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“Saga” – Intel SITREP – 02:00 EST – Thursday – February 23, 2017 (8)


“Saga” – Intel SITREP – 02:00 EST – Thursday – February 23, 2017 (8)

Received via email at 2:00 AM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

The RV saga rages on like a runaway locomotive. And the latest news is that the NPTB want to publicize the RV.

Yep, you read that right.

Everyone comes straight through the front door of a bank branch or off site exchange center because the GCR/RV is soooooo biggggg nobody of a logical mind set would dare believe it so.

There’s less than 10,000 people following the RV on-line and/or through conference calls daily. And it’s always the same hard core people that check-in or listen.

All non-believers have been shaken from the currency tree due to pre-planned delays, causing exasperated loss of interest.

So hiding the RV in plain sight is both the new and old end game for the final release.

Wear down the bad guys and the good guys with the same stop and start tactics until there’s only a tiny loyal faction remaining on either side… then deal with each group very quickly and decisively.

We’re hearing reports that a formal or public Republic currency announcement is forthcoming from Secretary Mnuchin and IMF’s LeGarde in Washington later this week.

Also we are hearing the private RV release should precede any announcement for safety sakes via off site exchanges.

Still no affirmative “go” from Asia, but we know call centers are now hot. Which means so are the 800#s. So…. that’s positive. We shall see.

Multiple nations still have special force “ghost ops” tactically active and operating in all theaters going back to last week. Both their pace and severity of mission has escalated quickly.

They’re targeting hidden cabal leaders tucked away in their hideouts and going “coven hunting,” including several right here on our own US soil.

Not a good time to be a bad guy. But honestly, when is? Rebellion against God is so like 13 millennia ago. Get a new gig minions!

But for those who can’t fathom a world with the meek having this kinda money, STK orders still apply to all missions (Shoot To Kill for those new to covert sovereign coups d’etats).

You’ve earned both the bullet and bodybag guys. Your choice. The universe is just answering your vibrational request to exit the planet without emotion.

The deep state control and command of the North American cabal has been wounded beyond repair, and we humbly believe incapable of mounting a serious counter attack.

We pray this is true.

The release of the RV is the final death blow to the dark nobility of Eastern Europe and cabal minions throughout Western Civilization.

It is no wonder the Khazar Empire (aka hidden cabal bloodline) went to such extreme lengths to atomize and hide the fact they brought down the twin towers in 2001. That truth is coming out shortly as well.

Obama is participating in the political roll out–advising stunned Democrats how to regain their strength post RV.

Understand the Trump Republican presidency was a total cabal trap to unmistakably connect or marry the current Israeli and American leaders and then impeach the US President, thus bring down the Israeli Prime Minister.

A Hillary Clinton victory last election would have achieved the exact same result because just as soon as the American President is dumped by Congress, the Israeli Knesset will kick Netanyahu to the two-state solution curb quicker than you can say “let’s stop at that kibbutz I hear they have great falafel and humus.”

Now that BiBi has come and gone publicly and sworn his undying allegiance to Trump, impeachment investigations and proceedings will publicly be launched by Congress to cover up or distract the world’s attention far, far away from the massive monetary transition taking place.

And the new two-state security council Palestine / Israel statehood resolution will be set into motion because it was all ready to go at the UN–and sadly why a third Russian diplomat was murdered in less than a year by Mossad (Israeli CIA).

Paul Ryan was boarder lurking today, and intentionally showcased riding a horse a la Ronald Regan. He’s your 46th President not Pence, who we believe will remain VP.

Globally, we’re up to 40-45 million currency holders give or take. Gifting is so hard to pin down. So is finding quality fresh produce at reasonable prices.

At last count we had 15,000 plus places to redeem your currency in North America alone. Most banks at multiple tier levels are now participating.

The RV is no big secrete anymore in banking, political or corporate circles. Look at what the market is doing everyday with no rational reason as to why.


ZIM screen rates have floated above $1.70. At $1.00 or less no NDA will be required. They simplified the process for folks. Ha, and you were so worried Dinarland:) Told ya God is Great.


All structured settlements will still require an NDA, at any rate, as the banks want to keep their programs and rates proprietary so they are not shopped

Seems all remaining Republic roll out puzzle pieces are finally snapping into place. That only took 146 years to accomplish!

If I didn’t live this saga firsthand, I would never believe the telling of my own RV story. And even though I did put in a good hard decade plus, I still don’t believe where the ZIM ended up … not for one split second… and may never.

Yet here we are. So here we go… sobeit.

God is with us.