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Lord Metatron via Christine Meleriesse Hayden, February 23d, 2017

Lord Metatron shares how an initiate can understand how to walk into the 2nd Initiation of the Emotional Body by first accessing their Angelic Presence, of the 1st Metatronic Seal – Integration & Initiation of the Solar Angel.

In order to walk through the higher initiation with a feeling of synchronicity an individual must first realize the potential they have as a Soul within their Physical Self.

Many awakened individuals do not realize the potential they have as being that person that has opened up their Etheric Self to the realities of many dimensions of light. They have a sense of their ego telling them that they are special and do not see that what they have been given is the doorway to be opened into their Soul’s History of Light, the Etheric Self. They may even get caught up in thinking that they have all the answers, that the messages they receive are within God’s Light, just because the window of opportunity has been opened for them.

It is important to realize that in order for an Initiate to fully accept their potential as an awakened soul, that they have a responsibility to their physical self and others around them. I see this happening so often amongst the souls that are opening themselves to new avenues of inter-dimensional light.

When a person awakens to the fact that there are other realities that they can perceive, the leave the Hall of Ignorance. This allows them to walk through a doorway into the perception of their Etheric Self, the Soul’s Body of Light that has been with them for all of eternity. They then move into the Hall of Knowledge – in which they learn their lessons; and then the Hall of Wisdom, where they gain the golden nugget of learning each lesson.

Now the Etheric Body is just like all the other bodies of light; it has been asleep and now has the reality that it is part of a greater whole within the consciousness of the four-body system. It has all the feelings, the realities of all experiences in and out of the body, it brings froth the remembrances of past timelines which are good and bad to help the individual self to heal from the inside out.

In many individuals that are able to see through the Eternal Truth of who they have been, they will realize that they are more than their mental mind perceives them to be. They may even realize that they were an angel in the first incarnation and bring forth that element of actualization into the four-body system. An initiate that perceives this part of themselves will go far in their studies of their eternal self. It is a very special person that can understand that this is part of their evolution.

It is represented by accessing and acknowledging the first Metatronic Seal, Integration and Initiation of the Solar Angel.

The Solar Angel represents the first entryway of understanding your Soul’s history. It serves as the first incarnation from formlessness into a reality under the guidelines of Divine Mother and Father God. You see, the Solar Angel represents the ability to realize that the first step has been initiated. As an Angel, it was your entry level into the awareness of the Angelic Presence. Each person has a Solar Angel and is the bridge to the higher reality of your Higher Self.

It is within this stage that the Soul Essence realizes the potential that they have to integrate the Solar Angel within the Physical Self. It is the first step to Self-Realization that the Mental and Emotional Body is aligned with the Etheric Self as this part of the reality knows the potential that an individual has within themselves.

As your Solar Angel is initiated within your consciousness, you then become the integration of both – the Angel you are and the Higher Self you are. This is because you are existing within a physical body and all realities are possible.

It is within this stage of your evolution as a soul that you leave the Hall of Ignorance and fully accept the potential you are through your Etheric Self.

Many initiates go through this process in their altered states of reality. The potential is to allow the Conscious Mind to remember the Angelic Self so that it can start to work as One. If an individual has the potential within their Etheric Self to remember the Solar Angel, then the process of their initiations will go much smoother than someone who has no conscious memory of the integration.

It is about allowing the process to occur – not through control mechanisms but being in a State of Allowance – that all things are in alignment through the higher dimensional realities into the physical state of existence.

It is important to realize the potential you have to initiate your Solar Angel, as it is the doorway into your Etheric Self, the Soul’s History of Light.

This is the first seal that is most important for every initiate to access as it is the bridge unto the higher light they are. It also has the potential to assist the mental and emotional bodies to come into the alignment of the four-body system. It will create a pathway for the initiate to go through their lessons at a much lesser degree of intensity, because they will have accessed the Pure State of Allowing the energies to work with them and not against them.

My suggestion for each initiate is to call upon their Solar Angel to assist them to know themselves on a deeper level. We have to remember that the Etheric Body holds the history of all that you have experienced as a soul in and out of body since it’s time of inception. The Solar Angel is the Bridge to the Higher Self, bringing forth the 4th initiation of the integration of the Three Minds within the Three-Fold Flame of the Wisdom (and Will), Love, and Power of each Initiate and Master.

Start first and foremost with the Solar Angel; try not to jump into the Higher Self. Sometimes initiates forget the process of the Solar Angel so the transition to be One with the Higher Self can sometimes be more challenging. It takes longer to feel the Higher Self essence because the Etheric Self has not been activated so there can be a struggle for the interaction to occur. It does not mean it won’t happen, but it will be a much longer involved process.

Take time within your breath, to relax your full body system. Use the breath to help you relax your heart and allow your angel wings to spread from the back of your shoulder blades. Sit quietly with this energy so you can then allow the wings to spread. Notice what your thought and your emotional process is at this time. Feel the joy that becomes you. Then, call upon your Higher Self to be part of the process.

The more often you use this exercise the easier it will to connect to the Divinity of Light that you are from the angelic standpoint into your Higher Self Essence. Use it daily to fully feel this presence. It will assist you with working through the emotional and mental turmoil that your other bodies are dealing with. Consistency is the key to achieving this part of your mastery.

I am Lord Metatron at your Service.