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Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, November 14th, 2017

Mary Magdalene

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mary Magdalene and I have come today because I want to protect the children on Earth. Children and animals are very close to me. I have in many lives worked so that children will have a better existence and the same also for the animals. Children need to have their time to play, but also a time to “just be”. This could be said for all people on Earth, but the children are open and trusting. They are vulnerable in their innocence. If we are not gentle during their childhood we will build up a hard shell around their hearts. This shell can if it consists of several layers then be hard to peal off. Everything starts with the little child who later when it is grown up uses all the tools it received as a child.

Our society needs to protect all its children and help and make sure that the children can become secure and loving. They then in turn form the society that we live in. The change in society starts with our engagement with the small children. Are our preschools and schools a good place to grow up in for our children? Are there enough secure and loving grown-ups that take care of the children? Is it something we need to change? Many resources need to go to the small children as it is them that later will show in which direction that our society will change.

Children also need to be out in nature and learn about plants and animals. This is their natural environment and it is easy for them to learn to respect this environment. There they also have the opportunity to move about and try their strengths – train their compassion and understanding for how everything is connected. We do not have the same DNA as the mobile phone, but we have the same DNA as the tree. How many know this? Can you understand your important task when you hold this little child in your arms? I think many of you understand the importance of loving your children. I also know that everybody do as much as they can for their children, but they need to have the community with them. It is a society that understands that it is the most important task they have – to take care of the children that are born, in the best way possible. It needs to support and help parents so that it will become as good as is possible for both children and grown-ups. Large resources need to be distributed to children so that they can grow up to become secure and loving grown-ups. Society will then have a completely different base to rest on and a new society based on community and participation can be built. Children that are born there will form a sustainable and loving society for the benefit of all.

I am Mary Magdalene and I send you all my love and ask you to protect the beautiful and aware children that are born on Earth today. They are a divine gift from us to you


Mary Magdalene




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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