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Lord Buddha via Natalie Glasson, July 16th, 2021

Lord Buddha

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Reconciliation by Lord Buddha

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings, I Am Lord Buddha. I come forth as a collective of energies of the Creator. I am a consciousness; I am an expression of the truth of the Creator. I wish to inspire and guide you forth so you may access your ascended master self and greater collective consciousness. Today, I wish to speak with you about the Master Light Pillars. There are numerous Master Light Pillars anchoring into the Earth, most of these Master Light Pillars have already anchored and yet, there are still more anchoring. Each Master Light Pillar is created by an Ascended Master, they charge and energise their pillar of light with everything that they feel is appropriate and necessary. Drawing from their own energies and qualities as well as their own Creator remembrance, wisdom, and experiences.

When you experience the Master Light Pillars it is as if the Ascended Master is incarnate upon the Earth. They allow you to experience a new relationship and connection with an Ascended Master. The Master Light Pillars allow the Ascended Master to anchor certain vibrations, qualities, wisdom, and consciousness into the Earth to support the ascension process of humanity.

Many of you have asked for help for your own ascension, for the ascension of humanity, and Mother Earth, and to dissolve conflict, chaos, and pain upon the Earth. This is our response to you. We have anchored Master Light Pillars all over the world so you may draw upon these energies, qualities, and wisdom and so you may feel supported and know that the Ascended Masters of the inner planes are walking by your side. We are gifting to you everything you need, and everything you desire to support your service and your ascension.

Each Master Light Pillar has a different topic or subject, a different purpose and there are thousands of Master Light Pillars across the Earth now. The anchoring creates an umbrella of light that is really protecting and penetrating the Earth. Charging everyone, everything, and every area with Ascended Master Light thus, supporting the ascension and mastery of all beings.

Connecting with a Master Light Pillar

If you wish to connect with a Master Light Pillar, you can think of the Ascended Master that you wish to connect with. Maybe myself, Lord Buddha, Master KuthumiMaster Djwhal KhulLady NadaMahatma, or Master Yeshua, there are so many beings. Think of the Ascended Master that you wish to connect with, you can repeat their name while asking that your guides and your soul support and connect you with their Master Light Pillar, existing within their Master Light Pillar.

You may feel, sense, acknowledge that a pillar of light flows over and through your being or you may be drawn within your being to focus upon your truth. It may be within your being that you discover the Master Light Pillar of the Ascended Master that you have chosen.

Another way of connecting with the Master Light Pillars is to ask your guides and your soul to connect you with the most appropriate Master Light Pillar. Then focus within your being asking whose Master Light Pillar it is and what the purpose of the Master Light Pillar is? How can this Master Light Pillars serve me in my current reality?

Another way of working with the Master Light Pillars is within meditation, asking your guides and soul to be fully present with you. Then ask that you are made aware of the Master Light Pillar that is closest to you in location. This means it is in your surrounding area, it could be in your country, it could be in your city, could be in your town, or in your village. The Master Light Pillar could even be in your home. Ask to be made aware of the Master Light Pillar that is closest to you in location. You may feel the energy flow over and through your being. You may be guided within and recognise a sensation, a colour, a sound, or something else. Allow yourself to ask, whose Master Light Pillar you are connecting with. What is the purpose of the Master Light Pillar? You may even be able to locate the Master Light Pillar.

It is important to be aware that Master Light Pillars are tremendously expansive, some even surround the entire world. The Master Light Pillars are like treasure troves, there is so much wisdom, so many skills, so many abilities and understandings, remembrance that you can acknowledge, download, and embody. All this information and light is available to you. The Master Light Pillars are also places of healing where you or another can receive healing of any form.

Lord Buddha’s Master Light Pillar

I, Lord Buddha, I wish to introduce to you my own Master Light Pillar. My Master Light Pillar is focused upon or holds the purpose of reconciliation. When you connect with my Master Light Pillar asking to experience my Master Light Pillar you will download the light, the love, the wisdom, the healing, the keys, and codes all connected to reconciliation. I believe that this energy is immensely important not only within your own being but upon the Earth. There is a need for reconciliation, understanding, for union or unity, and sometimes there is a need for compromise. There is also a need for reconnections, creating new foundations, new bonds, new relationships, and forgiveness. There is a need for letting go of the past and approaching things from a new perspective, with a new thought process and maybe even from a different chakra.

It is my feeling that within every being, situation and experience, reconciliation is needed. Can you imagine reconciliation within your being, your relationship with yourself, with those around you, with your soul, your soul group, and with the Creator? All these aspects of your existence require an input of reconciliation. Can you recognise that every experience requires an additional input of reconciliation? You may wish to take some time to contemplate that if you were to channel, to gift, to radiate, to approach a relationship from the vibration of reconciliation, how would this change the relationship? How would it change your behaviour? How would it change your thought process, feelings, and actions?

I wish to encourage you to contemplate experiences in your reality that you are currently putting action into or maybe even experiences that are lacking in action. If you were to approach these from the space of reconciliation, gifting the energy reconciliation, and embodying reconciliation within your mind, emotions, body and being, how would you approach the experience differently. What would the outcome be?

To truly understand the energy and experience of reconciliation, there is a need to really understand its meaning. Often before we approach something we already have a preconceived idea of what it is. When I say the word reconciliation to you, what is your preconceived idea? Is it both people, situations or experiences coming from truths, coming from a unity within their being, coming from love and interacting in that way? Is it that one surrenders, and one gets what they want? Is it a compromise? Is compromising necessary if every being is coming from a space of truth, because the truth of the Creator exists within every being, therefore every being holds the divine plan of the Creator for the world and universe. Therefore, on some level, everyone’s desires, everyone’s actions and purpose are the same. It is important to recognise what your preconceived idea of reconciliation is and if you do accept this idea, that it feels good and appropriate to you, then please hold on to it. If it does not, then cast it aside, and discover what you want reconciliation to mean.

I invite you to sit within my Master Light Pillar to contemplate reconciliation, to feel my input, my vibration, my expression, my understanding of what reconciliation is and how it can assist you. Imagine that you are coming from a space where there is understanding, there is unity and there is a desire to create the truth. Imagine how this would influence your world around you, becoming a domino effect going across the world. Imagine if every person, for a week or a month, had the purpose that they wanted to embody and create reconciliation. Can you imagine the shifts that would be created? Can you imagine some of the experiences, the battles, the arguments that would just be let go of? Can you imagine the peace, the joy, the happiness that every being would experience?

You are the catalyst. You are the anchor and the catalyst. You are the being that creates this so it is time for you to embody reconciliation and I, Lord Buddha, will be present with my Master Light Pillar to serve you.

My love is with you always,

I Am Lord Buddha. Thank you.