Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, May 26th, 2017

Mary Magdalene

Friday, May 26, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mary Magdalene and I rejoice with you today. I love Mother Earth and all that exist and grow there. I love to see the children when they run around and play on our beautiful Earth. My heart is with the children and the animals, the most innocent beings on our Earth. It is also them that have been hit the hardest when we have closed our hearts. I am so happy today when I can see all the hearts being opened one after another. I can hear the song from all souls that understand that it is now time and that freedom dawns on Earth again – Our beloved Earth that has fought so hard for her children, so that they will be free and happy. Now the moment is finally here and we are all going toward in the light, small and little. Hand in hand we will now walk towards new heights of light and love. Hand in hand we will give Earth what it needs and in this way give to ourselves as well. Loving grown-ups will wipe the tears of the children and the animals will be treated with respect and love. They also have feelings – warm true feelings for all that wish them well. They have been of much help to humans and are now worth all the love and respect they can receive.

Yes, you are all here on Earth and you need with each other. Side by side you will now walk and restore everything to its right balance. I am so glad for your sake, dear children on Earth, as now a more light adventure will start with hope and joy in your mind and in your hearts. We are with you now – we are all with you now. We walk in the midst of you and plant roses of love in your heart. You are not alone in this grand work. You have many who help you now, so just ask if there is something you wonder about or need help with. We will give you the answers in the manner that will help you most and that you are mature enough to receive. Everything will be resolved. Your problems will disappear one by one and be replaced with much better solutions – solutions that benefit your selves and Mother Earth.

I can see that much is happening and it will soon rain manna from Heaven to all and everyone on our Earth. The largest obstacles are gone and everyone is free to act. Some have started and many are on their way. Mother Earth is enjoying the new turn in her life and she constantly sends love to you, partially so that you will understand how loved you are and partially so that those sleeping now will wake up and become a part of this light and beautiful transformation

It is time to go into the heart and find your answers there. They are clearer now when the last wave of light has reached Earth. Receive it, let it transmute your body to the light and loving being you deep inside already are. Call on me if you think it is difficult and I will soothe your pain. Your body has a much work to do to bring in all the light and it needs much rest and water now. Rest in yourself dear children on Earth, a moment every day, hopefully more than that if possible. Be out in nature to fetch its health enhancing effects of light and love. Everything can be found there for you so serve yourself dear children on Earth. The light is there for you and for all who live and grow on our Earth. We are with you and long for a loving reunion.

I send you now many rose roses for each and every one of you to pick up and put next to his heart.


Mary Magdalene




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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