Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, January 25th, 2018

Mary Magdalene

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mary Magdalene and I come today with joyful news. Big things have happened on Earth and there is now an opportunity for humanity to feel a little better. Decisions have been made to help people so that they get the care they need. Conscious people who have understood what kind of agenda that has been carried out on Earth have now stepped forward to speak for the people. It is a big step for humanity so we laugh and celebrate a bit extra today. This will turn the reality you live in a bit upside down, but it is only for your own good. Most people can see, feel and understand this so it will receive great support from the people. In this way you go slowly forward and change your world step by step until the conditions become more open and larger changes can take place.

This is life dear children on Earth. This is life when you wake up to yourselves and start to manifest your own world. It is wonderful to see and we are so glad and grateful for the work you do on Earth. I can understand that not everybody can see it, but feel in your heart that it is true. From yesterday to today you have turned from only doing what you were charged with to feeling and thinking over what it is that is happening in your life and the world that surrounds you. It is the first and largest step – The step that leads to change that is now on-going on your Earth and it started within you. You are your own Masters and you prove this now by the fact that large changes have started on your Earth. It is not only those that have started these changes that are the cause of them. They have with them all your feelings and thoughts that you have placed in the collective. All your visions for the future are there. All your love and intention for a lighter and more humane future are there and it is this that you now can experience in your reality. You are numerous enough now that want to have a change and it is then that changes are enacted by conscious people and individuals who know how to get things done. They become your spokespersons and they share the same passion and love as you have. Everything fits together – everything is already in the pattern that you wanted to give to Earth and yourselves.

Breathe now dear children on Earth. Breathe with your Creator and have trust in all that is happening. It is love and light that has come back to Earth and lit a fire in your hearts – A fire of love and joy. It is laughter and joy that will resound over Earth today. It is joy that will bubble up from your throats. It is the song of freedom that is heard over your world today. The chains are loosened and the work you do is done in joy – as you know it is for everybody’s best. It is easy to work when one can see that one is doing something good for one’s fellow man and woman. We are born to serve, but it has to be in service to love and freedom. We give of ourselves if we can see that it is of good for each and everyone concerned. We give of that which we have and rest ourselves in between. We have a balance in our lives and we can in this way maintain the energy that we need in order to carry out the work we wish to perform. We have always something to share with others. We have all a bit of knowledge with us that is needed in the world that we build up. This is wonderful and you serve all the time each other. It is this that is love and it is this love that now has been lit in your hearts.

It is a wonderful day and I love all of you.

Mary Magdalene



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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