Love is our new reality

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Maria Magdalena via Ann Dahlberg, February 5, 2024

Maria Magdalena via Ann Dahlberg
February 5, 2024

Channel Ann Dahlberg
I am Mary Magdalene and today I come only to encourage you to follow the path that you have all begun. It is your own steps that are important now, the steps that you choose to take. So think before you take another step, is it loving for yourselves or for the purpose that you have intended it to be.

It is difficult to navigate on Earth today, there is so much going on and you easily get confused by all the opinions and events happening around you.

There is a deeper transformation taking place within you, dear friends, that affects the way you view yourself, others, and the world or society outside of you.

You become aware of things that you have not seen before and this can both frighten you and give you some relief. You see better how everything is and what you yourself need to do to get a better balance in your life. If you don’t follow your heart, there can be many stops along the way. It will be more curvy and not as straight as the path of the heart, although it may also have some ups, but it will be a downhill slide after an up hill and you will arrive faster at your goal of living in love, peace and harmony within yourselves.

It is when you live in the light of the heart within yourself that everything else becomes unimportant, you have then already found everything you need and are now walking on a safe path guided by the divine within you. You no longer need to doubt, judge or criticize yourself or anyone else, you have now put all that on the hat shelf and left it there.

You see everything with a clearer eye and understand that everything that happens needs to happen in order for the world to become a better place for everyone to live in. Everything that happens happens for a reason, so that love will have more space and take a bigger place on Earth and with humanity.
You are in a breaking time, dear friends, a time when the light breaks down the darkness, because now is the time to let the light of love shine with greater power on Earth and all living things that dwell on it.

The Earth affects you, dear friends, and you affect the Earth. There is an interaction between darkness and light that comes up from the Earth and also from yourselves. The zones of darkness that now exist on Earth will be transformed to let in more light, thanks to so many people waking up and taking more light and love into their hearts.

The earth itself has let a lot of light into its heart and is now letting go of the darkness or the blockages that remain in order to more easily rise in its own frequency. Of course, it affects you, dear humanity, the stronger light that now shines on Earth and from Earth causes your own transformation to accelerate.

There is now an opportunity for you to ascend into a higher frequency where you can more easily see and follow the path of the heart. Everyone is affected by the light of love that now shines so beautifully on Earth, but you decide the pace yourself. You all have a choice to follow the path that you feel you can handle right now, however, you cannot opt out of being transformed into a higher consciousness of light and love.

All roads lead to your heart and the love that is within you, regardless of whether you choose a straight or crooked road. The best, of course, is to choose the straight path, dear ones, but it requires a certain awareness to be able to do so.

You who walk as pioneers of light and love pave the way for those who have just woken up from their sleep of roses. Tools already exist so that they can more quickly gain the experiences required to take the next step up the hill and get the push they need to take the next step forward into a higher consciousness.

You are all light bearers for each other and you send out the light that can help the Earth and your fellow humans in the important transformation that is now taking place on Earth. You are all so loved and cherished, dear brothers and sisters on Earth.

I love you so much and send you all the love that is in my heart.

Mary Magdalene