Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, September 7, 2023

Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg.

September 7, 2023

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Mary Magdalene and today I want to thank humanity, my dear brothers and sisters for all the work you are doing and have already done on Earth. Your great work with yourselves and for the Earth to become a better place for all of you to live. Great miracles are being done today, dear people, and it is happening through you but also through the Earth’s higher self and to which many of you already belong.

It is through your higher consciousness that you have a great influence on the development moving forward towards a higher level of love and light. It also means that more light can flow in over the Earth and can be manifested through you and the portals that are now open everywhere on Earth. Light pours in over the Earth and the negative and dark flee from the light. It can temporarily darken some areas but loses its power where the light shines with a clearer and stronger light. An open heart that vibrates with love can no longer be exposed to the dark or the negative because fear and worry no longer settle in such a heart.

It calmly watches everything that happens and follows the intuition of its heart to either act or let everything happen and see where it leads. There is always a lesson in everything that happens. It can be a lesson for others or for yourself. It can make you wiser and more confident in who you are and which path in life you are meant to follow.

Rest assured dear people you are all cared for in the energy of your Father God and He will bring you all home in the end. Some of you are already high on the steps and will soon be united in the light of the higher love. Others see the light and have consciously begun their journey towards the light.

There are also those who are led towards the light through the experiences they are exposed to in different ways. They are beginning to look around for other options in life, they are influenced by the light of other people and the collective field that has already received more light, love and compassion from the higher consciousness, which is now with many people around the world.

There is a more rapid development for those who have enough experience to free themselves from old patterns and open up their hearts, allowing the soul to emerge. It brings about a greater awakening on Earth and major changes can take place within a short time for Earth and humanity, which then takes a bigger step to live in a more loving world, where people can unite and greater cooperation can take place between people and countries.

Yes, it is a special time that you live in, dear brothers and sisters, an important time for the development of yourselves and the Earth. It is and has been a tough time of cleansing from negative patterns, which may have lived with you for a long time, not only in this life but also from previous lives. These patterns can be in the spinal cord as you usually say and some are so deep that you don’t even notice them.

However, they begin to be seen when the light penetrates ever deeper into one’s inner recesses and opposes all that hinders one’s development to live through the love and light of one’s higher heart. It can be exhausting dear friends, so rest as much as you can, try to return to the stillness and love of yourselves and it will soon dissolve. The old and negative cannot be nourished in the light of love, but dissolve and remain only as a neutral memory free from worry or fear.

An experience that no longer needs to be used in the life you are living now. You can compare it to a museum that bears witness to times that have been but no longer have any function in your current life.

Yes, beloved sisters and brothers, you have made great strides in the last century and the steps have gotten longer in the last decades. We are so proud and grateful for the work, courage and strength that you have shown, as you have sought the meaning of your heart and the task that you somewhere knew you had when you came down to Earth. A task that you have all accepted and followed with the help of your guardian angels and guides. You should know that you are all so loved and cared for in your Father’s light and love that surrounds you all.

I love you and I am a part of you and you are a part of me.

Mary Magdalene