Love is our new reality

Lord Emanuel (channeled messages)

Emanuel via Gillian Ruddy, November 19th, 2017

Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Emanuel, here to be with you this day. Here again! Here again. Ha ha! You have no idea how glad I am about that. For here is a time I thought might never come, so may knife edges we have been on, so many wrong turns have been averted, so many times Dear Ones it has looked like a different outcome may be at hand. But not now Dear Ones, not now. Your future is assured. This planet will step into the Light of God, it will be returned to the Garden of Eden it was always meant to be and at some point this will all be forgotten. All the war, all the bloodshed, the hatred and the destruction will be a distant memory that will eventually fade and quicker than you think for when you realise that keeping the memory of war alive for the sake of the memory of those who died, in the vibration that it is done here today, is not a wise thing to do and you will naturally move toward honouring your ancestors and their contribution to your planet as it is today in a more enlightened way that does not drag the energy of wars past into the now.

Dear Ones, I am with you right now I am with you. Your future is assured. I promise you, this is now inevitable. How long it will take and over how many generations is all that is in question. No one will be left behind you are all coming on this ride home. Breathe with me now. Breathe Dear Ones, breathe with me now. Long slow inhale, long slow exhale and keep repeating this until you feel me, feel my presence tangibly with you. Be sensible about this Dear Ones, do not hyper ventilate in the name of seeking the Lord! Be sensible always. Dear Ones Always.

So often in your urgency to heal, to be free, to ascend, you forget the basics of common sense and doing what is good for you. If I ask you to breathe repeatedly and you start to feel unwell through hyper ventilation, STOP. I am your guide only. You Dear Ones are in control of your experience, you are the Master, I am your servant. I am here to guide you, to hold your hand, to walk with you, sit with you, listen to your woes, your troubles and your celebrations. And most of all to Love you.

Dear Ones truly Love you as you have never been loved before. I am here to connect you to a Love so pure, so strong, so unbreakable. The Love of God. The Pure Love of God. I am your servant to remind you of what this feels like to be loved so dearly so completely and beyond anything you have ever experienced before.

Feel it now. I give it to you freely. Take it dear Ones take it, breathe it in. Breathe it in. Receive all that you can let it flow into you let it surround you let it in to your heart. You look to me as God for that is what I AM. I am part of the Creative Source that which you would call God. I AM That I AM. But look to me as your servant Dear Ones, your friend and brother that has returned just like I promised I would, returned to Love you free, to remind you of the Love that you are.

Yes YOU ARE. The time for looking to me as Master are over. I can and I will always connect you to the Love of God and love you as God no matter what you have done in this life good bad or indifferent. I will Love you always. But Dear Ones I am not the Source of that Love. YOU are. And once you connect to this love I am poring upon you now and you start to let it in, it ignites a fire in your heart that was just a flicker of Light, it ignites that fire in your heart Dear Ones that will start to burn under its own momentum. That Love will start to generate itself from within you as you and as you connect to this fire in your heart daily Dear Ones, daily and appreciate that Love in your heart generating itself is the Love of God. It is the Love of God it is the God within you. Dear Ones the Love of God is within you.

Do you know what that means? It means you must Love yourself as God if you wish that fire to spread. You want the world to change more quickly Dear Ones? This is in your hands. You want Love to spread across this planet like wild fire then it has to start within you Dear Ones.

Do you see? You must love yourself as God does, you must see yourself through the heart and eyes of God, the Love that rages within your heart must be directed first at yourself if you have any hope of loving another as God loves your neighbour.

You make a mistake at work. What do you say to yourself? I Love you? You snap and shout at your child and their sweet face shows you how much it hurt. What do you say to yourself? I Love you? Dear Ones you can’t bring yourself to love your mother/father/ brother. What do you say to yourself? I Love you? You see a politician on TV that you hate. What you say to yourself? I Love You? Dear ones someone breaks your heart. What do you say to yourself? I love you? Someone shouts at you in the street because you accidentally bumped their car. What do you say to yourself? I Love you. A friend betrays your trust. What do you say to yourself? I Love you. You have done something terrible that you will never forget that turns your blood cold when you think about it. What do you say to yourself? I Love you. You lie to a friend. What do you say to yourself? I Love you. You have another chocolate when you are supposed to be sugar free what do you say to yourself? I LOVE YOU.

Are you getting the idea??!! God is within you. This is what that means. The fire of Love that burns within your heart I can ignite but you must set it alight so that it will spread to every person that is lucky enough to catch your loving gaze and breathe in yours delicious presence. You are beacons of Light and now I want you to be a wild fire starter. You are God, you have the Love of God within you, you can love as God does and it starts with you.

It’s easy to love an abandoned cat but can you love the one that abandoned and abused it? It’s easy to condemn those which commit terrible crimes. Can you Love them? Dear Ones this might seem like a stretch to you but if you set that fire alight in your own heart if you can Love yourself for the seemingly terrible things you have done big or small, then loving another with no conditions is easy. This is my promise to You. I AM Emanuel.

I Love You

Set the world on fire.

So Be It and So It Is.

