Love via Iris, May 12th, 2019

05 /03/ 2019 The Love – Planned radiation networks


“I am the vibration of love – and yes, you know me, for I am you and you are me. All that exists is love. So illuminate the illusions of the world, for they go and form each other.


At a time when love is spreading on earth, destructive elements are appearing to keep the vibration low. Fear-based elements that call for salvation. They are ideas that are sold to create control, limitation and submission.


But vibration and consciousness are rapidly evolving upward. People are increasingly recognizing the purpose. The dilemma is that they still understand little of what is being done to them. Because the conditionings receive a limited expression. So what is to be done in this situation? People feel more and more that something is wrong. Their bodies are increasingly reacting to this kind of overload. But there is a lack of initiative that takes hold.


A clear “NO” would be indicated here. A very clear one! Remember: Every resonance with radiation leaves traces in and on your bodies, in genetics, in blood, in the behaviour of cells towards each other. Everything, which is against LIFE is destructive, forms illnesses and passing away. Misdirections arise and manipulative programming is created. Children cannot develop in a species-appropriate way and suffer from hypersensitivity. They are subject to a permanent disturbance that prevents them from unfolding.


Animals and plants are robbed of their divine connection and try to balance themselves permanently. Life becomes more difficult and distorted. That is why it is so important to stop the plan and take responsibility for life. Through the power of the united love that is present in each of you, you can move mountains. The wise will, the love and the clarity can strengthen your alignment. Be the love that you are. Be for life and express this alignment.


Be strong and lift yourself up, for with an increasing vibration the dark, the dark activities and goals of those who use and degrade you are lost. Create a love vibration instead of nourishing the dark in battle. Focus your attention on love, on healing and on increasing the vibration. Be confident that everything is in order and in divine flow. And do not create fears, but enlighten! Focus your attention on the “FOR” and no longer on the “AGAINST”.


Create with me the high vibration of love that it needs to vibrate over lower elements and their origin. Love is the power that can change everything. I surround you with the vibration of love. Let a world arise that is whole. Let your visions flow into this alignment and protect you through the love of God. You shape your nature. Form it attentively.


I AM THE LOVE. I AM IN YOU. You are the power that can bring about change, and your time is now. Be blessed in this time of change”.


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