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Sananda via Sanangel , April 9th, 2018


Monday, April 9th, 2018

Channel Sanangel


Hello my dear friends on Earth.

Today I want to talk a bit about the landings on Earth. I can see, hear and feel how many of walk back and forth and wait impatiently for the big day. The day that will be the big go signal for the total change on Earth. The big go signal for the ascension process’ disclosure for all people.

What we now are waiting for is that the ground troop will be ready. We are all since long ago ready to intervene more materially and visibly on Earth. The ground troop consists of those leaders who have made up their mind to be exactly this – leaders in the ascension process. These leaders are the most powerful and most conscious people on Earth right now. To start with there were about 140 000 selected who incarnated on Earth. Today there are about 100 000 leaders left.

This is so since many of them choose to return home as life on Earth had exposed them to the hardest tests that life on Earth that the three dimensional illusion of separation had to offer. This is so also in order for them to really be ready for the “chaos” that will erupt during this period and when they are needed the most.

The leaders will also function as leaders of the light, in other words channels who anchor the powerful energy that will flow towards Earth during disclosure. The process cannot start without them, as they are needed to keep the energies in balance – the energies between Mother Earth and us. They will function as bridges or simply put they will function as landing gears for us.

We are now waiting for these 100 000 leaders, the ground troop, to be ready for the great day. As it looks right now today this will happen around 2021 – 2022. It means there is some time left before disclosure and the really large changes will appear more visibly for the WHOLE of humanity.

What I want to remind you of is to not put all your energy and thought on this day and the future. I can see how many of you forget the work with yourselves and trust completely that the big day and the changes it will bring will help you. Of course it will, but the work to let go and to follow the light is still work you yourself must go through with. The work is right now. The big day is also right now. Right now, within yourselves is where you should find it and learn to live from this utopia, as you feel it eventually will bring.

The landings on Earth will become so much easier if the rest of you millions of conscious ones, who are part of the ascension process, have let go and transcended big parts of your egos. This means that it is important that you let go of negative feelings, behavioral patterns and cravings for the economic abundance that will be in effect on Earth.

As mentioned the ground troop consists of around 100 000 leaders, but these leaders will have the rest of you millions of lightworkers at their side for assistance. As I mentioned earlier it will be a period of minor chaos, movements of both people and food and material matters. It will be a tough period of confusion even though there will be more hope, strength and love, than every before. It will undoubtedly be a challenge for all of you. This means that also you need must be ready for this period and the tasks you have assumed.

So, today I want to ask you to let go of all that has to do with the promises of the ascension process and totally capitulate into the now and focus on your own individual powerful work. There is yet time to get ready. So, my dear lightwarriors I ask you to look within and to continue the fantastic work that you are doing with yourselves. The big day is arriving for sure, but leave it to us and let yourselves rest in the security this thought gives. Use the security and dive into your deepest feelings and continue to work with letting go of them.

With love, light and open arms.

Your friend Sananda




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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