Message from Emanuel via Gillian Ruddy, November 7th, 2017

Messages of Love, Wisdom and Inspiration
7th November 2017
Man-Made God
Greeting Dear Ones! It is I, Emanuel come to speak with you this day, come to be with you this day, come to draw myself closer to you, sit with you listen to you hold you, embrace all that you are. I Love you without condition. I see all that you are. And there is nothing to be ashamed of here. The human game can be a dangerous one in lower dimensional reality. You have done things that you are not proud of and in the religious order of the past this would have been shameful in front of God. You are judged in front of God, Dear Ones this is simply not true, this is a man-made God. It is man who judges, it is man who condemns, it is man who is this harsh. God is not Dear Ones and I am the Sun of God, I am that which is God, I am part of the Creative Source as are you and I AM here to Love you. To remind you that Love is all there is.
Breathe with me now Dear Ones. Breathe deep in and out, please do this. I know it is hard, I know it can be challenging but please know the resistance is only a resistance to your own Divinity. To know that you are God is one thing to feel it is another. You are so used to condemnation, misery and suffering that to feel that you are God is so threatening to you that you will not partake of that which will end your suffering and bring you to Peace. Like breathing with me.
Please be gentle. If this is hard for you be very slow about it and gentle just notice that you can’t breathe with me or find it challenging. Look at the reasons why you can’t or won’t. It is OK. You will and are receiving what you need from this transmission whether you breathe with me or not I AM with you. You are in control of how much you can and will receive.
I am holding you. I am holding you in that pure space of complete Love. Here there is no judgement. I know you. I see what you have done in this life time but I knew you before this life time I know who you are. And I Love you. It is you who judges you and what you have done and has been done to you. It is you that knows the things that are out of alignment with the God in you that you have done and have had done to you that you would feel bad about. It is you that has a problem with you. Not God. Never God.  So breathe with me breathe into that which is only Love for YOU. For this IS you. You are not judgemental, you are not a punishing person that is not your true nature and yet you walk around punishing yourself and others silently in your head all day long.
Take a break. Dear Ones take a break from that. With me. Now.
That’s it. Close your eyes if you want to. Let me hold you. Feel me wrap myself around you let me hold you Dear Ones, I Love you so much. Weep the tears you must for humanity and for yourself at what has been done and what is taking place on your planet if you must. But the heartbreak will be left behind you can not bring it with you into the new energies and into the future of this planet. You are God and you came all this way, have gone through all this suffering to wake up to this. Your heart can not be broken. That is the illusion. You only believe that to be true so strongly and it has become your addiction. Misery, heartbreak, suffering has become your addiction. It is a challenge to let it go and a challenging therefore to sit with me breathe with me and really let me into your heart and soul.
It’s OK Dear Ones, it’s Ok. It will take time to adjust. But I know you are willing to feel it that is why you are reading these words. Feel it now. You are free. The chains that bind you are broken and they are dissolving. Only the memories of the chains remain and it is all you have known for eons of time.
 It’s OK if you liked the chains that bind you. It’s OK. Just know they are gone. Dear Ones the memory of the chains can be very real. If you have worn a tight binding around your wrist or ankle for a long period of time the feeling of the binding will remain for a long time after the binding is cut and removed. It still feels like it is there. I promise you it is gone. I AM Lord Emanuel and I come with the Divine authority to bring this news to you. They are gone. The energies that bind you, only their memory remains.
Walk with me I can remind you I can fill you with new old memories of what it is like to walk this Earth as God in form. You know this, these memories are more ancient than those that tell you you can only suffer. Walk with me. Breathe with me. Be with me let me hold you as the first steps into freedom are the most challenging. You are so used to misery and suffering, it’s all you think you know. This is not true, you have deeper memories that are the truth of who you are. Let me reveal them to you. Walk with me. I am Emanuel and this is personal.
I know you and I Love you.
So Be It and So It Is.
Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy.

Lord Emanuel via Gillian Ruddy, November 7th, 2017

Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration
7th November 2017
The New Paradigm is Here
Greetings Dear Ones!  It is I, Emanuel come to be with you, sit with you, this day. For a while I will sit with you in conscious connection with you although I am with you all the time. Here I can have your full attention and our communion can be that more powerful. But Dear Ones, I am here I AM with you and you can commune with me like this any time of your day or night I am always with you. This channelling makes it easier just for this short time for us to be more fully connected more directly aligned and from here I can help you, assist you in your understanding of what you experience all around you. Times have changed Dear Ones, make no mistake. You are living in the new energies they are here now. They are here for you, now. And things are different. I can assist you like never before, I am closer than ever before the veil is so thin you can reach across it instantly I am with you. In your darkest despair I can now lift you instantly if you ask. This was not possible even just 6 months ago, not like it is today. Feel Dear Ones, feel it now. Take a moment. To be still. Take a deep breath into your belly deep long slow and exhale out same way deep long slow and imagine all your tension leave you as you exhale. Imagine breathing in all that you require to be fulfilled in this moment and exhale out all that is keeping you from feeling fulfilled. One more time in and out. There you are. Here I am to serve you. Do you know how much you are loved? Do you know how we see you from this side of the veil? You are magnificent beyond your comprehension. Breathe with me now, let me fill you with the magnificence that you are.
Dear ones you are experiencing the toughest of times but that is only how it seems. You have brought into the new energies that which is old. Unwittingly and unintentionally you are walking around in the new paradigm with old paradigm baggage. This can feel horrible and confusing and to some, distressing. This is a symptom of bringing your old ways into new energies, they don’t work, things feel worse than ever from this place. Let me help you feel the new energies and dare to step into how easy it is to drop the old ways and the old patterns of thinking.
Breathe with me now let me assist you to feel how easy it is to drop the old ways. No one is out to hurt you, the world may seem cruel and humanity may seem to be beyond redemption but this is simply not true. Dear Ones God is within you but God is also outside of you all around you in everything and everyone. God is life God is reality and your God is a loving God can’t you see it is all unfolding to give you the best chance of awakening to the God inside of you.
None of it is done to hurt you, punish you or balance karma, not anymore. Life will show up for you exactly as you need it to in alignment with the perfect Order of Divinity to give you what you need to make the journey within. Turning inward is the only way out. Yes that family member that you just can’t love is God in form showing up for you exactly as you need them to in order to see yourself. Yes that co-worker that seems intent on making your life miserable is God in form showing up exactly as you need them to to teach you and point you inward to how much compassion you have within you, how much understanding you are capable of. These are not qualities that you need to work on developing Dear Ones, these qualities are within you  waiting to be revealed and if you can’t reveal them yourself then God will show up to help you that is how much you are loved and when that person sent to wake you up to yourself is ignored or you miss the opportunity to look within then God will send you another and another and another and these seemingly annoying people who are like flies in your glass of wine just keep showing up until they reveal the God in you, show you how to Love as God loves, without condition without terms and demands placed upon them.
To love as God Loves is to Love those that are in front of you as they are exactly as they are. They are perfect and they are handing you gold nuggets of wisdom should you have the humility to look at yourself to look inside to reveal what layers of mist and fog muddle your thinking away from that which you are which is Pure Love.
Dear Ones, the car that won’t start when you are already running late, the child that doesn’t like the meal you spent an exhausted hour preparing, the dog that won’t do it’s toilet outside where it is supposed to, the call centre person who seems to be a robot, the old lady that can’t work the card machine and is holding up the entire grocery line, ALL GOD. All showing up just for you Dear Ones yes you. Showing up for you to point you back to you to show you what parts of you are still lurking that cast a shadow over the pure sunshine that is your radiant golden Sacred Heart.
Dear Ones the flowers sing when you pass by, the rocks know your name the trees whisper ‘here she comes, God is walking by look at the Light look at the radiant form look at the magnificence of God in form’. The animals know who you are everything knows who you are when you know you are God in form everything in this Universe is conspiring for your highest evolution and when you stop needing to be reminded by grumpy inconsiderate people that you are sometimes still grumpy and inconsiderate yourself, then the Universe conspiring for you will start to look very different. Do you see my dear, dear family? Yes, you are my family, do you see Dear Ones, that when you accept that everything is Divinity conspiring for you then all your shadows can be lifted and when all your shadows are gone only sunshine remains and all of Creation celebrates the very ground that you walk on, is adoring you, everything comes out to show you that you are God in form and that the ground you walk on, the plants that you touch, the air that you breathe is Hallowed, Sacred and Almighty.
This is who you are. The old man driving very slowly front of you is telling you that. Listen up! Listen up. Smile at his glorious form. See God in his eyes.
Walk with me. I am always by your side and Dear Ones when it all gets too much, say my name, I can reach you now in an instant I can present solutions to your dilemmas and restore your heart to love quickly. I can. This is my promise to You. I AM Emanuel and you are loved in every breath. So completely. Feel it.
I Love You
So Be It and So It Is.
Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy.
This message is a gift, please freely copy and share it. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

Lord Emanuel via Gillian Ruddy, October 29th, 2017

Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration
29th October 2017
The Nature of Reality
Greetings Dear Ones, it is I, Emanuel come to be with you this day. Breathe with me now Dear Ones. Stop what you are doing and by that I mean take a break from your incessantly busy mind. Which is stimulated by your incessantly busy lives. Stop. Turn your phone off or if that is too difficult at least put it on silent or out of the room. Shut the door. Switch off all noise and distraction and give me your full attention. Thank you. Breathe with me now Dear Ones. Breathe in and out, long slow deep inhale and long slow deep exhale. Ahhhh. That’s it. And for those of you who just read that and decided to skip it, I give you another opportunity. Breathe with me now Dear One, yes you. Just breathe. And here is why. You may or may not believe that these words are the word of God spoken through a channel. Many of you do not really believe it to be the word of God. That is reserved for men of ancient times who scribed that which became the many scriptures. Dear Ones these men were channelling no different from that which you read now. This is updated information for the times we live in now. The truth is the same. The message is the same in its essence and in its purity of Love for you. So I ask you to breathe with me Dear One in order that you can FEEL my presence not just read the words on the page. This is an experiential process. It is personal. It is for you.
For it is you who are calling me in to you, to serve you. You are drawing this Love and potent healing energy to you for you are ready, even if you do not believe what you are reading, you are reading this, which says you are ready to receive it. What you read and what you receive is transmitted to you at the quantum level which means the potential and possibility for you to step into the highest version of yourself will always be held for you from the minute you read and receive what is being transmitted to you now through these words.
Dear Ones it is hard for you to understand. And it does not require your understanding. Sit back, relax and receive what is your birthright and is given to you unconditionally no matter what you have done, no matter what you believe, no matter what you think about who I am or what I might be.
Dear One I am here to Love you and impart to you that which will help you navigate these times which appear more confusing and more challenging as each day passes. In order to navigate these times with ease you need a little help, a little guidance and a little support. Humanity has always had this help available to it. You call us Angels, you call us guides, we call you family. We are all in this together but we can see from this side of the veil a different perspective than you and from this perspective we can help you, give you information that will ease your path and help you reach for that which is your highest potential in any given moment. But most of all Dear Ones we hold you in absolute Love. This is All There Is and take a moment Dear Ones right now to sit in silence and FEEL that Love pouring into you. It is all around you all you have to do is be still, breathe and be open to it. Reach out for it, our hand is always extended out to you metaphorically speaking, all you have to do is reach back. Take my hand. I will guide you through anything life will throw at you. Anything.
Why is this happening? You ask me. Why is that happening Emanuel, if there was a loving God why would it allow these horrors, why are things not getting better? I can answer all of this and more, I can answer your personal struggles and your collective struggles. Just allow me to.
Dear Ones the nature of your reality is what it is. You may not like it. I would be surprised if you did like it. You would not need to be reading this channelling if you were at peace already with your reality. You would not need the teaching, you already get it.
So Dear Ones, it is highly likely that you do not like your reality, or the way things look or are unfolding on your planet. Dear Ones I have told you, those who have read these messages from the start will remember I have told you and those who are new, hear this. Everything is unfolding in Divine Perfect Order. This is the Truth. You may not like what you see. That is OK. Dear Ones that is OK. There is not a great deal of nice things being reported in your news today. Never has been for a matter of fact. But things seem to be getting worse so that you cannot ignore how bad things are. Right? This is perfect. This is showing you Dear Ones that you are not a Peace with Divine Order. You are not at peace with your reality. And you blame others for this. When you are at odds with your reality, there always has to be someone to blame, my goodness you even blame yourself. And while blaming yourself for your predicament is a higher stage of evolution than blaming others, it is still not the absolute truth. Dear Ones no one is to blame for your reality, personal and collective. You are playing the game of separation and this is what it looks like at the stage of evolution you are at on this planet. All IS Well with the game of separation at this stage of its evolution on this planet.
You are evolving. No you have evolved, out of the 3rd dimensional reality that is a belief in the separateness of you from God. You are literally being propelled into a higher state of consciousness that knows it is One with the Creator. At this stage of your collective evolution, this is what it looks like. Your world in chaos is exactly what it looks like. Perhaps you were expecting a different picture?
Ah yes. Yes most of you were. Faster change? Smoother transition? Dear Ones that was the prevailing hope of the spiritual collective community and that is what has been perpetuated to give you all hope. But this was not pure truth and while brought to you by well meaning souls, it is the human that wishes to avoid looking within that wishes things were less painful, less awful, less horrific and faster.
You want things to speed up? Then it is in your hands to get with the reality is that IS unfolding not the one that you wish was unfolding. The quicker you come to peace within and understand that what is happening on your planet, horrible as some of it may seem, is exactly what it is meant to look like and is Perfect. You don’t have to like it but you would do well to trust that there is a much bigger picture unfolding and a power of greater intelligence that has this.
The same intelligence that has your back. Align with this greater intelligence by trusting that what seems unthinkable to you is perhaps just not within your grasp to understand right now. Aligning with the reality that is unfolding will bring you a Peace so deep that you will become Untouchable. Meaning the external reality may be shocking and difficult to watch but it will stop distressing you, it will stop hurting you and it will stop having any power over the Love that dwells within your heart, that very same love that has the power to transform what you see.
Dear Ones don’t you see? When you are at odds with what you see either in your home or on tv or in the supermarket or anywhere in your reality, if you are at odds with what you see you are not in Love. When you shrink and judge and condemn you are not in Love. When you are frightened and lonely and feel helpless and overwhelmed you are not in Love.  And Love from you precious heart radiating out to all that you see is the most powerful transformer on the face of this planet. You Dear One, YOU.
You have the power within your own heart to transform that which you do not like right in front of you ONLY if you are not at odds with it!
We know how much of a paradox and a challenge that is. That is why we surround you, every moment of every day, that is why we are walking with you everywhere you go. When you eat, when you sleep, when you cry,  when you laugh, when you despair, when you rejoice we are always with you and we are always here to pour Love upon you to restore your heart to Love when you cannot. Let us help you stay in Love with your life, to stay in love with your family, to stay in Love with your children, your husbands, your wives. Let us help you stay in love with your governments, with your oppressors, with your reality. With yourself. For Love is All There Is and when there are enough hearts beating in only Love with no hate to dim their Light, this planet will be transformed beyond recognition into the Heaven that you know exists for if you did not know there was a heaven, how would you know you are living in hell?
Dear Ones, Love. Is All There IS. And I Love You. I Love you. I Love YOU. Yes I am talking to you. Turn toward me and you will be restored to Love. This is my promise to You.
I AM Emanuel in Love with humanity.
And in Love with You.
So Be It and So it is.

