Love is our new reality

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Lord Maitreya via Natalie Glasson, October 8th

Lord Maitreya via Natalie Glasson: Awakening of Christ


Audio version is available here.

I, Lord Maitreya, have had many lifetimes upon the Earth previous to my over-lighting as the higher aspect of Master Jesus.

Each lifetime has had numerous moments of divine inspiration, evolution and enlightenment, in the same way that you in your current reality have experienced moments of remembrance of the Creator.

These moments of remembrance and recognition within your being of your natural and eternal unification with the Creator are becoming more frequent as the sacred aspects of the Creator synthesise with the physical world. Those upon the Earth are acting as pillars of light reaching to the heavens and drawing the divine into manifestation.

Each moment of remembrance and recognition of the Creator that humanity experiences raises the vibration of the Earth allowing a new consciousness, light vibrations and love experiences to be activated and born for physical manifestation.

It is now more important than ever before to realise you are experiencing your spiritual evolution, not only for your soul and your happiness, but for the awakening of all aspects of the Creator. Imagine if in one moment you could attract the attention of all of humanity, share words of love and energies of healing with each person to change their reality eternally. This is what you are achieving with every moment of spiritual evolution and transformation within your being.

Are you ready to honour the mammoth role you are playing within this reality of ascension and remembrance? Are you ready to realise you are not unworthy, lacking or incapable? Let your strength stir and gather from within you, sharing with you how valuable you are, as is every soul upon the Earth.

With the belief that, although you are on a personal journey of growth, this journey allows you to transform the energies and realities of others, you will recognise how connected in unison you are to all beings, and therefore all aspects of the Creator. You do not need to be wise, to have practiced meditation, understand the inner planes or even have spiritual skills. All you need is to allow yourself to be yourself, your essence and truth, which exists beyond illusion, limitations and conditioning.

The act of acceptance and allowance of your inner self which cannot be summarised completely in words or even actions can be a lifelong quest and yet it can also be achieved simultaneously if you give yourself permission to do so.

It is time to realise that your mission is to accept the essence within you, not your personality or your character, the essence which is almost indescribable within you and yet can be accessed as feelings and knowingness. It is time to also recognize your unity with all that is the Creator on the Earth and the inner planes.

I wish to share a memory with you, to encourage you to realise and accept the truth within your being, recognising yourself as valuable with the ability to inspire others to achieve the same and building bonds of connection which in truth have never been broken.

During a previous incarnation on the Earth while searching for the answers to my confusion and feeling of separation, I came across a man who sat at the side of the sandy road and simply acknowledged those who travelled by. The land was desolate and yet people were travelling for miles between villages and cities to find work, see families or to find more food. It wasn’t a rich country that I had wandered into but a hot and somewhat desperate land that seemed to attract me further into its heart.

The man acknowledge me in the same way I imagine he acknowledged all people that passed his space of residence, a nod of welcoming and then a stare of knowingness. This man intrigued me, although I had passed many people on my travels, this man seemed to have the answers that I was searching for, or at least he seem to soften the pain within me.

I blessed the man and pulled from my pocket the small amount of food that I owned, offering it willingly to the man. Gesturing for me to sit beside him he placed the food on the sandy ground before him. Sitting down, my head was busy with thoughts, questions, impulses, anger and the simple desire to know why I felt such pain, confusion and separation, like the whole world was suffering within me.

This I now see was true, the entire world did exist within me, especially the Earth, including all that Mother Earth and her inhabitants were experiencing, as we are all one. The answers I was searching for were not only for me, they were to fulfill every aspect of the Creator. It was preparation for accepting the role of Christ Logos.

The anticipation of any kind of guidance from this man made me sit in silence, my head straight forward, my back upright, with the only movement coming from my mind and eyes as I watched others travel by.

A long time seemed to have passed and still we sat in silence, my impatience growing, my skin burning in the strong and powerful day light sun. The heat, dust and stillness was unbearable, but something inside me told me to sit, to obey the wishes of the man and to hope that I would eventually receive words of wisdom from the man, as I had seen many men before me gain. And yet, something inside me continued to tell me I could not access wisdom outside of me, only within.

