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Mama Gaia’s Homecoming Eve…. April 8th, 2018

Mama Gaia’s Homecoming Eve

Her hair his done, Her jewels chosen
All of beauty and renown
Her Ladies hover chamber in
To help Her with Her gorgeous gown

And though, Herself, She might prefer
More leisure to be in
Her lovely preparations wait
“Just one more moment” to begin

For no one in the family
Available this moment is
To change Her baby Brother
Who chosen has to take a whizz

And then each smiling Sister
Must her own opinion give
On each and every item —
For what else is it to live?

A moment Papa Saturn with
To hear proper admonishment
On carrying the Evening
Without undue incident

And hold the shrivelled hand
Of Her belov’d Grandmother Moon
Hearkening to requests
That She not fly too fast too soon

She knows Her time for gowning
Shorter by each minute grows
But in Her warm feminine heart
She so securely knows

That if a trifle crooked sit
Her spark’ling Coronet
Because its precious placement to
Her smallest Sister she elect

And finds, as regal She descends
The proverbial stair
To see our handsome Universe
Nervously standing there

That She has managed to forget
The powder for Her shiny nose
Along with what else needful be
Only the Goddess knows,

Serene in Her Abundance
Of every Beauty ever been
For after all the waiting, this night
She steps forth a Queen!