Love is our new reality

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Maria Magdalena via Ann Dahlberg, June 8, 2024


Maria Magdalena via Ann Dahlberg
June 8, 2024

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Mary Magdalene and today I want to embrace all of you who are on Earth. You fight so much with yourselves in the life you live. You have to catch up with everything and make sure that everything works in your daily life. It can be difficult to find stillness and peace within yourselves in the hectic lives that many of you live.

Here it is important to find the small moments of complete presence in the present, in order to gain renewed strength and energy. All the casual viewing of the media and the casual listening that you are often faced with takes more energy than you realize, dear friends. It is when you listen with your whole body that you are present and give more energy both to the person you are listening to but also to yourself.

This is when you are in your “now” and it can be important to think about when you spend time with each other. You help each other to be in yourself and the meeting often becomes deeper and more satisfying for both parties. Take it with you today and let the next meeting with a colleague, friend or family member get your full attention.

It strengthens your bond and the respect for each other’s thoughts and feelings increases and you gain a greater understanding of the different ways in which you can look at things. However, the core of what is said may be similar in origin.

Of course, this is not always the case, but it happens strikingly often, especially between people who are at roughly the same level. That was a little about the art of listening, dear friends, there is much more to say about it. People have written books about this phenomenon, but even a small effort in being present and listening to whoever wants to say something gives good results and a positive response.

Now I want to talk a little about how you can move forward with yourselves in the energies that you encounter on Earth today. It is not easy to maneuver yourself in the many energies that many of you may find yourself in. Light energies meet the dark ones and they may clash a little here and there. There is much that comes up from the Earth and within yourselves of both dark and light. One moment you can feel calm and loving and you see all the possibilities you have only to feel discouraged and doubtful the next.

This can vary day by day depending on which energies are currently affecting you and the world in general. It can be events that have been triggered both globally and individually and then it is important to ask whether this comes from me or from someone or something else. If it’s not something coming from you, let it go and try to be in your own heart, it’s easiest for you if you ground yourself and stand firmly with both feet on the ground.

It is a strategy that you all may need now, you are one with the Earth and carry her qualities within you. In that way, you strengthen each other in the ascension that you are all in.

You are the light and love on Earth, dear friends, you carry the light in your heart and it is now time to let it shine with a stronger flame within you. We see the light of love shining within you and it strengthens your aura so that it shines in brighter colors, like a rainbow around you. It is the light of love and the love within yourselves that is being established on Earth.

The light meets the dark with a greater force than before and that is what many of you are feeling today. The work that you are doing right now may be tiring but it will bear abundant fruit, so that there will be enough for everyone and there will be leftovers. Imagine a world of love, abundance, harmony and joy, where you are all equally loved and valuable, that is the world you are working for now.

That is why I want to embrace all of you and send hope and joy into every single soul that exists on Earth. The love of my heart goes to every single kingdom that exists on Earth today, whether it is a human kingdom, an animal kingdom or a plant and mineral kingdom.

I join you now, dear brothers and sisters, sending you all my love.

I love you,

Mary Magdalene