Love is our new reality

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Maria Magdalena via Ann Dahlberg, June 18th, 2024



Maria Magdalena via Ann Dahlberg
18 June 2024

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Mary Magdalene and today, dear ones, I have something that I want to convey to you.
Much is happening now within you and in your world. There have been many revelations that are now moving your world into a changed direction or development. In the small perspective, it may be difficult to see, but in the larger perspective, I believe that many of you have perceived and understood that a change is taking place.

It affects you in different ways, some feel an inner change, others may experience an outer change, it may be in the environment you are in or events happening globally.

Whatever it is, it affects your current life situation. An inner change can affect the relationships you have and change your current existence. An external change can lead to a greater development within yourself. Everything is positive and happening for your own good and the plan you had when you returned to Earth.

It is a strong energy that is now changing your mind and allowing the soul to take a bigger place in your life. Many of you feel this energy and are affected by it consciously or unconsciously. It can cause a bit of confusion here and there, it happens both individually and globally. There are many forces that are now being set in motion and are trying to influence the course of events in both a positive and negative way. However, it is not possible to change the direction of development, it always goes towards a higher development of love and light.

It is the compassion and solidarity that is growing on Earth and that development cannot be changed. People are tired of living in discord and war, they have seen enough of all the violence that happens in the world and now want to work for peace instead. They have understood that they are not so different but can work together to make a safer and better world to live in.

Many efforts are being made now to unite peoples and countries and make them understand that cooperation is the only solution to building a new world with different values ​​than those that exist today. Like the docks, it is together that you can bring about big changes in your world. Some of those changes are already happening because of the process of change that all of humanity is in. Look around you and you will see that different things are happening with the close ones you have around you. It can also be felt among your friends, neighbors or people you meet casually.

The winds of change are blowing strongly on Earth and development is moving forward faster than it has done before. It can sometimes feel like you want time to stand still, to get some breathing space and catch up with yourself. The day goes by and it feels like you haven’t gotten anything done before it’s evening again. It is part of the process that you are now in. It is important to go with the flow and let life take its course.

Every resistance is only met with a new resistance until you realize which way it is that you now need to go in order to feel as good as possible. The change process can be made more difficult or easier depending on the attitude one has towards change. Some of you may want to stay in the old way because it feels safe and familiar.

However, it will be more difficult to do so with the strong forces of change that now prevail on Earth and affect you all in one way or another. It is not possible to close your eyes for too long because then your world will be turned a little upside down. We are all forced into this process of change because time and evolution go hand in hand and it has increased significantly on Earth. Be careful and careful with your words and thoughts now, dear brothers and sisters. Everything manifests faster and what you send out into the universe comes back to you faster.

Be happy that the time has come for a new loving world, where you can all live in peace and harmony with each other. Let your hearts shine with love and love shines back to you.

I love you so much, Mary Magdalene