Love is our new reality

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Maria Magdalena via Ann Dahlberg February 18, 2024



Maria Magdalena via Ann Dahlberg
February 18, 2024

Channel Ann Dahlberg
I am Maria Magdalena and I now only want to talk about the time that has been and the time that is to come.
The time that has been can feel like a heavy period as you approach the end of this journey. You are tired of all the difficulties in your life and the eternal cleansing of your bodies that has taken place in the last time of your awakening. However, remember all the memories you have of happy moments together with friends and children.
Fun and fantastic experiences that you have had both in this life and in past lives. There have been times when you felt that every single day was an exciting experience where you gained new experiences. You have of course also faced difficulties that have been difficult to get through, but they have also contributed to greater experience and compassion for other people.

You have been in a constant evolution, dear brothers and sisters, and you have all been part of it in one way or another. It is when everything comes to a breaking point that it can be very intense because there is much to be resolved, while new ideas and visions begin to take off within you.

New ideas and visions that do not fit into the heavy energy, because you now want a lighter, brighter and more loving world. You are about to completely leave the old behind to integrate with the true source of light and love within you. You cannot learn the knowledge to do that, but you must listen inwardly and receive the guidance that is already available to you.

You have already begun to wake up to the love that has now grown stronger within you and you want more of it. It is your choice today and it is that choice that intensifies the experiences that you are now going through of various kinds. They strengthen and anchor the compassion and love within you. It is when you stay and choose it all the time that you are filled with more and stronger compassion for yourself and other people around you.

Just take it easy now, dear brothers and sisters, and just breathe for a little while. Follow the breath and turn off the mind for a little while and you can feel the stillness, the peace and the love in your heart or in your body. You are here and now and a small smile may appear on your lips, that is where love lives, that is where you can draw renewed strength and energy.

It’s where you should go when you feel you need answers or rest for a while. It is then that all doubts disappear and you can feel true love for yourselves and all that is. The external then no longer has any importance, but it is now your inner reality that is of greatest importance to you. The more you look inward, the stronger that feeling becomes and your inner reality is gradually changed to also become your outer reality.

New visions and ideas are born and they manifest in your outer world. That is what is happening on Earth today, it is an ongoing transformation driven by both Earth and yourselves as more and more begin to tap into the inner reality that already exists within them and is now tapping into a greater attention.

New ideas and visions have already begun to be born on Earth and more people are waking up to their own inner reality and they are beginning to understand that it is actually the true reality. It is then that they understand that they can shape their world according to the new ideas and visions that emerge within them.

A higher wisdom and a higher love can now reveal itself and give them the boost they need to manifest what they desire. Desires that are good for all people and the Earth as a whole.

Yes, dear brothers and sisters, you are all in the time of transformation and you will all gain new insights, new experiences and a greater compassion for yourself or others regardless of where you are today in the great transformation that the Earth and yourselves now going through.

I’m going with you.

I love you so much.

Mary Magdalene