Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, December 19th

mary magdalene

Mary Magdalene

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mary Magdalene and I am here to tell you about the new times that are coming and that are already here. The energies that now have intensified influence you all in some ways. For some it is noticed mostly in the physical, for others more psychologically. The truth is it impacts you both physically and psychologically at the same time. It may be that you have much tension in your body, where the energies are working now and then it is noticed more physically. Others can feel more resistance in life since it impacts you more psychologically. Common to all is that you feel more tired and have a large need to rest. It is good to give yourself that rest, dear children, since you need it. The body needs time to adjust to the new and heal its many scars that have been created during times past. Try to find time to heal and cure your body and soul and you will get tenfold back.

It is good if you can work at calm pace and looking into your heart, so that you are present as much as possible. You can more easily sustain your energy and at the same time make the choices that are best for you. Be in your heart, dear children, and you will see that the world will open up for you in a lovingly and positive way. It will lead you forward to the new crystalline you, which you are on your way to become. The crystals grow slowly in your bodies. That is why you are so tired now and feel that so much is happening within you and on the outside.

Everything is the way it should. You are on your way with the Earth and the experience of light will get stronger and stronger. Know that we are all around you and assist you in every way we can. The path is yours, but we can ease it and strengthen your good intentions so that it can feel a bit easier and you will then get these   “aha feelings” that you need, to more easily understand and rejoice over your progress.

Your eyes would fill with tears of joy if you saw all the progress that you are making today. We sing and rejoice with you. The angels sing and play their jubilations. All are thankful and glad for all the progress achieved on Earth today. Feel this deeply in your hearts and understand that you do not have that much further to go.

The Light is here now, my children, catch it in your hands and let it lead you now. It is there for you. All you need to do is to take into your hearts and savor the time that is now. Enjoy every day of all that is around you. There is always something to enjoy and happiness will slowly more and more take over in your life.

I wish you all happiness “now” in this moment and the next.

With all my love,

Mary Magdalene



Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan