Love is our new reality

Mandura via Kerstin Sisilla, September 30th, 2021

Mandura 30 September 2021

Beloved Brothers and Sisters. I’m your old friend Mandura, also the high priest of Atlantis. The story of Atlantis is not a fairy tale but an important Truth. Paradise on the surface of the earth that turned into an ego-driven journey of discovery.

Now dear ones, now in this time that is now we meet again. The New Age is here, the time when you brave and courageous souls have gathered immense amounts of wisdom to the One / Source / Creator.

We, Lemuria’s high priest Adama and I Mandura, are waiting for you. We are in another dimension. We have made the journey from the 4th to the 5th dimension and we now help and support you from Gaia’s inner world, Agartha. Because we too have made the inner journey that you are doing now, we know what you are going through.

We admire your courage and not least your patience. Many of you are waiting “behind the scenes” for this return to a world in balance, a world in Love. The new Paradise that you create yourself.

Take the opportunity to manifest now, it is easy at this moment, the communications with the Universe, the communication with the Creator is wide open now. You know so well – what you think of you get more of. Visualize, manifest in thought and word.

Be in seclusion, go into yourselves. You already know that there – and only there – you will find the Truth. Forget the outer spectacle!

You can close your eyes, ears and mouth for a while to more easily achieve the complete contact with yourself, with your Higher Self. In yourself, in your essence, you have EVERYTHING.

Enter the threshold of the Divine I Am.

Love yourself – love your fellow human beings. You are all from the same Source. You are all equally close to God.

We follow you at all times.

Is Mandura