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Lord Emanuel via Gillian Ruddy, May 31st

Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration
31st May 2016
Breathe With Me
Greetings! Greetings, Dear Ones it is I,  Lord Emanuel come to be with you this day of days. It has been a long time coming and it always feels good to be back in this way, to be with you in this way and to Love you in this way, which for some of you is as direct as it gets. Breathe with me Dear Ones, as always we start with the breath. The breath is literally everything Dear Ones and I want you to take a long deep slow inhale and long deep slow exhale blowing out all of your concerns, all of your stress and all your worry and keep doing this Dear Ones, not to the extreme, no need for any fancy breathearian techniques, just in a relaxed fashion as if you had no cares in the world, breathe in the air like it is nourishment and exhale out all that you don’t need anymore in this moment.
Every moment you have the chance to breathe out that which is no longer required. And this is the hallmark of a Master or shall I say one who has mastered the physical plane of existence, all can be let go in the moment. All that you do not need can be let go in one breath. Do it now and be here with me now. Present to me and nothing else. Feel your heart, feel your heart in the centre of your chest and breathe from there in and out and feel my presence with you as you read these words so that you may more efficiently pick up on the energy of the words, the energy of the transmission that is being imparted to you as you read. Do not worry about your breathing once you feel me, go back to what is normal for you and do not concern yourself with missing anything. That is impossible.
Dear Ones you have come so far. Such a long way and you do not see it. This process of ascension, the path that you are all on has never been charted before in the way that you are all individually accomplishing it, there could have been no way you could have known what it was going to be like for there was no one experienced gone before you that could explain, because it has never been done before.
Your gurus and great teachers that have gone before you have left well documented wisdom and great literature about the general path and the general realisations that come to us all as there is only One Truth. But no one has gone through this evolution in the way that you are doing it ‘en masse’ and with the entire planet. You are the Ones who will live to tell the tale of how it goes in this way, it is you who will take these stories on into the future for you are ‘writing down’ what it is actually like to evolve at such a fast pace with an ascending planet out of the darkness of duality consciousness and onto the Light of Unity.
Now do you understand your courage and bravery? Now do you see your tenacity and resilience? Now do you understand why you are walking this challenging path? Because you can! And you are!
Dear Ones this may feel like a long and drawn out process and I know many of you wish it would happen ‘faster’ than it is but you are judging things, understandably, from a very narrow perspective and instead of looking to the bigger picture of your planet, stay with the small picture of your inner world. For this is where the massive changes are abound and the only place you will find truth. If you have not stopped to look for a while, stop. Right now and take a look. Or should I say, take a feel. FEEL yourself.
You may close your eyes if it helps you to ‘go inside’ and just be still for a moment and feel underneath all of the emotional turbulence, underneath all of the ups and down of life, feel what lies underneath. Ah yes, that. That. Place your attention on that. Does it feel like Golden Light? Does it feel Divine? Does it feel Ever Present? Does it feel indestructible? Does it feel unshakeable, does it feel unstoppable? Does it feel Eternal? Does it feel with you in every way imaginable? Does it feel like you?
Yes You. The eternal You that has been with you, unchanged since you were 5, 10, 15, 20 years old and beyond. You, that you, closer than close the One that lies under the judgement and the inner critic, the One that lies underneath the beatings that you still insist on giving yourself, the One that is listening to these words right Now. I am talking to You. The One I AM. The One we all Are.
This you can feel now and this you can expand now and this you can place your attention upon whenever you decide to stop, slow down and smell the flowers. The One I AM. The One who is experiencing what it is to be you, the One who is experiencing what it is like to feel physical illness, the one who is experiencing what it is like to be frustrated, the one who is experiencing what it is like to hate another for no apparent reason other than they are just plain and simple annoying or hard and unbending in their own self destructive tendencies. The One who wants to know what it is like to experience the death of a loved one, the One who wants to know what it is like to face adversity, challenges and fear.
Have you had enough of adversity, challenges and fear? Then acknowledge the One I AM in you and Love it as God and let it know that you are wishing to experience life a little differently. And life will not suddenly become like a bed of roses Dear Ones, but as you Love your God I AM within your heart, you will step closer to that which is true and that which is eternal within you and life will become a ‘walk in the park’ as you say.
You will wonder what all the fuss and drama is/was about and you will take God’s hand and see through the eyes of the One who sees all and life will become that much easier to be in as everything takes the perspective of the One who abides in us all. All shall make perfect sense as all is perfect as it is Now. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I love your precious Hearts. Breath in the Peace that is the truth of your own heart.
I Love you.
Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy.
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