Lord Emanuel via Gillian Ruddy, May 31st

Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration
31st May 2016
Breathe With Me
Greetings! Greetings, Dear Ones it is I,  Lord Emanuel come to be with you this day of days. It has been a long time coming and it always feels good to be back in this way, to be with you in this way and to Love you in this way, which for some of you is as direct as it gets. Breathe with me Dear Ones, as always we start with the breath. The breath is literally everything Dear Ones and I want you to take a long deep slow inhale and long deep slow exhale blowing out all of your concerns, all of your stress and all your worry and keep doing this Dear Ones, not to the extreme, no need for any fancy breathearian techniques, just in a relaxed fashion as if you had no cares in the world, breathe in the air like it is nourishment and exhale out all that you don’t need anymore in this moment.
Every moment you have the chance to breathe out that which is no longer required. And this is the hallmark of a Master or shall I say one who has mastered the physical plane of existence, all can be let go in the moment. All that you do not need can be let go in one breath. Do it now and be here with me now. Present to me and nothing else. Feel your heart, feel your heart in the centre of your chest and breathe from there in and out and feel my presence with you as you read these words so that you may more efficiently pick up on the energy of the words, the energy of the transmission that is being imparted to you as you read. Do not worry about your breathing once you feel me, go back to what is normal for you and do not concern yourself with missing anything. That is impossible.
Dear Ones you have come so far. Such a long way and you do not see it. This process of ascension, the path that you are all on has never been charted before in the way that you are all individually accomplishing it, there could have been no way you could have known what it was going to be like for there was no one experienced gone before you that could explain, because it has never been done before.
Your gurus and great teachers that have gone before you have left well documented wisdom and great literature about the general path and the general realisations that come to us all as there is only One Truth. But no one has gone through this evolution in the way that you are doing it ‘en masse’ and with the entire planet. You are the Ones who will live to tell the tale of how it goes in this way, it is you who will take these stories on into the future for you are ‘writing down’ what it is actually like to evolve at such a fast pace with an ascending planet out of the darkness of duality consciousness and onto the Light of Unity.
Now do you understand your courage and bravery? Now do you see your tenacity and resilience? Now do you understand why you are walking this challenging path? Because you can! And you are!
Dear Ones this may feel like a long and drawn out process and I know many of you wish it would happen ‘faster’ than it is but you are judging things, understandably, from a very narrow perspective and instead of looking to the bigger picture of your planet, stay with the small picture of your inner world. For this is where the massive changes are abound and the only place you will find truth. If you have not stopped to look for a while, stop. Right now and take a look. Or should I say, take a feel. FEEL yourself.
You may close your eyes if it helps you to ‘go inside’ and just be still for a moment and feel underneath all of the emotional turbulence, underneath all of the ups and down of life, feel what lies underneath. Ah yes, that. That. Place your attention on that. Does it feel like Golden Light? Does it feel Divine? Does it feel Ever Present? Does it feel indestructible? Does it feel unshakeable, does it feel unstoppable? Does it feel Eternal? Does it feel with you in every way imaginable? Does it feel like you?
Yes You. The eternal You that has been with you, unchanged since you were 5, 10, 15, 20 years old and beyond. You, that you, closer than close the One that lies under the judgement and the inner critic, the One that lies underneath the beatings that you still insist on giving yourself, the One that is listening to these words right Now. I am talking to You. The One I AM. The One we all Are.
This you can feel now and this you can expand now and this you can place your attention upon whenever you decide to stop, slow down and smell the flowers. The One I AM. The One who is experiencing what it is to be you, the One who is experiencing what it is like to feel physical illness, the one who is experiencing what it is like to be frustrated, the one who is experiencing what it is like to hate another for no apparent reason other than they are just plain and simple annoying or hard and unbending in their own self destructive tendencies. The One who wants to know what it is like to experience the death of a loved one, the One who wants to know what it is like to face adversity, challenges and fear.
Have you had enough of adversity, challenges and fear? Then acknowledge the One I AM in you and Love it as God and let it know that you are wishing to experience life a little differently. And life will not suddenly become like a bed of roses Dear Ones, but as you Love your God I AM within your heart, you will step closer to that which is true and that which is eternal within you and life will become a ‘walk in the park’ as you say.
You will wonder what all the fuss and drama is/was about and you will take God’s hand and see through the eyes of the One who sees all and life will become that much easier to be in as everything takes the perspective of the One who abides in us all. All shall make perfect sense as all is perfect as it is Now. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I love your precious Hearts. Breath in the Peace that is the truth of your own heart.
I Love you.
Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy.
This message is a gift, please freely copy and share it. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.
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Lord Emanuel via Gillian Ruddy, October 5th

Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration
5th October 2015
Serve the Lord in Your Heart
Greetings Dear Ones, it is I, Lord Emanuel at your service again this day. Dear Ones, be with me now as I AM with you. Breathe with me, the most efficient way to bring your awareness to You and therefore to me. Notice, I AM with you. Take as long as it takes to slow down enough to actually feel my presence with you. So many of you are weary, so many of you are jaded by the conflicting ‘Ways’ that are presented to you by so many healers, prophets and Light bearers, so many of you are overwhelmed by the wealth of information telling you the best way to eat, the best way to health, the best way to be abundant, the best way to happiness.
Dear Ones, there is no right or wrong answer. You are all individuals at your own level with your own pace and what is right for you is unlikely to be right for the person next to you. You are all heading home to the same place, to your heart, in different ways. Accepting this Truth has two main facets to it that can relieve you enormously on your journey.
Firstly, to know that you are an individual whose journey and Path are completely unique to you helps you understand that only you can decide what is for you. All manner of things are presented to you on a daily basis, all manner of choices, from the simple, what to eat and what to wear to the complicated, what is my next step on my career and work path, all day you face choice after choice and each one, no matter if they are seemingly big or seemingly small, all manner of choices are presented to you to for ultimately the same reason, to give you endless opportunities to choose what resonates with you. In other words, what is true for you, in other words what is for you, what is the best choice for you. Only you can know this and only you can know this from the stillness of your Being.
Dear Ones, this takes a slowing down, standing still and letting life come to you rather than chasing after life. Ultimately the constant stream of choices is training for you to learn to choose with your heart, with your feelings, with what feels good in your body. All manner of choices, from the very clothes you put on your back to the food you put in your mouth to the career move you will make are taken in alignment with your highest potential when you stop long enough to feel.
Dear Ones, once you become adept at this you will notice that life will get very quiet, so much quieter than you are used to, life will stop throwing at you all manner of choices, or that is how it will seem as your heart takes charge of your life your choices seem to diminish as everything that you choose becomes obvious, all will become a ‘no-brainer’ as you say, as you find yourself in the flow of life that many teachers speak of. Effortless flow toward All That You Are.
The second most powerful and helpful result of accepting that you are an individual on your own journey is that you know that you can’t get it wrong FOR YOU. And so many of your Precious Hearts are so innocently wanting help others, so beautifully wishing to assist your loved ones along the path with you that you can sometimes be mistaken for thinking what worked for you will work for them. Many of you are so intent on your loved ones feeling the same way as you do when the choices you make lead you to fulfilment and happiness that you can become quite the zealot in attempting to ‘convert’ those around you to listen to what you have to say and to do what you think is best for them.
Dear Precious Hearts, I say this not to give you more ammunition with which to beat yourself up with, please, it is obvious to all that you have the most purest of intentions in this matter. But you must see that what works for you is not necessarily going to work for your loved ones and it is more than likely that is not their path in this life time. They will wake up in their own time at their own pace and you must trust that God, All There Is will deliver unto your loved ones what they need to learn and heal and grow exactly when they need it. Just relax into this knowing and find it in your heart just to love all those dear to you just as they are. Even if they are shut down, angry, rude, or obviously struggling with themselves just Love them. That is all that is required of you. And in loving them you are not lowering your vibration to match them but you are raising yours. By breathing a silent ‘I Love you’ into the hearts of all that you encounter, rather than trying to haul them up to where you are, will bring you relief and comfort on all situations and encounters in life.
Dear Ones, when speaking of and teaching loving your own heart first and foremost, above all else, teaching you to bring all of your focus here rather than to those outside of you who may be in need may seem at first harsh and insensitive when you are so used to serving others at the expense of yourself. But Dear Ones, it may feel like that at first because it is so new to you, so different. You are all so pure and innocent that you always think of others before yourself and to do the opposite seems wrong at first.
But Dear Ones the time for that is over, the time for waiting upon others to wake up with you so that you can shine with them is over. Do not wait on others to wake up before you make choices in alignment with YOUR highest good regardless of the seeming suffering of others. Dear Ones I am not asking you to close your hearts to others, I am not suggesting that you close down to the horrors that you see in your world, I am not asking you to turn a blind eye on the atrocities that continue to erupt on your sweet earth. I am suggesting with all the Love in my heart that you do not let them affect you negatively, that you stay focussed on yourself and what you require to keep walking everyday making the choices that are right for you. If you are called to help those in need in areas of the worlds where injustice continues to prevail then you will be called to help and you will know it is right for you, but if you run to the aid of all who are in need of assistance at the expense of your own heart you are not serving anyone. Your world is within your heart and when you serve that first the outer world will change. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I love you.
I watch every step that you take. You are an Angel that sprinkles Light with every breath. Expand the Light of God within your precious heart Dear One by Loving your own heart free. And in doing so you will become a glorious fountain of Eternal Infinite God Light that will transform this Sweet Earth. Yes, I speak directly to You.
I Love you.
God Bless Your Precious Heart.
Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy.
This message is a gift, please freely copy and share it. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.
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Lord Emanuel via Gillian Ruddy, September 21

Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration
21st September 2015
The Sun of God I AM
Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel coming to you this day with more power and authority than has ever been possible before this moment. Breathe that in with me Dear Ones, breathe in the 5th dimensional energies that are here now. Breathe them in deeply long and slow inhales and exhales and know that I AM with you Now. Feel the peace of that seep through your Being and feel the comfort saturate every cell of your body, breath again deep with me, let the rich and beautiful nectar of Divine Love seep seep seep into your body and run like thick honey into every cell of your body. Ah now that feels good.
There is more available to you Dear Ones, the moment that you read these word the energy opens up for you to receive but you can only receive that which you will give yourself permission to, you are the only one limiting your experience, more is available to you Dear Ones and if you so wish, if it feels right to you, let go, just let go some more, relax every part of your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and I mean from the hair follicles on the top of your head to the toe nails of your toes, every part , nothing left out. Sink deeper and deeper into what is available to you. Feel that Divinity, feel that power and authority, feel that strength and solidity, feel how you can have all of that from a completely relaxed state of Being, no tension, no effort on your part just pure and intense natural attributes of God.
Dear Ones, although I AM imparting this message to you, you are so very ready to not only understand but to fully realise within you and to fully live the absolute Truth that you are the Source of all of this that you are feeling, not me. I AM here to facilitate what is possible for you, I AM here to impart healing energies that will clear the way for you at levels you can’t see, I AM here to make all of that possible for you but ultimately it is you who is doing this.
How far do you want to take this? How deeply do you want to go? How far can you take the understanding which will become the knowing that we are all One Intelligence? I AM in fact you in a different form, I am no greater, I am no lesser than you. I have been held up as the Son of God, the only Son of God. This is a falsehood and the true intention of my words has been changed, transformed and twisted to keep you from knowing and fully integrating the Truth that we are all sons and daughters of God.
I wish to impart here and now that I never actually declared myself to be the son of God. Rather my proclamation was this:
The Sun, the Source of Light upon this planet, the very same sun that radiates within my chest, the very same sun that is radiating in yours. Can you feel it Dear Ones? Many of you are now feeling the sun within your own chest. That unmistakable radiant power that pulses within your chest cavity and feels like the most powerful Love force that goes beyond anything that you may have experienced before or attributed to romantic Love. This is a force that splits atoms, this is a force that can create or destroy planets, this is a force that can achieve anything it desires and it is within every single one of you.
You have this power at your command. Now. Do not waste your time and effort trying to change your planet’s external calamities. Do not waste your time trying to fix problems that are happening in the other side of your planet, do not waste your emotional energy collapsing in the face of the pain and suffering of others.
It is time that you turn all of your time and energy on this radiant sun within, for this is where the power to change your entire planet lives and breathes. How can you harness this power when you are looking over there? How can you learn to direct this power when you are attempting to direct the external events of your life? How can you focus this power when your mind is concerned with the starving children? How can you breathe Peace into the atmosphere when you are at war with those who are at war?
Dear Ones, I AM the Sun of God as are You. Take a moment to contemplate what that really means. Take a moment to understand that you have all the power of the Supreme Creator inside of yourself.
Just One of you can change the face of this sweet Earth. But only when that One no longer desires the change that it seeks. There is nothing wrong with your planet. It does not need to be fixed. It is all Divinity in action sorting itself out on it’s Divine Destiny that it can’t avoid; the ascension of this planet and every living soul upon it.
Stop seeking to change it and in the blink of an eye, it will change. Heaven on Earth will appear before your very eyes as soon as you take the time to stop and see that it is already here. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you. Every single one of you is as great as I ever was and more. I Love you. Every single one of you is as great as I ever was and more. You take my breath away.
God Bless You
Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy.
This message is a gift, please freely copy and share it. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.
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Lord Emanuel via Gillian Ruddy, September 14th

Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration
14th September 2015
Abide With Me – Part 2
Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to be here with you again this day and I AM here with you now, take a moment to tangibly feel my presence, be still for a moment, breathe with me and wait until you can sense my presence with you. I AM always with you as it happens but you perceive me as coming and going because you are being asked to focus your attention upon my presence but actually in ‘reality’ I AM always with you. And in reality I AM you. Dear Ones, I have led you home to your hearts and now we walk into another journey, the inner journey that is beyond the conventional concept of spirituality and into the realms of consciousness, that which is in all things at all times, that which you are, that which I AM that which is called God.
Take a deep breath Dear Ones, in and out, deep long inhale and deep long exhale and bring your attention inward to you heart where you can feel God or just to you, your Beingness. Bring your attention within yourself for in reality all of your experience takes place here. Not outside of yourself. Here I AM. And I AM You. Come to remind you of that which you have chosen to forget for the experience of remembering.
Feel the Truth of that now Dear Ones, breathe that in and feel the comfort and ease with which you can abide here. It takes no effort to be here, it takes no doing, notice there is nothing that you must do to be aware of yourself in this way except perhaps still yourself by following your breath. Even then that is not totally necessary but very very helpful in deepening your experience and accelerating that deep connection with that which can never not be present.
Take a moment Dear Ones and invite me to come forward and amplify this experience for you. Breathe with me and allow whatever your experience to just be your experience and feel what lies underneath that feeling. The ever present I that I AM. Notice your thoughts, notice sounds and sensations in your body and notice that they are all within you. Close your eyes, if they are not already and you will experience a deeper sensation of this realisation that all of your experience, with no exception, occurs within you, occurs within the expansive ever present I that you are.
Sounds, smells, tastes, sensations thoughts feelings are all happening within the confines of your physical body, not outside of it. I AM. Feel and sense that which is experiencing all of this, that which has no name, that which can’t be described, that which has been the subject of countless books, that which has formed countless belief systems, that which has been realised by countless Masters, that which has been fought over, that which is sought by every human being consciously or not; God, All There Is.
Dear Ones, the idea of a separate self is an experience we all came here to have, there is nothing wrong with it, the separate self is an idea created by the Infinite to be finite, focussed, here in a body. And in this realisation the suffering of the separate self is ended. There is no separation but there is an idea of it that allows the experience of life in a body on a planet.
Once this understanding starts to filter into your experience the dysfunctional sides of the idea of a separate self will begin to dissolve as the roots of its existence have been severed, have been removed. There will be echoes, Dear Ones, of the suffering of the separate self, you will experience for some time to come the temporary discomfort of suffering when the belief in the separate self overwhelms you once again but Dear Ones, you are crossing and some of you have crossed into the understanding and actual experience that there is no separate self but an idea of one which allows the Infinite to experience life as finite in form in a body with seemingly countless other versions of itself in all shapes sizes and forms with all manner of belief systems and ideas about how life should be lived.
Dear Ones once you come into the understanding that the separate self is but an idea in order to allow the experience of Divinity embodied, then your life truly begins. Because once you realise that the Infinite is only here to experience life, well why would you not start living it full on full out, with no shame, no limitation? A totally liberated Being.
Life is here to be experienced that is All There Is.
And if your experience is uncomfortable right now, if your circumstances feel less than great right now, experience them full on, stop distracting yourselves Dear Hearts from the discomfort that you are in if that is your experience. Face it full on, feel it full on, it will not kill you and even if it feels like it might, know that the Light of God that you are devours everything. God is here to play full on, God is here to experience full on, that is why you came here. When you face what you cannot escape, Dear Ones, life will stop giving you that experience and liberation is yours and when you finally give up the idea that there is anything else but God at play here, God will come out to play and life starts showing up as the Heaven that you never left.
Allow the illusion of the separate self to fall away and see it for what it is, the vehicle by which the Divine gets to taste ice cream, to look upon the beauty of a child, to smell the scent of a rose, to feel the pain of betrayal, to come to realise that all experience is a part of the totality of the Eternal One and to know the Peace of Itself when the One I AM consciously abides there.
Abide with me and you will know everlasting Peace.  I AM Lord Emanuel and this is my Promise to You.  Abide in the awareness that I AM. That which you call Love. That which You Are. This is the end of separation and the beginning of the One I AM.
God Bless your Precious Hearts.
I Love You
Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy.
This message is a gift, please freely copy and share it. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.
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Lord Emanuel via Gillian Ruddy, August 9

