Lord Ashtar and The Angelic High kingdom via Lynne Rondell, December 18th, 2020

A Wonderful Message for Humanity | Lord Ashtar and The Angelic High kingdom via Lynne Rondell

December 18, 2020

I am coming back to you this beautiful Wednesday with another channeling.

This one’s going to be from Lord Ashtar and it’s also going to be from the angelic high kingdom of light.

So he’s just titling this one “a message for humanity”

Here we go.


Hello beloveds, it is i Lord Ashtar along with the entire angelic high kingdom coming through this channeler today for another message that I feel is a timely one and that i feel is one that is necessary to come through for all of you.

I’d like to talk to you about what’s going on on your planet in other terms other than the virus and the vaccine and all the dark order that is rolling through. I’d like to talk to you about the other things that are also going on on your planet and I’d like to make this channeling video, this message, I’d like to make it uplifting for all of you.

For today i feel that all of you out there really need something good to happen, that all of you out there really need a kind word, all of you out there really need a boost in your energy fields, something that is good that can be told and said to all of you, not such darkness always that’s rolling out on you.

For today i along with the angelic high kingdom we see a lot of sadness, we see a lot of forlorn faces, we see a lot of you that are in a lot of pain and we see a lot of you that actually cannot believe what is rolling out on you but not just the virus and the vaccine but the fact of the impact of what is actually done to you and this impact is going to be felt for quite a while.

I’d like to tell you some good things that are going on on your planet, I’d like to tell you some greatness that is happening to all of you right now, I’d like to speak about the angelic realm for a few minutes and I’d like to tell you a little bit about how they became so important in this journey on your ascension and how they are really elevating each and one of you every day.

For now you not only have two guardian angels, you all have between five and nine and each guardian angel that is within you, around you on the outside i mean, has a specific job.

So each guardian angel is taking care of a different action that is helping all of you on your journey. These guardian angels are here to bring you peace, these guardian angels are here to see that all of you roll through this as quickly and as painlessly as you can, these guardian angels are to help you with your dialogue with your guides and angels to really open it up and these guardian angels are here to wake some of the collective up that is still not awoken.

The angelic realm has a different purpose as well for the angelic realm is not only these guardian angels and your angels that are around you, it is not only the ascended we’re going to say the archangels and the different groups of angels as there is a hierarchy that goes up very high.

These angels go from the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th dimensions and they all have different collective purposes that they gather together to produce an outcome and they all have the highest vibrating love and light. They are pure consciousness of divinity and light and each angel as a separate angel has a love for you an unconditional love for you as well.

For this time that is on your planet is also a biblical time of sorts you do have 144 000 angels in human form, in a human force we’re going to say. These 144 000 angels represent the divinity that is on your planet, they represent the light that is on your planet, they represent the light that is carrying you all forward on the fourth and fifth dimensions of your journey and they represent what is really happening on your planet.

These 144 000 angels came down to help switch this planet to that of light. These 144 000 angels have done that, the call went out, they have raised their swords along with all you children of light. You have switched this planet to that of light. From now on moving forward the light is gaining on your planet every minute, every hour, every day, every week. It is gaining, it is like a snowball effect.

Your planet is just being immersed in light. The dark does not have a chance to stay on this planet. The dark reign does not have a chance to stay on this planet and those are not of the highest divinity and light. Those that are still so very dark playing out these dark games, they do not have a chance to stay on this planet as well.

For when it is their time and they do cross the veil they will go somewhere else so your planet is rolling forward to be one of only light. There will be no dark down the road, there will be no need for fear down the road there will be no sadness and scaredness and anxiety down the road.

There will be no one that is harming another down the road for the next now moment when you all do ascend and the ascension is finally over, you will be a planet of light, you will have transitioned off the dark and you will all have transitioned up not only to the fifth dimension but to a planet that only holds light.

There will be no polarity left on your planet, there will be no dichotomy good and bad them versus us, you will all be a collective, a collective consciousness of humanity. You will all operate as one divine human consciousness of light, you will operate as your divine self and being but the wants and how you navigate as a collective will be for the wants of all. It will not be just for your selfish gain. There will be a lot of things changing we will say for the good, for the betterment of the creation of this planet and for the betterment of humanity, for the greater good of all we’re going to say.

So just know that even though times are bad, that even know what you’re rolling through looks bleak, is hard, is painful, the journey you’re all in right now is you’re in the middle of it. You are having to be immersed in it not only as one human but as a planet. You are having to roll through it, you are having to see this dark that’s always been there and you’re going to push it aside.

But know in the next now moment you have elevated to the fifth dimension, know now you are planet of light. There is no journeying back downward, the dark cannot take hold. You’re all children of light. You’re heading up to the fifth dimension, to a glorious dimension, we may add. One that is going to be spectacular, one that you’re going to feel some peace and love in and one that you all deserve to be in.

You’re all children of the light you don’t deserve to have this at you and you don’t deserve this darkness that’s all around you as well.

So i Lord Ashtar along with the entire angelic high kingdom do hope this message does resonate with you, do you hope that you that you can find a peace, some peace and love within your heart and do you hope that really it anchors with you and you do know what you are doing and going through now. It is for the greater good of the collective to push this dark out, this dark agenda will not last forever. There’s a lot of very wonderful timelines that are setting up that are much higher.

They will really shift the collective up, so not to worry.

We are sending you such love, we are sending you our blessings and we’re sending you such light.


Thank you Lord Ashtar, thank you entire angelic high kingdom. Well that message made my heart feel wonderful and i was tingling all over which means the angelic high kingdom was really coming in there for this one. Just know we are ascending, we are children of the light.

There’s a lot of angelic help in human form down here and there’s the entire angelic high kingdom along with so many councils of light that are seeing that we fly right through this.

We ascend and we get to be a planet of light and one of compassion, peace and justice.

I look forward to bringing through many more messages for all of you.

I’m sending you my love, my light and blessings.

Source video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KraN0buPf-8