Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, December 24th, 2017

Mary Magdalene

Saturday, December 24th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mary Magdalene and I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you will remember this Christmas as a peaceful and joyful festivity where you were able to be with your near and dear. I also want to remind those of you who are alone that you have many angels with you today. Feel inside you that you have extra many with you from the other side. It can be near and dear ones that you have lost as well as guardian angels and guides. You are never alone. You always have many around you. Find the time to feel the love that surrounds you and let it fill your hearts.

The love is here dear brothers and sisters. The love is here and it occupies many abodes in the world you live in. It exists now on all the planes or abodes that exists on Earth. You can find love everywhere if you look for it with your gaze today. See with the eyes of love and you will discover love in all directions that you turn your gaze. When I walked on Earth together with my twin soul and conjoint we could make use of the gaze of love in any which direction that we looked. In spite of the fact that we went through difficult times love helped us to carry this burden. We stood strong in our love and let life flow the path that was ours. Part of this I traveled alone, but could always feel the support from Jesus at my side. I never felt alone. He was always in my heart and with the light guidance he gave me life could move on. There was also force and love left to give from, first of all to my family, but also to other people who crossed my path. It was an educational journey where I had many strong loving people around me. It is possible to live on Earth and to keep love in one’s heart. It is of course easier if one has more loving people in one’s vicinity, but it is possible to live alone also. You experience then that you are part of something bigger and that there is a whole world that is open for you to discover and rejoice in.

Be in good spirits all people that now live on Earth. You are all part of something bigger and mightier than your earthly body can experience and understand. Occasionally you can experience this world in your meditative moments. You can then feel very happy and euphoric. You can experience that you get some extra energy and that you would be able to achieve all that you want. This is the energy of love that you experience and which gives the strength you need to change your own world. It is this energy that you should guard and protect and strengthen so that it gets a bit bigger every day. A day in the sign of love is a blessed day and gives in turn birth to blessed gifts.

It is a gift to be loved and this gift you had with you down to Earth the day you were born. Love is there and always has been there for you. Nobody can take it away from you as it lives within you and is waiting to be discovered if you have not already discovered it. Show it your appreciation by giving it the time it deserves. Let it fill your body and your mind and let it lead in your life. Think, feel and be in the love that lives and resides in you. You world will then be transformed to the love that already exists, as everything is love and love is triumphant.

With these thoughts about love I leave you now with much love in my heart. I spread rose pedals of love at your feet so that you may feel the loving way that leads you home – the home that you for a long time have longed for and sought.

I love you so much,

Mary Magdalene



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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