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Lord Sananda with Lady Nada via Christine Meleriessee Hayden, December 18th

Walking Terra Christa ~ Christine Meleriessee Hayden ~ Embracing December’s Light ~ Lord Sananda with Lady Nada


A Transmission from Lord Sananda and Lady Nada
by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden
Note: Walking Terra Christa is offering a December Course Series “COMING HOME” on the subject of restoring our Divine Contracts to assist us in being in our Authentic Self for the Holidays. CLICK HERE to learn more about Divine Contracts.
Dearest Beloveds,
It is my pleasure to be with you in this moment of our creation together. I bring you my essence as Lord Sananda with the inflection of Yeshua. With me I have Lady Nada bringing her inflection of Mary Magdalene.
As the holidays are coming closer, it can be a time of great exhilaration and celebration within your physical essence.
We want to share what this may mean within your Higher Selfenergies and how that is reflected within your physical essence. The changes that are occurring presently do require much inner power and reflection of the Source of Light you are becoming. The earth is in deep turmoil but yet at the same time she is rejoicing in her transition that is occurring within her.
How do each of you feel about your transition within the month of December?
It truly represents reflection of the past year and how that relates to your own development of the Self.  It is important to take this time to understand how you have changed and what it means for you. What are the experiences you are having within your consciousness and how do you feel about the upcoming time of celebration?
It does not matter what your belief system or traditions may be; December reflects enjoyment of the Soul within the Physical existence meaning that it is a time to allow your Highest Self to be part of the festivities that you are enjoying within your physical life.
Is this happening for you? Or do you have feelings of not wanting to be part of the energies presently? Maybe you are in a situation that does not allow you to enjoy the energies as much as you would like. Many souls have much difficulty at this time of year.
Do you understand why this happens?
Each of you represent the Masculine and Feminine energies within your soul. But, how much of that essence is being exhibited within your physical life? We use the word “Divine” in connection to the Masculine and Feminine, but until a person truly accepts their divinity of being part of the source of light, then that essence cannot be accepted within the Physical Self.
This is exactly why there can be contradictions that will occur during this season of festivity and light. The body holds so much more than you realize; and it is at this time that it can be pushed out of you to be faced.
What are you facing at this time within your emotional and mental self?
These are important questions because they will reflect how you feel about the energies this month. Gaia is transitioning and so is each of you. Within this process we are here to help you acknowledge a deeper part of yourself than you did before. December represents a month of enjoyment but it is also the last leg of the journey before you step into a new year. It is a time to allow the old to be gone forever so that the ‘new’ can be found.
As we move into the energies this month, there are many elements that you will be faced with. The Gateway of 12:12 represents the ability to come into Wholeness and not allowing anything to get in the way of your progress. It is a time to remove the elements that have impeded you while embracing the parts of you that are waiting in the Universal Consciousness to be revealed. It is a time to fully accept that you are becoming Higher Consciousness and it is not just a thought, but an actual moment in time.
It is an important time to fully address who you have become and how you want to project that essence unto others and the world around you. On December 25th there is a powerful moment when the Light is going to be so bright that it will help each of you to be your own Divine Essence, You are the Christ Child as you hold this consciousness within you – it is yours to have if you choose to accept it.
The magnificence of this month is beyond what I can share except that we are honored to walk with you, as the Divine Masculine and Feminine we have been ~ each of you now have the accessibility to be more within yourself. We truly know your trials, your lessons, and know that you will be completely immersed within the Light you desire to have.
The issue will be – ARE YOU READY FOR IT?
This means that your physical body has to be prepared, you need to acknowledge what does not work, you must understand your emotional and mental needs, wants, and desires. This also relates to elements that you do not like must be removed or else they will grow within you like a bad seed which has been the case before. Do not let Who You Are stand in the way of Who You Are Becoming.
This means that the physical part of your existence may seem like the real deal but it truly is not. Your physical body houses every part of your livelihood, good and bad. The energy is becoming so increasingly more powerful that it will increase exponentially within you. This means that the parts that are hurting will become more remorseful if you don’t allow the healing to occur within you. The power of the present energies within this month are absolutely more intense than you have ever felt before. It is important to know what your needs are, what elements need to be addressed, and what you need to embrace within yourself.
Reflect on the current conditions within yourself, see how you have allowed yourself to move forward, and embrace the essence that you are truly becoming. It is part of the process. Learn to ground it deeply, affirm it within your mind, and feel it within your heart.
It is the time of the Masculine and Feminine Divine to come into Union.
Are you ready to accept yours? Do you need to prepare more?
What does 2016 hold for you?
These are all important elements to consider as the time is shifting so quickly from the past to the present that the future can hold so much more than you ever thought possible.
It is a time of great revelations. We are excited to see the changes occurring within each you. You are the Light, you are the Love. Embrace it deeply Dearest Ones.
We align with each of you. Let us work together and step into the New Challenge of the Self, the Divine Self to become manifested within you.
In Expressions of the Source of Light,
We are Lord Sananda and Lady Nada at your service.
Integrative Channel:   Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden
Note: Walking Terra Christa is offering a December Course Series “COMING HOME” on the subject of restoring our Divine Contracts to assist us in being in our Authentic Self for the Holidays. CLICK HERE to learn more about Divine Contracts.
© 2015 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery. by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara).