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Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, August 1st

Mary Magdalene

Monday, August 1, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mary Magdalene and I have a few things to tell you today. Many are concerned about all that happens out in the world. It looks like it is worse when the media coverage is so extensive. Much has always happened on your Earth, but not all has gotten the attention of the media. It is a function of where the interest is directed and which information that has been received that can be of interest to write about. Not so much is written about difficulties further away, as they cannot in the same way create fear and the needed tension to sell the news.

It is fear that drives people to do things they would never do if they were in balance with themselves. Fear also causes hate and increases the separation between people. It is by appointing certain scapegoats that one can get people to fight each other. A calm and balanced person has no need to fight and can overlook differences between people. They see that one can have different opinions and see no need fight over it.

Each one of us has its own path to walk and all they encounter are themselves, regardless of it is joy or anger they meet. Maybe it is time to look closer at your own inner self, to understand what it is that you need to let go of yourself, if there is much negativity you encounter when interacting with other people. We all have our lessons to learn and it is time we finish them off now. See the fear for what it is … an extension of duality. You cannot be One with your neighbor if you at the same time are afraid of him/her.

Fear is our worst enemy at the same time as trust is our best friend. Trust in yourself, in your neighbor and above all trust in your Father/Mother God – he/she who loves you above all else and does everything so that you can return home, home to the light, to your families and your friends who now stand trustingly waiting for you. They are strong in their trust and do not yield an inch from your side. If you could see how dedicated they are in their trust and love for you you would through fear far far away, since you would understand that you do not need it any more. The world would immediately open itself up by your feet and the beauty you would see there would for a moment take the breath out of you, followed by such an intensive joy that nothing else would have any space. In that moment you are home in the world you belong to and in actuality never left.

Let the joy into your lives dear children and let the laughter and singing show the way. Rejoice in the day and let the now into your life. The now purges fear. It has no place there. Fear is always directed by a “then” and a possible future. The mind cannot produce a fear from something that “is”. If something happens you act. The fear always arrives before or after something happens.

Think of this, dear children, in order to rid fear from your lives: LIVE IN THE NOW! Train daily and as often as you can to be in the now that now is, regardless if you work, train, eat or clean.

Meditate daily so that you help yourselves find your “now” and your heart.

The most important thing that I want to tell you is: Let go of fear. Feel the love that surrounds you from top to toe.

All my love to you

Mary Magdalene



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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