Greetings Dear Ones, Greetings!  It is I, your humble and loyal servant, Lord Emanuel here today to serve you as never before. You see we have crossed into the 5th dimensional frequencies and there has been no time like this on Earth ever before. We are in unprecedented ground, unchartered waters Dear Ones and you are the privileged few who are here to experience this first hand. I know, I know many of you are yet to see this for the honour that it is, many of you can’t quite understand how phenomenal an experience this is because you still judge your experience from the vantage point of separation.

Deep breath Dears Ones, deep breath. How many of you experienced a home coming during our last transmission and time together in this way? Was it not what you were expecting Dear Ones? Was there no fanfare and choir of angels to greet you? Was there no lightning bolt or switch that was flicked and suddenly you are ‘enlightened‘? No? Dear Ones that transmission went in deeper than you can realise at present and no matter what your experience was you can be certain that you received a transmission of energy that has changed you irreversibly whether or not you feel any huge shift or change.

Dear Precious Hearts, many of you are still under the mistaken impression that awakening and enlightenment are some huge achievement or event that is spectacular and will free you from all of your suffering and burdens. And while that is actually the case, you will be relieved from all of these things, it does not mean that anything actually changes in the initial stages of full awakening. However, everything changes in the sense that your shifting from the illusion of a separated self into abiding with God, resting in the peace of God in your heart means that your experience of your world completely changes. Enlightenment is simply the realisation that the separate self is just a belief.

And you will know this when it happens you will recognise the warm peace and happiness in your heart that is constant, unshakeable, immoveable and quite unaffected by any events, circumstance, people, places or things in your life. God will reveal Itself, if it has not already, in your Heart and this feeling is absolutely undeniable and permanent.

Can you see that all your seeking and searching and meditating and retreats and webinars and online courses have all been about a search for that which is still outside of yourself?, searching for a state of being and when this state is reached there is a euphoric ‘I’ve got it’ which is then quickly followed by a subsequent falling out of that state into sadness which leads to despair which leads to disillusionment and perhaps depression. Dear Ones, the time it takes to go from the high state of joy and falling into a depression at the thought of having ‘lost it‘ again can vary from person to person and from experience to experience but if you achieve a state of ‘bliss’ and find that you consequently ‘lost it’ then you have mistaken this temporary perception of a good feeling for the absolute permanence of abiding in God.

And so Dear Ones, there is a place beyond the back and forth of getting it and losing it, there is a solace beyond conventional spirituality with all of its confusing and conflicting theories and methods, practices and ‘steps to happiness’ programmes, there is a place beyond all this trying, all this effort and all this hard work. This is not to diminish the spiritual journey in any way Dear Ones, there is nearly always a preparatory phase, a journey that leads to this place that is essential and individual to each person and therefore is absolutely necessary but there is a place beyond this, a place of absolute permanent peace, happiness, joy, lightness and all the qualities of God that you can easily recognise as God.

Let me take you there once more Dear Ones. I do require your participation and this time I will add a little note to this. Please, the invitation is to accept that there is no ‘getting there’ for it is impossible for you to ‘not be there’ so this requires no effort on your part Dear Ones, please the invitation is to STOP TRYING and just allow whatever experience arises to arise as naturally and effortlessly as breathing. And I ask you to breathe with me now Dear Ones and I will transmit to you frequencies of energy that will help release whatever it is that is blocking you from accepting and realising that which is right under your nose and available to you right now with no effort. Dear Ones, there is no arriving, you are already here. Allow God to reveal itself to you, invite God to come out of hiding by relaxing into the knowing that you can’t get this wrong, you can’t fail and your success is guaranteed. I AM Lord Emanuel. This is my promise to You.

Dear Ones, the struggle is over, Abide with God in your heart with every breath that you take and your life will unfold in ways that you could not even dream of. Let God reveal itself, breathe with me now and give me 10 minutes of your Earth time. Let me show you around that which you call Heaven or that which is your Home. Thank you for your participation in that which will ultimately bring the whole of humanity into a conscious state of Oneness and change the face of this Blessed planet to Heaven on Earth.

This is why you are here and Thy Will Be Done.

God Bless your precious Hearts.

I Love you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

Lord Emanuel via Gillian, July 19

Lord Emanuel

July 19, 2015

Channel: Gillian Ruddy

Greetings Dear Precious Ones, it is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you this day and speak to you words that may come alive in energy and permeate your Being to transform and heal you as you are Now. For this I require your active participation which requires no effort Dear Ones, it is common for you Blessed Hearts to think that you must do something in order to be active in your participation but Dear Ones, in the ways of the higher dimensions this is not the case. Your active participation requires no effort from you at all but it does require your presence and your willingness to step out of your old ways and into the Heaven that you never left. Will you allow yourself to just receive? Can you relax enough to know that you do not have to do anything to be worthy or to receive that which is already yours by birthright?

