Love is our new reality

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Maria Magdalena via Ann Dahlberg, August 10th, 2023


Maria Magdalena via Ann Dahlberg
August 10, 2023
Channel Ann Dahlberg


I am Mary Magdalene and I come to you in love. My heart beats with love for the people and the earth they walk on. I loved every bit of earth that was under my feet and I also cherished all the plants and animals. I saw people who were having a hard time coping with their lives and my heart ached for all the children and even adults who were hurt by life.

I knew that life was a school where we developed and that the experiences we had could be both easy and difficult and everything in between, but my compassion was still great and I tried to help where I could.

It wasn’t always that everyone wanted help, then you had to take a step back and let those who wanted it be the ones I helped as much as I could. My great passion was to give the children some tools, so that they would cope a little better in life according to the conditions in which they found themselves.

They could be children from both poor and rich families, I saw no difference between them. Children can have the same needs regardless of where they come from. They need warmth and security, clothes and food. They also need to feel that they matter, that someone listens to them and respects them. They want to feel liked and valued and to be accepted just as they are.

It is probably how all people feel, regardless of whether they are tall or small in stature. However, not everyone is blessed to feel that way because the adults around them have never had to experience it in their lives and find it difficult to provide what is lacking in themselves.

Can one repair what is lacking in one’s life and heal the wounds that were perhaps already sown in one’s childhood? The answer to that question is yes – you can learn to love yourself limitlessly and thereby open the gate to your heart, so that love can flow out into the world wherever you go.
A pattern that has been formed early can in some cases be more difficult to heal, but with patience and persistence and a constant repetition of being love and loving and accepting yourself for who you are right now, you change your pattern of being a victim or having to fight for your dignity.
You only need to be who you are right now, and in your “now” you can change your thought patterns from a negative to a positive image of yourself. It will change your life and maybe even the people around you. They will either treat you differently or they will seek out new friends, where they themselves can shine a little bit, eventually they too will evolve and seek the love of their own heart and reevaluate the life they live.

Everything is fundamentally about knowledge and experience, and without them we stand and stomp in the same place. That’s why we shouldn’t take away the experiences that people go through, because that doesn’t help them in the long run.

However, we can be there as a helping hand and be a listening ear for those who are having a hard time. If we can give them some advice that can help them right now, so that they can more easily continue on their path in life, then of course we should give it to them.

We learn and help each other in different ways through life, so we are in that way each other’s teachers and students. It is true in this life, as well as in the previous lives that we have lived. It may be something that has broken in a relationship that is now being repaired in this life.

Some go through several relationships today and they all learn something about themselves and what it is that they value in their life. What is the basis of a genuine relationship is valuing and feeling love and respect for oneself. You are secure with who you are and are open about what you believe in and value in your own life.

You take care of your own energy at the same time as you are happy to share the energy and love that lives within you when you have the opportunity. If you feel tired and listless, take care of yourself before you help someone else.

Yes, dear ones, we often forget ourselves, but remember that it is just as important, maybe even more important than helping someone else at that very moment. You are growing now, beloved sisters and brothers, you are now growing everywhere on Earth and love flourishes in your hearts.

I love you so much,

Mary Magdalene