My anger and frustration excelled limitations when I saw four young boys take my offering of food from before the man, without so much as a thank you or acknowledgement. All I had once owned had gone and yet I felt an urge to stay. As the day turned into night, a bitter coldness descended; coolness that seemed to numb my body, but make my thoughts and emotions seam so active and alive.

Every so often the man would turn to me offering something to drink, which I accepted. As I then began to engage my mind to begin to communicate with him, he would resume his position of sitting once more and I would be forced to sit again, hoping and waiting.

Five long days passed and we continued to sit together in silence. But something was changing within me. A stillness, inner peace and a feeling of being limitless was overwhelming me.

On the sixth day the man turned to me at dawn and said, “What you search for is within you. You must find the word that unlocks your energy; this will allow you to feel complete. Don’t hide from yourself, but embrace your true self, knowing that if you do, others will accept you and find the same within themselves. You can never walk away from pain but you can transform it into something glorious.”

The man slowly rose from the ground and began to walk along the sandy road in the direction I had come from all those days ago. I watch him for a while until I could just make out him sitting down once more. I couldn’t understand the reason for the man to find a new space to continue his focus. I felt his loss of company.

The man had moved to give me space to be in my expanding power. He was also encouraging me to let go of his support,or the perspective I held of him helping me. I did not see this at that time.

My thoughts began to focus on the man’s words, “Find the word that unlocks your energy.” This sentence kept tumbling around in my mind. I began to think. I thought of words that were familiar to me… my own name, the names of my family, even different words meaning ‘unlocking,’ but nothing seem to change within me. I was expecting a thunderbolt effect.

Still I sat there, my body growing tired and weary. I then began to change my trail of thoughts. I began to think of the name of our Creator in my own language, which created lightness to my energy, almost as if all the tension of sitting for nine days was being washed away.

I notice a lady and a young boy passing me. I acknowledged them in the same way the man had acknowledge me, and to my surprise the lady withdraw a small portion of food and placed it before me. “The answer has yet to be found,” she said, under her breath. My shock overwhelmed me. “Do not distract yourself now,” she spoke again.

Through this experience, my determination and strength grew. I never ate the food, because it felt to me that her words had nourished my entire body. Days passed by and still I sat in peace and growing harmony. Words were falling through my mind but none seem to have any weight or power, until I came across a word in the middle of a bitterly cold night. The word was, “Love.”

This word seemed to fill me with warmth. My limbs burned as the cold numbness melted away. It was as if my chest was on fire, as if I was generating my own heat, which was melting the pain and separation that had become so familiar to me. My body was energised. I was feeling new, happy and joyous emotions. Feelings that I had never felt before.

As dawn broke, I felt as if my entire body split in half, as my old energies and self and feelings fell away, and a new energy rose from within me. I could only describe myself as golden light, which seemed to expand from a place so deep within me.

A few days later, I experienced the heavens opening up to me. I saw my path, my purpose and my deep connections with other souls, and of course the souls of the Creator. I accepted the name of Christ, or Love. This word become so precious to me, and I began to share it with others who passed me on their journey of life. This was my point of awakening, understanding and change. The pinnacle moment in that lifetime that allowed me to become the Christ Consciousness, holding the Creator’s energy of love at a planetary level for all to accept.

I take this moment now to honour the man that changed my life, and the Creator for being that wise man and linking everything together.

I hope that you have enjoyed my memory and that it has encouraged you to contemplate the word, sound or feeling which unlocks your energy. It may be the word of love or something just as precious.

It is time to embrace your truth and transform your energies. This can only be achieved when you allow the essence of your being to be recognised. You do not need to find a wise man or women, nor do you need to sit for days. Patience, trust, faith and determination are keys to support you from within your being. The pathway of discovering your truth is yours to realise and explore.

In constant love,
Lord Maitreya, Christ Logos

“Lord Maitreya: Awakening of Christ,” Channeled through Natalie Glasson, October 6, 2015, at