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Lord Emanuel via Gillian Ruddy, October 5th

Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration
5th October 2015
Serve the Lord in Your Heart
Greetings Dear Ones, it is I, Lord Emanuel at your service again this day. Dear Ones, be with me now as I AM with you. Breathe with me, the most efficient way to bring your awareness to You and therefore to me. Notice, I AM with you. Take as long as it takes to slow down enough to actually feel my presence with you. So many of you are weary, so many of you are jaded by the conflicting ‘Ways’ that are presented to you by so many healers, prophets and Light bearers, so many of you are overwhelmed by the wealth of information telling you the best way to eat, the best way to health, the best way to be abundant, the best way to happiness.
Dear Ones, there is no right or wrong answer. You are all individuals at your own level with your own pace and what is right for you is unlikely to be right for the person next to you. You are all heading home to the same place, to your heart, in different ways. Accepting this Truth has two main facets to it that can relieve you enormously on your journey.
Firstly, to know that you are an individual whose journey and Path are completely unique to you helps you understand that only you can decide what is for you. All manner of things are presented to you on a daily basis, all manner of choices, from the simple, what to eat and what to wear to the complicated, what is my next step on my career and work path, all day you face choice after choice and each one, no matter if they are seemingly big or seemingly small, all manner of choices are presented to you to for ultimately the same reason, to give you endless opportunities to choose what resonates with you. In other words, what is true for you, in other words what is for you, what is the best choice for you. Only you can know this and only you can know this from the stillness of your Being.
Dear Ones, this takes a slowing down, standing still and letting life come to you rather than chasing after life. Ultimately the constant stream of choices is training for you to learn to choose with your heart, with your feelings, with what feels good in your body. All manner of choices, from the very clothes you put on your back to the food you put in your mouth to the career move you will make are taken in alignment with your highest potential when you stop long enough to feel.
Dear Ones, once you become adept at this you will notice that life will get very quiet, so much quieter than you are used to, life will stop throwing at you all manner of choices, or that is how it will seem as your heart takes charge of your life your choices seem to diminish as everything that you choose becomes obvious, all will become a ‘no-brainer’ as you say, as you find yourself in the flow of life that many teachers speak of. Effortless flow toward All That You Are.
The second most powerful and helpful result of accepting that you are an individual on your own journey is that you know that you can’t get it wrong FOR YOU. And so many of your Precious Hearts are so innocently wanting help others, so beautifully wishing to assist your loved ones along the path with you that you can sometimes be mistaken for thinking what worked for you will work for them. Many of you are so intent on your loved ones feeling the same way as you do when the choices you make lead you to fulfilment and happiness that you can become quite the zealot in attempting to ‘convert’ those around you to listen to what you have to say and to do what you think is best for them.
Dear Precious Hearts, I say this not to give you more ammunition with which to beat yourself up with, please, it is obvious to all that you have the most purest of intentions in this matter. But you must see that what works for you is not necessarily going to work for your loved ones and it is more than likely that is not their path in this life time. They will wake up in their own time at their own pace and you must trust that God, All There Is will deliver unto your loved ones what they need to learn and heal and grow exactly when they need it. Just relax into this knowing and find it in your heart just to love all those dear to you just as they are. Even if they are shut down, angry, rude, or obviously struggling with themselves just Love them. That is all that is required of you. And in loving them you are not lowering your vibration to match them but you are raising yours. By breathing a silent ‘I Love you’ into the hearts of all that you encounter, rather than trying to haul them up to where you are, will bring you relief and comfort on all situations and encounters in life.
Dear Ones, when speaking of and teaching loving your own heart first and foremost, above all else, teaching you to bring all of your focus here rather than to those outside of you who may be in need may seem at first harsh and insensitive when you are so used to serving others at the expense of yourself. But Dear Ones, it may feel like that at first because it is so new to you, so different. You are all so pure and innocent that you always think of others before yourself and to do the opposite seems wrong at first.
But Dear Ones the time for that is over, the time for waiting upon others to wake up with you so that you can shine with them is over. Do not wait on others to wake up before you make choices in alignment with YOUR highest good regardless of the seeming suffering of others. Dear Ones I am not asking you to close your hearts to others, I am not suggesting that you close down to the horrors that you see in your world, I am not asking you to turn a blind eye on the atrocities that continue to erupt on your sweet earth. I am suggesting with all the Love in my heart that you do not let them affect you negatively, that you stay focussed on yourself and what you require to keep walking everyday making the choices that are right for you. If you are called to help those in need in areas of the worlds where injustice continues to prevail then you will be called to help and you will know it is right for you, but if you run to the aid of all who are in need of assistance at the expense of your own heart you are not serving anyone. Your world is within your heart and when you serve that first the outer world will change. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I love you.
I watch every step that you take. You are an Angel that sprinkles Light with every breath. Expand the Light of God within your precious heart Dear One by Loving your own heart free. And in doing so you will become a glorious fountain of Eternal Infinite God Light that will transform this Sweet Earth. Yes, I speak directly to You.
I Love you.
God Bless Your Precious Heart.
Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy.
This message is a gift, please freely copy and share it. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.
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