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Lord Ashtar and the Angelic High Kingdom via Lynne Rondell, November 26th, 2020

Your Ascension Journey is Divine Timing | Lord Ashtar and the Angelic High Kingdom via Lynne Rondell

Channel Lynne Rondell


Hi it’s Lynne coming back to this beautiful Tuesday. I want to thank all of you that put your questions down in the comments. I’m going to be going through the questions and I’ll do the Q&A either Friday or Saturday and put it up on YouTube also thank all of you for booking sessions through the website. I’m very excited to be doing healing work with all of you.

So this channeling is going to be from Lord Ashtar along with the angelic high kingdom.

Here we go.


Hello beloveds, it is i Lord Ashtar coming through this channeler with along with the angelic high kingdom with another message for all of you. Today, I’d like to talk about energies that are entering the solar system and how that’s going to be helping all of you on your journey forward we’re going to say and I’d also like to talk about what it really means to be ascending.

I’d like to talk about what exactly ascension entails and why your planet and all of you are ascending and I’d like to also reassure all of you that there’s a lot of energies that are coming in, galactic energies. There’s going to be a lot of solar energies coming in as well and a lot of different vibratory energies that are going to help your DNA and your DNA coding. They’re going to help you to really upgrade your chakra system and they’re going to help to align you more with the truth of who you are.

These energies are all designed to do different things. I know all of you are at different points now with your ascension and i know some of you haven’t woken up at all yet. This channeler sent a lot of energy down on the planet today, she used 120 billion angels. It’s the most angels she’s used before with this white light.

One of the specifics of this white light that went out on the planet was to wake up those that are sleeping and was to help all of you on your ascension journey as well as this energy goes through the plant kingdoms, the elemental kingdoms, it goes through the crystal kingdom, it goes to the fairy kingdoms, it goes to all the different realms that are within Mother Earth as well. It actually goes to inner earth as well.

This was a huge blast of high vibrating white light but the purpose of this is to try to wake up those that are asleep and get them on their ascension road. So there’s a lot of work being done from a lot of people and we just want to talk about your ascension.

I want to talk about why you’re ascending and why you’re ascending now. I also want to talk about what ascension means and I want to talk about how it’s going to help the planet Mother Earth as well.

This channeler has done a video on the ascension, the 3D to 5D but I want to talk about why all of you are really ascending, why this time now, why not in the next 20 years in the future ?

There is a divine timing in all that is orchestrated on your planet. There is divinity in everything that is done on your planet, as there is divinity and divine timing for all of you with what comes into your lives as well. You know when you want something very bad and you pray and you pray about it and you don’t stop thinking about it, it doesn’t just come because you want it, it comes because it’s divine timing for it to come.

This is something like your ascension this is along the lines of divine timing for you to ascend there is biblical reasons for this as well but there is a definitive, we’re going to say reason that it is needed for all of you to ascend, that are going to ascend now. There’s a lot of windows and portals and gateways that are opened up now, there’s a lot that is happening with the galactic energies coming in that circulate from different galaxies around.

There is a lot of help at this time from the sun as she’s going to be sending through some huge blasts in your near future. There’s also celestial events that are setting up next month and that are going to roll forward in the years to come.

This is divine timing, this is how Mother Earth does want it but this is divine timing for your ascension and for all of you to be journeying back to the fifth dimension and back into your hearts.

So there’s a lot of reasons why this has come about but the main reason is it is time to shift this planet to that of light. It has been in a very dark reign for a very long time, that just means that the light quotient has not been high enough with the dark quotient to actually overturn the dark that is on the planet.

Now that with all the events that are happening, with Mother Earth’s urgency, with all of you who’ve jumped down to actually help with this ascension you all known, you all have known before you jumped down into this life that you would be going through an ascension that you would be taking this planet and your physical bodies, your physical vessel, you would be taking it on a journey of a lifetime, we’re going to say that you would be journeying with your physical body, with your soul and with your energy body up two dimensions to the fifth dimension.

There’s a lot of reasons why it is now as i have laid out, it is divine timing. There is no need to keep all the dark on the planet. You are seeing what’s rolling through at you. This is really what you’ve been living in for quite a long time.

There’s also a need to take the negative ET off as they’re actually been in a sort of reign on this planet as well. They have been fighting over the thousands of years for reign on Mother Earth, each taking reign at different points in time.

