Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, 30 November 2023


Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg

30 November 2023

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Mary Magdalene and today I only want to come because I see that there are so many who are having a difficult time in the high energies that have now reached the Earth. Very old and many memories now appear in people’s minds. It can create a certain sadness in some people for various reasons.

One of them could be that they left something that no longer exists, it’s like saying goodbye to something or someone in your life and you grieve a little about it. Another reason could be a painful memory that you have hidden away somewhere and that now needs to be healed.

The energies go deep and cleanse both body and soul. It is important that you take care of yourself and give yourself the pat on the back that you need. Be loving to yourself and forgive yourself for what has been.

It could be a backpack made of old scrap, which you can send down to Mother Earth, and she will take care of it. You will then feel freer and gain more trust and understanding of your current situation.

You have all grown quite a bit in these past decades on Earth. It has taken a bit of your strength because you are in physical, mental and spiritual development at the same time. There are big changes going on within you and many feel tired and a little dejected. They just want to be in harmony and joy and not have to deal with all the problems that can suddenly appear without warning.

It is a time when you need to be anchored in Mother Earth and be in your heart as much as possible, you need to experience the stillness within and retrieve your own power and energy. You need to rest within yourselves, dear friends, and feel the divinity that surrounds you.

It is there that you notice that everything is possible and new steps can be taken. Steps that lighten your mind and make your day look brighter. The sun can look forward again and illuminate your path and you walk with light and determined steps towards the goal you have set for yourself. It can be anything, it can be something small, it can be something big and you gain more confidence that your decision is the right one, because it feels good inside you.

If you feel the slightest doubt, wait a little and notice if your energy changes. If it doesn’t feel good, it could mean that it was the wrong step to take, but it could also be that the ego comes in and worries, where there really wasn’t any worry from the beginning.

Yes, dear friends, there is a lot of going here and there today and the mind or thought does not like to let go after being so established for thousands of years. It has gained great power and your true divine self has had to stand in the background while you have had the experiences you needed to get to where you are now.

It is time to wake up the slumbering soul and let it rise to the light again. The time is now, dear brothers and sisters, to allow the soul to take its original place, where you again feel free, loving and invincible. You feel harmonious and joyful and you enjoy just being.

That is the great goal for you now, dear friends. You change your inner reality as you created by yourselves, into your original reality of love and light. You always feel joyful and leave with a little smile on your face because everything is perfect just the way it is right now.

A new era has begun, dear friends, so face the time with great confidence and understand that everything that happens accelerates your evolution to reach your true self. The mind is now supposed to step back and allow the soul to take its rightful place in the driver’s seat again.

The mind (thought) should only be used when needed and the eternal stream of words should be replaced with intuition which also includes stillness, where joy and harmony are present. It opens up a higher intelligence and new exuberant ideas are born within you.

That is the development that you have to look forward to on Earth now, beloved friends. Earth and humanity are at a stage where old patterns are broken down and new ones are formed by a higher consciousness whose origin is created by love and joy. Your true origin, but on a higher level than you have previously experienced.

You are well cared for and resting safely in the arms of your creator.

I love you so much,

Mary Magdalene