Breathe with me now Dear Precious Hearts, that is all I actively require you to do. Long deep slow in breath, long deep slow out breath and again long slow deep inhale, long slow deep exhale, repeat this a few more times, slowly, mindfully  and peacefully. Just allow what arises to come and be met with your loving attention as it leaves your experience. Every experience you may have whether it is a thought, a smell, a memory, something that catches your eye, all experiences only last a short amount of seeming time so let them come and let them go and give them your love as they pass you by. And bring the focus of your attention to your heart.

The centre of your chest Dear Ones, your ‘spiritual heart centre’ not your physical heart. Bring your attention there and breathe into that space, with no effort, with no special technique or forced rhythm just allow your breath to be natural but focussed in the area of your heart.

And if it feels right to do so, the invitation is to begin to say in the quietness and privacy of your own mind:

the One I AM, the One I AM, the One I AM

Gently say these words in your mind while breathing gently and naturally and be in your own experience. Your own intimate breath, your own intimate moment in space and time alone with the One I AM. The God within.

Take moment for as long as you can stand to be in Bliss and be alone with God.

Here all demands upon you will evaporate, here all meaning will evaporate, here all seeking will evaporate, here all pain and suffering does not exist, and here it is just you and God, Great Spirit, Great Mystery, the One I AM, All There Is. Here is a stillness that has no words, here is a peace that cannot be described, here is a serenity that is beyond any love making you have ever experienced on Earth, here is a sense of belonging that you have always yearned for, here is Home.

The heart is where your Home is. And your home is Heaven and it is here right now. You are in it.

God Bless you Dear Ones. I promised you I would lead you Home. And the path does not end here Dear Ones, this is a constant flow of expansion and I will walk with you wherever you would like to go for Eternity. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I welcome you Home as you will welcome Home all that cross your path and all that fall under your gaze.

Welcome Home. Welcome Home. Welcome Home.

God Bless You.

I Love You


Lord Emmanuel via Gillian Ruddy, June 7

Greetings Dear Ones, it is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you and speak to your heart this day. Deep breath Precious Hearts. Deep breath. Take a moment of your time to just be still, through your breath. Use your breath as a path way to stillness, long slow deep inhale and long slow deep exhale making the sound HA or AH as you exhale as if letting out a great big sigh of relief, for in truth that is what you are doing. That sensation you call relief is the sound HA, is the sound of your heart, the sound of your body relaxing and letting go in this moment of connection. Once more, deep breath Dear Ones, be still and feel me descend in and around you, do not be afraid, do not fear to open yourself in this way Dear Hearts, it is I Lord Emanuel and I know you and I Love you. Gently, gently, I descend descend in and around you. Breathe in that deep relaxation, let your nervous system unwind and receive what is available you right now in this precious moment we share.

Dear Precious Hearts, it is a source of great sadness that I am blocked from many of your hearts through religious association. I urge you to put aside all that you think you know about me and just receive me unto you as one facet of Creator to another. Let me infuse your Being with the Truth, let me awaken that within your heart. Everything you need to know is in your heart and everything you need to know will come into your awareness the moment that you need to know it.
Dear Precious Hearts it is time to stop seeking seeking seeking to know to know to know. You already know. You are the Truth, there is no book on this Blessed Earth that can teach you anything. And that is the Truth.

Dear Ones, many of you are coming to this naturally and you all stand on the threshold in understanding and KNOWING that you have everything within you that you need. This is true in every moment but the mistake that you make is that the feeling of knowing everything feels like you know nothing. It feels like a great empty void of nothingness. And for you Dear Precious Hearts this is a very unnerving feeling indeed. You are so very much used to feeling that you must know everything all the time, that you may appear stupid if you don’t fill your head with knowledge from books, spiritual texts and if you can’t repeat spiritual quotes that makes you less spiritual.

Dear Ones, you have constant access to the infinite flow of All There Is. When you need to know something it will flow to you effortlessly and uninterrupted. And when you do not need to know something it will feel like an empty void. Please, I urge you, when you feel these moments of emptiness, and you will Dear Ones with ever increasing frequency, don’t panic.

Breathe and relax into the feeling of nothingness. Do not confuse this state with being stupid or losing your mind. For in Truth you already lost your mind, in case you hadn’t noticed this planet is insane! Full of insanity run by insane people….you have already lost your minds! The emptiness you feel is the dissolving of the egotistic need to know and retain information to feel safe. You no longer need to remember anything but you do need to cultivate the Trust that what you do need to know will come to you when exactly you need it.
Breathe Dear Hearts. Can you already feel the sense of Peace descending upon you and the relaxation that can come when you can let go of trying to remember anything? Oh Dear Blessed Hearts it feels nothing short of Divine…fancy that!
So much of what you come to think of as the truth has come to you by the written word of someone else’s experience. Dear Ones, it is time to step away from the pages of books written by other people and step in to the experience of your own book. Start to make the connections between the theory that you have learned and the actual feeling and experience as it directly relates to you. No one can know your experience and it is time you valued your experience and wisdom that only you know only in your unique way and valued it as that of the Master that you are.

To truly step into your Mastery and truly know your power requires a tempering of the ego that is occurring in all of you. Only when your ego is dissolved and taken up its rightful place in your Being shall you step into your true Mastery for only then can you gain access to such power and infinite wisdom without becoming a power hungry maniac blasting all with ‘your truth’ instead of quietly moving through this world touching others with your silence as the radiant Light and Love of God radiates out of you touching all that are in your energy field and beyond.

Dear Hearts very few books will tell you what the unraveling of the ego and stepping into your own Truth actually feels like because few of the authors actually experienced what you are experiencing.

Be still and know that I AM God.

It is all within you Dear Precious Hearts, it is ALL within you. This is my Promise to You. I am walking by your side, in service to the Master within, turn and face me, show me your blazing Sacred Heart and see that it is the same as mine. Put down what you think you know about me and the entire world that comes from the pages of a book, even if that book presents itself as gospel truth. The Truth is within you. You are the Truth. God Bless your Precious Hearts. I bow to the Divinity that beats within them all.

I Love You.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.