Message from Emanuel via Gillian Ruddy, November 7th, 2017

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7th November 2017
Man-Made God
Greeting Dear Ones! It is I, Emanuel come to speak with you this day, come to be with you this day, come to draw myself closer to you, sit with you listen to you hold you, embrace all that you are. I Love you without condition. I see all that you are. And there is nothing to be ashamed of here. The human game can be a dangerous one in lower dimensional reality. You have done things that you are not proud of and in the religious order of the past this would have been shameful in front of God. You are judged in front of God, Dear Ones this is simply not true, this is a man-made God. It is man who judges, it is man who condemns, it is man who is this harsh. God is not Dear Ones and I am the Sun of God, I am that which is God, I am part of the Creative Source as are you and I AM here to Love you. To remind you that Love is all there is.
Breathe with me now Dear Ones. Breathe deep in and out, please do this. I know it is hard, I know it can be challenging but please know the resistance is only a resistance to your own Divinity. To know that you are God is one thing to feel it is another. You are so used to condemnation, misery and suffering that to feel that you are God is so threatening to you that you will not partake of that which will end your suffering and bring you to Peace. Like breathing with me.
Please be gentle. If this is hard for you be very slow about it and gentle just notice that you can’t breathe with me or find it challenging. Look at the reasons why you can’t or won’t. It is OK. You will and are receiving what you need from this transmission whether you breathe with me or not I AM with you. You are in control of how much you can and will receive.
I am holding you. I am holding you in that pure space of complete Love. Here there is no judgement. I know you. I see what you have done in this life time but I knew you before this life time I know who you are. And I Love you. It is you who judges you and what you have done and has been done to you. It is you that knows the things that are out of alignment with the God in you that you have done and have had done to you that you would feel bad about. It is you that has a problem with you. Not God. Never God.  So breathe with me breathe into that which is only Love for YOU. For this IS you. You are not judgemental, you are not a punishing person that is not your true nature and yet you walk around punishing yourself and others silently in your head all day long.
Take a break. Dear Ones take a break from that. With me. Now.
That’s it. Close your eyes if you want to. Let me hold you. Feel me wrap myself around you let me hold you Dear Ones, I Love you so much. Weep the tears you must for humanity and for yourself at what has been done and what is taking place on your planet if you must. But the heartbreak will be left behind you can not bring it with you into the new energies and into the future of this planet. You are God and you came all this way, have gone through all this suffering to wake up to this. Your heart can not be broken. That is the illusion. You only believe that to be true so strongly and it has become your addiction. Misery, heartbreak, suffering has become your addiction. It is a challenge to let it go and a challenging therefore to sit with me breathe with me and really let me into your heart and soul.
It’s OK Dear Ones, it’s Ok. It will take time to adjust. But I know you are willing to feel it that is why you are reading these words. Feel it now. You are free. The chains that bind you are broken and they are dissolving. Only the memories of the chains remain and it is all you have known for eons of time.
 It’s OK if you liked the chains that bind you. It’s OK. Just know they are gone. Dear Ones the memory of the chains can be very real. If you have worn a tight binding around your wrist or ankle for a long period of time the feeling of the binding will remain for a long time after the binding is cut and removed. It still feels like it is there. I promise you it is gone. I AM Lord Emanuel and I come with the Divine authority to bring this news to you. They are gone. The energies that bind you, only their memory remains.
Walk with me I can remind you I can fill you with new old memories of what it is like to walk this Earth as God in form. You know this, these memories are more ancient than those that tell you you can only suffer. Walk with me. Breathe with me. Be with me let me hold you as the first steps into freedom are the most challenging. You are so used to misery and suffering, it’s all you think you know. This is not true, you have deeper memories that are the truth of who you are. Let me reveal them to you. Walk with me. I am Emanuel and this is personal.
I know you and I Love you.
So Be It and So It Is.
Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy.