Love is our new reality

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Lord Buddha via Erena Velazquez, May 23d, 2021

Greetings Dear Ones, 
I am Buddha and I am very happy to be channeled today. It has been awhile, since I spoke to all of you. I want to share my wisdom with everyone.  
I want to specify that I am here to help humanity with their Ascension Process. Your bodies are in transitional phase and changing to high dimensional ones. What does that mean during your daily life? Your bodies can experience Ascension symptoms such as extreme fatigue, physical pains and etc. 
Please, don’t get alarmed by this, it’s nothing new, it has been happening for a while now. I would recommend for you to take it easy by having nice breaks for meditation or naps during the day, as your body requires a lot of rest in this sacred process. 
I am bringing this to your attention, so you would have a balance in your daily lifestyle, which has been missing for a while now. For over a year now humanity has been living under all of sorts of restrictions, which is taking a toll on everyone mentally and physically. It’s very important to bring a balance back into your presence. Daily meditation, good food and rest are very crucial during your journey into a New Era on Earth.  
I spend many hours before my enlightenment under my favorite bodhi tree. Please, understand my dear ones, it requires discipline and dedication. Your daily lives put you under a lot pressure, because of the system your living in, which was created by the Darkness. Most of your time goes toward work that majority of you don’t like. Meditations are going to help you to remove low vibrations and move you to higher energies, what is needed in these transitional times.
Treat your bodies as a temple with love and respect. You need to learn to stay well and happy no matter what is going around you. After all of the suffering and abuse that humanity went through, your well being should be number one on the list. 
I learned through my experiences on Mother Earth that I am the only one, who can take care of the physical and spiritual parts of my being. Both parts are needed to be in balance. These are the times, when you need to be a little self centered, to help you to have a quicker and a safer transition to 5D.  
It has been a long and a rocky road for the humankind to their freedom, you are almost there. Nothing comes without a price, your sacrifice and hard work is going to pay off. Your near future is going to be amazing and happy without Darkness. You will be only lead by your own Light. Please, never forget that you are Light and Love. 
Every experience good or bad counts and makes your soul wiser. I am Buddha and I am grateful to speak to all of you today. Thank you.
Stay in Peace and Light.