Love is our new reality

Mary Magdalene via Kerstin Eriksson, May 1st, 2020

Friday, 1 May 2020

Mary Magdalene; I am always here with you!

My dear friends I am Mary Magdalene and I love you!
I am always here with you!
And how can I be so sure of this?
You have to follow me in my way of thinking;
I am a ray.
I am an energy that is like the photons, they go through everything, and nothing can stop them.
They go through everything no matter if it is day or night.
My energy comes from the very source of love!
So you can rely on me at all times!
There is only one thing I need for you to be aware of;
and that is about an energy called fear.
This energy hinders love, for a little while, and then love will get through.
So if you for a short time feel low in energy, you feel afraid, and it might feel as the sun is hiding behind dark clouds.
Then you must know in your heart, that soon the sun will shine again.
And you must know that soon you will feel me again, it is about your fear dear!
I am with you even if you feel fear.
But it is you my dear that can not feel my presense.
Rely on love, rely on me, because I am always with you
and I am always waiting for you to find me again.
Just have faith in me,
I love you,
Mary Magdalene

(1 May 2020, This is a channeling with Mary Magdalene through Kerstin Eriksson on