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Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, October 9th

Mary Magdalene

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mary Magdalene and I simply want to thank all of you on Earth today, for the great confidence you have given us and yourselves, so that all the work that has been performed on Earth today has come to bear fruit. I am grateful for the enormous patience you have shown. This has in turn led to you being able to minimize the difficulties that can arise during times of great transitions. Shifts from one dimension to the next are always tricky and it gets extra tricky when the shift is from darkness to light. There are many factors to consider and you have handled this in a very good manner. We are proud of your progress and we can see that Earth now is blessed.

All living beings on Earth can draw a sigh of relief as life for beings on this Earth gets lighter by the day. You will soon see how the sun raises at the horizon and you have never seen a more beautiful sun. The sun has grown in its role as a protector and life giver for this planet. The heart is beating a little extra in his chest now, when he sees how the light has taken hold and Earth is now in the process of healing all wounds. The light from the sun is healing and it is good to be outside as much as possible, to heal and cure oneself.

It is good to be in all the elements of Earth, since your bodies are made up of the same elements as Earth, Air, Water – we are what earth is made up from including air and light. We must understand and appreciate nature around us and in this way understand and appreciate ourselves. We are “one” med Earth and “one” with the Sun. We all have a radiance shining around us. It can be more or less visible depending on how conscious you are. However, your light bodies are growing, dear children on Earth, it grows with your increasing consciousness. Thus it shines and glitters all around Earth today. It warms my heart when I see how it shines and crackles. It hits extra hard when new light bodies are lit and light up your world today.

It looks like a sky sprinkled with stars on Earth today, when one looks down and see all these lights that shine in multiple colors. The colors are fascinating. There are incredibly many colors in your light bodies and it is so beautiful to behold. A small tear rolls out my eye from joy, since you now finally are on your way and we will soon meet. It will be so wonderful to get to welcome you all back in the light again.

We look forward to meeting and we can see how this day is approaching ever faster and we are most grateful for this. It has been a long wait, but the joy gets that much bigger when you finally are here.

I leave you now with much hope and a great love in my heart.


Mary Magdalene






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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