Mother Earth is really the one who’s always been in charge of her planet but this is needed to take them off as well as they no longer have any reign here, they no longer have any reason to be here. They can’t continue their reign, reigning on humanity as they have been and the negative humans, the reptilian humans they’re not going to continue their journey forward with controlling the planet.

All of you you’re going to see as things roll forward what’s really been going on, on your planet, things will be exposed to you in divine timing when you are ready, when you can actually understand what’s been going on and when you can sort of take in the knowledge of all that’s really been part of your planet.

For those that are sleeping are not going to understand that there are negative ET and those that are sleeping are not going to understand that they’re witches and sorcerers that have done a lot of bad things as reptilian humans as well. They’re not going to grasp it!

It is going to be divine timing for all of that information to come out as well. You are journeying to go back to being a planet of love, you are journeying to the fifth dimension to enter a golden era we’re going to say and anchor in a golden energy and light onto this planet. You are ascending to be one unified body of light as we all are in the higher collectives of light on all the different planets.

We operate as one huge body of light. We care about all not just the selfish needs and desires of one. There will be freedom in your journey to the fifth dimension as well. You will be intermixing with the other dimensions as all of you come up to the fifth dimension. You won’t just be there instantaneously all of you. As we have said it’s going to be a lot of waves and it could be a very long time.

There’s going to be not everything perfect until we get all of you up onto the fifth dimension that are going and those off the third dimension that are not staying.

This is looking like years out but the more of you that we can get on to the fifth dimension as all that are going, most of them that are awake, most of you are awake and those that some of you are that are actually sleeping but still holding on the fourth dimension. You’re going to be bumping up in waves to the fifth dimension and holding that light for the rest of the collectives.

There’s a lot of work involved with this as you are a very special planet, there’s a lot of high councils and the entire angelic realm. It’s really standing by all of you. You have more angels that have come in to help you as well or you may have had, we’re going to say one or two guardian angels. Now you have four to six to eight, nine and ten, to really help all of you wake up for protection and for your journeying upward.

The main thing we need to let you know is you’re journeying out of fear. The fear is all over your planet right now but you’re journeying out of fear, you’re journeying to that of peace.

You have to know that you’re gonna have to go through this, you’re gonna have to speak up when it’s needed but know that you’re all journeying now when your chakras are open and you are aligned, you’re turning inward, you’re journeying back to your hearts, you’re journeying to that of the higher vibrations for all the collectives. You’re journeying to unify everybody for fairness and respect and peace for all.

When only you really wake up to the fact that you are all connected on another level divinely as you are all connected to the divine energy of all that is with such divinity, God, God force, Source, universal light and energy, whatever you may call it, you’re all connected as well with that.

It is your journey to experience that as well. On the fifth dimension you will feel much more of the god force energy, your gifts will be heightened, you will still have to practice at them and they will open slowly, it won’t be magical but you’ll be turning back to that more of an all-knowingness and the truth of who all of you are and your journey on this planet and plane.

There’s millions and millions and millions of you who’ve jumped down for this ascension to be of help. You are all coming online now or realizing there’s another reason and purpose for you being here. So this channeler, from all of us, is going to be bringing through a lot of different messages on what’s going on, on the galactic energies that are coming in, on how things are shifting forward.

You are going through a lot of upgrades for your DNA right now. You’re going through more activations, we’re going to say light codes are being activated within your energy bodies that’s going on now as these galactic energies are hitting. If your ears are ringing that is an ascension symptom, that is a symptom of energies coming in that you can hear the different vibratory frequencies of them.

There’s a lot of very exciting things rolling forward. It is time. There is no turning back. Mother Earth and all of you, you’re all going to be on the fifth dimension. She’s holding a very high vibration there now. She’s had a lot of grid work done for her so she’s really ready for all of you to be taking the jump, the plunge, the leap, whatever you may call it, we’re going to call the leap of faith, to knowing that the better awaits you on that fifth dimension.

I Lord Ashtar along with the entire angelic high kingdom which are sending white light down for all of you and bathing you in it daily, are looking so forward to making this journey as best we can, as peaceful as we can for you and helping all of you along the way.

We’re sending you such love, we’re sending you such light and blessings.


Thank you Lord Ashtar, angelic high kingdom, thank you for that information. It’s nice to know as we journey forward what’s really going on and what we’re going through and all the help we have.

I look forward to sending many more messages through for all of you.

I’m sending you such love, such light and blessings.

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