that it is connected into their Lightbody.

The Death Screen has been observed to include the following:

  • A person whose Soul body is shutting down the physical body and preparing for the bardo transition. Usually this is accompanied with people who are severely sick with a disease like cancer. This is generated from strong metatronic reversals, or anti-life reversals allowed to take hold in the body.
  • Alien Implants used to weaken a person like a lightworker that the NAA want to weaken, make sick or exhaust them. This is more harmful to a person who does not 12D Shield or have any Ascension or Imposter Spirit awareness. In a stressed person, this will feed the death screen implant and potentially make the person sick in their astral body layers. This may weaken their field and place a dark portal in the aura which these entities gain access through to harrass.
  • A energetic projection that comes out of technological devices, such as a computer screen, or corporate network, that is used for a variety of Imposter Spirit purposes. Such as curses, hexes or negative patterns to be hurled through technological devices at a perceived enemy or competitor.
  • Targeting for the Death Screen is also used to tag or track the person at the early process of bardo so the Imposter Spirit can go take them first when they cross over.

Death Marks or Beast Marks are similar to curses, spells, hexes, and false artifacts that can be sprayed out in consciousness sweeps to target an individual, as well they have been observed as being sprayed upon the masses. These are desperate attempts to claim power over many liberating souls that are elevating beyond the frequency reach of the dark controllers, and being routed to the median timelines during bifurcation. Beast marks are alien implants that work like negative patterns that form into curses, they are designed to create incredible negativity in your body and in your life. We can use the “Return to Rightful Owner” command applied to the removal of these Death Marks, In God’s authority and Christ’s Name. These are marks for the attempt to overwhelm people with negativity and confusion so they can be more easily influenced into more negativity or even possessed by these dark forces. Do not falter in your Love of God and maintain connection with your Inner Spirit. That is our most potent antidote to neutralize this astral attack against humanity. Do not engage with negativity through reaction, stay calm and steady, bring love into your vision and let it dissolve into your compassionate and neutral witness.

Please know that as you pray and consecrate your body to God source and to be of Service to Others, as you shield yourself with Christ light, as you commit to GSF and Cosmic Sovereign Law, this puts a damper on the Imposter Spirits ability to interfere. The biggest issue with dark force interference is taking your personal consent and authority back, standing in your spiritual power fearlessly, and reaffirming what you serve and what you stand for in God’s power, which is GSF. This does not give you the right to interfere with others choices or actions. The distinction is that you are choosing and claiming GSF for yourself, and those stewarded into your care. As your inner light and Lightbody grows larger, God source will send more people to your light source to help them awaken their own inner light. However, you may extend those GSF Blessings to those humans around you by dedicating yourself as a vessel of God’s eternal light and acting as God’s Compassionate Witness. When we allow our body to be a vessel for God’s spirit, we allow the God source to direct the forces of light through Universal divine will and purpose, and we are careful to not interfere with that process by imposing our personal will or making judgments.

Through consecration of our body to be of Service to Others, we evolve to become the Compassionate Witness on behalf of God source. Thus, as the Compassionate Witness we may extend goodness through the blessing of others, which catalyze their own inner spiritual Awakening so they can feel their own direct relationship with the God Source.

As a God-Sovereign-Free Being, you have right to repeat and command the Laws of God in service to the greater good of yourself and others, and with your clear consent to be a vessel of God’s light, you are given the power to bless others, to claim other beings as free under the human divine rights that exist under God’s laws. All humans have this right, but they do not understand it. So it may happen that you are called to be a witness, without superimposing any judgment and through the lens of Neutrality, we may act as their representative if you view that person being harmed, trapped or enslaved by any variety of these dark forces, especially, when this is being committed without their direct knowledge and consent. This is more appropriate when it’s a person in your presence that you can see this is occurring, or it is a family member or partner/spouse/child. Remember that speaking directly from your heart in your own words to express what you want to say outloud, is just as powerful to administer blessings from the heart. I provide a sample wording in case the words escape you, as many of us have been memory wiped so many times, we may blank on finding the best ways to verbalize what we are asking for help with.

GSF Blessing Individuals

Beloved Holy Presence, In Cosmic Sovereign Law, I am your Compassionate Witness. In service to ______________(full birth name), I pray with all of my heart to bless them and protect them in the eternal light of God, and in the blessings of the Holy Spirit and Spirits of Christ, to be fully freed from the spiritual burdens and shackles that have been placed upon them, by those Impostors and Deceivers of God’s eternal light. Through the light of God I am, through the power of love in my heart, I consecrate and bless ___________ to be freed into their highest expression and true nature, that they may be God Sovereign Free in the eternal light of God, now and always.

In Love and Unifed Krystal Strength,