Love is our new reality

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Martin Luther King Jr. via Erena Velazquez

Good Morning My Dear Americans and The World,

I am Martin Luther King Jr., and I am happy to be able to speak to humanity from behind the veil. I would like to be here in person, unfortunately my life was cut short too early by assassination. The claim was that it was done by a single sniper, it’s not true, more people were involved behind the scenes, because I became inconvenient just like as John F. Kennedy for the corrupted souls.
The president was killed 5 years earlier than me. I hope that you understand that this was not coincidental. The same group, who eliminated John F. Kennedy, ended my life. Someone in my circle of friends betrayed me and gave the Negative Ones information about my schedule, so the sniper knew, where I was going to be and at what time. John F. Kennedy and I represented the Light and we both fought for justice, equality and for peace around the world.
I came here today to unite you in your fight against injustice and enslavement by the Negative Souls. I want to remind you that we are all brothers and sisters, our background and ethnicity doesn’t matter. It’s time for the whole world to come together in unification, and forget about all of your differences between each other and stand together against the same enemy, who doesn’t want you to be free by being constantly controlled and regulated.
What price do you need to pay to get your freedom back? If all of you remember, I was fighting in a none violent way for African American equality to remove injustice as we are all brothers and sisters. Now in your days, your battle is also about your right to be free, be prosperous and be in good health. I have a dream for all of you to win the battle against Evil.
You can do it by becoming one with everyone. You have the ability and strength within your soul by treating each other with mutual understanding and respect. The rest in the moment, it’s not important in comparison to your ability in regaining your independence.
The upcoming weeks are significant, so stay alert and pay attention to the events around you. You are going to understand with time why, as I can’t reveal everything at this moment. I have faith in Americans and in other Nations that you are going to succeed in your journey of becoming free.
I am a big believer in that Good always wins against Evil. My well known speech ‘’I Have A Dream…’’ I am addressing my speech to you “I have a dream to see all of the humankind being happy, living in peace and prosperity.’’
Only you can create anything you desire and live your life the way you want to as everything you need to accomplish is within you. I fought for my brothers and sisters freedom, and I am here to fight with you for your freedom. When we unite together, we become unstoppable Force of Light, which Evil can’t defeat.
As a former Pastor and a Father of four children, I want discuss one topic that is offensive to me. The Satan Shoes were made by the Negative Cult that were sold for $1018, and they had only 666 pairs available, which had one drop of human blood in the sole of the sneakers. The blood came from an innocent child, who was sacrificed by the Dark Cult.
Also, anyone who wears these shoes their mind is going to get messed up and will start worshiping Evil. The Dark Ones put a tiny chip that is invisible in the shoes, which will control your mind with a remote control from a long distance. Everything about these shoes represents Pure Evil.
The days are numbered for the ones, who torture, imply injustice, poverty and misery. As the Light is going to shine through the Darkness. You and I, Martin Luther King Jr. have the same dream of being free. Please, don’t forget, we are all together going to win this battle. Bless all of you. Thank you.
Peace And Love To You
Martin Luther King Jr.