Love is our new reality

Lord Buddha via Genoveva Coyle, December 28th, 2018


Let me give you the strength and the deep insight into the truth of all existence! Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I AM Lord Buddha, your teacher, your family, and friend, and I come today to speak to you about this process of ascension and what it really means to you and to your beloved human collective.

Simply said, ascension is to “Be love!” And then when it comes to how to do this simple and straightforward thing, you – in human form – tend to get entangled in half-truths, complicating things and confusing yourselves to exhaustion, and really it should not and need not be like this.

You are saying it is ascension, and we see it as more of a descent of your higher vibrational selves into your physical forms, If we were to describe this realistically, it is a process of you, each and every one of you, reaching up and down, but by focusing your attention inwardly to release and let go of the dense parts and particles, the solidified thoughts and memories that keep you trapped at a certain level of superficiality and unsatisfied living. For when you let go of them, everything else will begin to flow easily and gracefully, taking you to your next step, or to your next level of consciousness and growth.

The reason we are always saying that this is not meant to be work – not even light-work – is because all that there is for you to do is to be constantly alert and aware of what is heavy, dense, restrictive, and limiting to your being. Then, seeing that it is not of love, let it go, or to stop doing it!

This will result in you having more space within, and more time to be love, to be free, to do all that you have chosen to do in this lifetime. It is really simple and straightforward. But the ego and parts of the human mind want to make it complicated, so they offer you many reasons why you can’t strip away and shed all of the falsehoods within yourselves.

Most of you do say and intend every day, and in every moment, that you want to be free, but then you find millions of excuses with which to divert your attention. And so, you keep on coming back to where you are finding yourselves in this moment – really and truly working hard to maintain the status quo. All of those excuses are merely fear-based decisions and are attempts to delay your discovery of the truly magnificent selves that you are so that you do not have to step up and into your divine authority and power.

And yet your soul is in charge, for the New You has arrived, and it will show you where you, willingly or less consciously, are giving your power away: When you insist on being right, therefore implying that others are or were wrong; when you have to prove your wonderful good-willed intentions, despite having triggered your soul family members who only needed that stimulus in order to do some overdue and necessary cleansing of themselves; whether you worry about the future – personal or global, about money and bills, or health issues, or the path and the faith of yourselves, your children, parents, spouses, or humanity at large…it matters not…you are spending so much energy you are literally giving your creative stamina away.

You are trying so hard to avoid even brushing by the negative spectrum of duality in the world that you are living in, which is time and energy consuming, and can thus be quite distracting from your path and purpose. Your paths and the journeys of those you love may have to contain some negative experiences, but it is the way you react to these events that matters, not the fact that you are attempting to avoid them at all costs.

If you could keep in mind that all that you resist, or fight, and work hard to overcome, are only blockages that can be easily removed in the silence and the peace of your heart. Do not allow yourselves to go down into the old third-dimensional paradigm of drama, despair, and discontent, as you wonder who is nudging you to go there, and why they are doing so.

Be lighthearted and optimistic at all times, knowing that there are plenty of opportunities for you to experience and learn, and ultimately expand your capacity to love yourselves and others. This is what will take you faster to where your soul is directing you in every moment, and where it wants you to go.

Come and sit with me in silence in this now moment and let me give you the strength and the deep insight into the truth of all existence!


By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.